Welcome to getting on cloud nine!

Welcome to getting on cloud nine from watching dramas, be it Korean and/or American! Why eDramaClouds? Well, it has been explained in the first sentence. Don’t ya all feel happy from watching dramas. Of course, sometimes, you would feel sad. However still, you would feel something from watching dramas, a.k.a tv shows, right? It can be like an emotional roller coaster ride. Anyway, I just like the sound of my blog URL. 😛

Now, this is my very first post where I would like to say about what I am gonna do about this blog. I am not even if anyone would read my first post, since ya, there’s no one here yet. Aside from my own personal blog (19-ninefeethigh.bs.com) where I mostly blog about my own personal stuffs, like life (lol) and my passion for photography. Oh yes, it can also be called portfolio since I mostly post my own photos on there rather than on my own Facebook. Anyway, I cannot just possibly rant about dramas I watch on my own personal blog, as it would be confusing. Therefore, this site (edramaclouds.wp.com) was born since I decided that I would like to write my reviews and thoughts. Don’t confuse that with recapping, though. I may recap a bit, but mostly, I will write about what I think. I will most probably write like overall and episode reviews.

Hopefully, I will be able to keep writing and I hope you will all enjoy viewing this blog!

Evelyn L.


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