Kill Me, Heal Me – Overall Review

Year: 2015
Korean Channel: MBC
Episodes: 20
Korean title: 킬미, 힐미

P.S: I watched KMHM in March-April and I am writing this review in June, so please pardon me if I wrote the wrong thing.

Third-generation chaebol Cha Do-hyun (played by Ji Sung) suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (D.I.D), which is also known as Multiple Personality Disorder (M.P.D), due to his traumatic childhood experience. At a young age, he had to go through the painful experience of witnessing his childhood friend being abused by his own father. This caused him to develop a deep guilt towards his childhood friend, therefore his mentality was broken into pieces, erasing the bad memories and developing other six different personalities as substitutes in his mind.
Oh Ri-jin (played by Hwang Jung Eum) is a female psychiatrist who became a secret doctor for Cha Do-hyun to help treat his disorder and heal his painful scars inflicted by his traumatic past. In the end, Cha Do-hyun found out that Oh Ri-jin is actually his long lost childhood friend. Along the way, they start to regain back their lost memories from their childhood and, at the same time, fall in love. Eventually, they were able to overcome Cha Do-hyun’s D.I.D.

Casts and their characters
KMHM Ep9-2
The characters, especially the male and female leads, were really well-played by the actor Ji Sung and actress Hwang Jung Eum respectively.

Ji Sung as Cha Do-hyun and other 6 personalities
Look at how Ji Sung was able to play the 7 different personalities without any awkwardness at all. It seemed as if they were all DIFFERENT people despite the fact that they were all same person. But, that is the thing. Different PERSONALITIES. It is what the show is all about.
KMHM Ep1-4
Cha Do-hyun is just like any other male leads in dramaland, being chaebol and all. Ji Sung was able to portrayed Cha Do-hyun’s softness and responsibility for all other personalities. The actor himself was able to show that Do-hyun had to deal with all his other personalities which are of the same person and could even show as if himself having no idea what other personalities are like and concentrate on being Do-hyun when it was Do-hyun’s time. Same goes for other personalities.
Oh yes, Shin Se-gi! I love how they make Shin Se-gi wear eyeliners and differently. I could not even see Do-hyun in Ji Sung when he was acting as Se-gi, as if Se-gi is completely another person. A really vehement personality with his hot temper. Sometimes, I could really relate to Se-gi and how he feel about Ri-jin and Do-hyun.
KMHM Ep8-2
When it was Yo-na’s time, Ji Sung was able to portray her well despite gender difference. The way he acted and delivered Yo-na made me believe that Yo-na is a real person instead of a personality in Do-hyun’s mind. And, oh, not to mention ‘her’ love for Oh Ri-on! “Oppa!” and ‘her’ wanting to kiss Ri-on. That is most probably the funniest thing in this show; that Ri-jin’s love rival is Ri-on, with same person but different personality.
KMHM Ep12-1 KMHM Ep18-2
There are few times when the main person had to pretend to be another personalities, like Do-hyun pretending to be Se-gi and Yo-na, and I have to give full credits to Ji Sung for his superb acting skills. Again. Look, in episode 12, while wearing Se-gi’s costume and eyeliners, and Ri-jin thought it was Se-gi pretending to be Do-hyun when it was actually Do-hyun, one could even tell that it’s Do-hyun. In episode 18, when Do-hyun ‘returns’, Ji Sung was able to act out Do-hyun’s pretending to be Yo-na and I could feel awkwardness from Do-hyun himself, not the actor.
KMHM Ep3-5 KMHM Ep7-3
Perry Park is the oldest personality and I could feel the Ahjussi feel from when Ji Sung was portraying him. Same goes for Ahn Yo-sub, even though that personality was not so strong in terms of being played out. Sometimes, I felt that Do-hyun and Yo-sub are similar despite being different in terms of personality, because of the way their eyes look. I mean, Ji Sung has done great job in showing different eyes feel for different personality, however not for Yo-sub, even though I could see in Yo-sub’s eyes that he felt that life is as if meaningless. Anyway, I like how Perry Park always lights up the screen whenever he comes out, even for a few minues. And, then there is Yo-sub with his quiet graditude towards Ri-jin, whose personality is really different from the rest.
KMHM Ep20-1 KMHM Ep20-5
When Ji Sung was acting as little Cha Do-hyun (Nana), I could see the dreamy eyes like a little kid’s eyes. As for Mr. X, which the mysterious personality was revealed in the last episode (as little Cha Do-hyun’s father), I have to say that it was not that strong too, like Ahn Yo-sub character. So, I don’t really have much impression of him, however, I like how Mr. X has an important role to play (of course, there is always a reason for each personality to be created in Do-hyun’s mind) which is to entrust Ri-jin to Do-hyun so that he would not resurface. Again and again, I have to emphasise that this show’s story was able to garner a lot of viewers and their hearts (well, because it got my heart) and is really awesomely superb damn good thanks to Ji Sung’s efforts, despite the fact that he lost voice and I got to respect him for still carrying on with filming while being in that condition.

Hwang Jung Eum as Oh Ri-jin
Hwang Jung Eum, having worked with Ji Sung before in Secret (You should watch it, if you have not!), portrayed Oh Ri-jin quite strongly and making her character one of the strong and wonderful heroines in dramaland. She provided a good reaction to Ji Sung’s acting and I like how they really have great chemistry onscreen. Too good, the chemistry. As many viewers have said, both are really talented.
KMHM Ep1-5
Oh Ri-jin is someone who could tell that something was up with Do-hyun because of the way he acted to her when being Do-hyun himself, Se-gi and Perry Park when they were in danger in earlier episode, and even noticing the differences in his eyes. She then realised that he must have multiple personality disorder and decided to help him out of sympathy. I like how this female lead is always throwing fit around because of her brother, Oh Ri-on.
KMHM Ep8-1 KMHM Ep9-3
Also, throughout the whole show, I like how Ri-jin is always looking the same and how the writer did not make her look pretty and dressed up for once like other dramas. Hwang Jung Eum had done great job doing those epic expressions and reactions so that Ri-jin’s character could be brought out well.

Park Seo Joon as Oh Ri-on
I totally love the thing between the Oh siblings, all thanks to Park Seo Joon for acting and bringing out Oh Ri-on’s character well that his character totally ‘sync’ with Hwang Jung Eum’s character, Oh Ri-jin. It is like as if they were real siblings, with tackling each other, the sister confiding in her brother and all.
KMHM Ep13-1
However, Ri-on knew that Ri-jin is not her real sister and loves her more than that, therefore he has another side to him. His serious side. From investigating in Do-hyun’s family because of his sister to being protective when it comes to Ri-jin because of his love for her.
KMHM Ep6-1 KMHM Ep13-2
At first I thought Ri-on was the one who was adopted into Oh family, but nah, I was wrong. Anyway, it’s bit sad that Ri-jin only looks at him and loves him as brother. I am glad, in the end, he has decided to treat her as sister and let her be happy loving Do-hyun.

Kim Yoo Ri as Han Chae-yeon and Oh Min Seok as Cha Ki-joon
KMHM Ep18-4
Cha Ki-joon is such a hateful character because of his father, so nothing much to say about him. Even though I have seen the actor, Oh Min Seok, in another few dramas, I don’t really take notice of him, so yup nothing to say about him. 😛
KMHM Ep10-2
As for Kim Yoo Ri, her character, Han Chae-yeon, did not leave much impression on me. Like why is even Chae-yeon there in the show? Or maybe because I don’t remember what is her role about except for being Do-hyun’s first love and engaged with Ki-joon despite knowing that Do-hyun liked her. Oh yes, a greedy woman, is it?

Choi Won Young as Ahn Gook, Do-hyun’s secretary
I was planning on writing just the main casts, except for this supporting character.
KMHM Ep19-1
It was funny to see this actor playing secretary again. I like how his character, Secretary Gook, doesn’t betray Do-hyun and is trustable. I like how Do-hyun is able to confide in him and how Secretary would help him in whatever situations. He even indirectly supported the relationship between Do-hyun and Ri-jin, like when he never told Do-hyun that Ri-jin would be the secret doctor instead of studying abroad.

The title
One more thing, I love how the title ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’ came about. It was when Yo-sub sprayed the word ‘Kill Me’ when he first appeared in front of Ri-jin. And, then, Ri-jin sprayed ‘HEA’ over the word ‘KIL’, so that ‘Kill’ became ‘Heal’.
KMHM Ep7-4 KMHM Ep7-6
Ri-jin said, “From now on, instead of ‘Kill Me’ say ‘Heal Me’. Even if this happens, you guys are not dead but alive. No longer are they scattered pieces but are altogether as one.”

Nevertheless, KUDOS to the writer (Jin Soo Wan) for writing Kill Me, Heal Me so damn well. I really love how she came up with awesome lines for the characters, especially Se-gi’s lines.
To this drama, you got my heart T_T This is one of the best k-dramas I ever watched. If you have not watched Kill Me, Heal Me yet, what are you waiting for? You should watch it, like soon or better, now! I once recommended this show to my friends and they really got ‘attached’ to it too, hehehe 😛

I apologise if this post was too long and thank you for reading! This is just my ways of expressing thoughts about a drama, its casts and their characters. Also, this is my very first review.
KMHM Ep9-1


4 thoughts on “Kill Me, Heal Me – Overall Review

  1. I didn’t quite watch this one, since I watched Hyde & Jekyll. Have you watched that? And which do you prefer if you did. Split personality dramas can sometimes be … (I know you like it a lot but is it like really up there xD)


    • I only watched 5 episodes of Hyde, Jekyll and Me. I am not sure why, but I dropped it D: Wondering if i should continue watching it. Hyun Bin is great, but the story… ><


  2. This sounds great haha! I’ve been looking for a couple of new Kdramas to watch. I’ve been out of the game for so long that, with all the dramas that are released in a year, you can imagine it is quite challenge to find a place to start. I’ve also been checking out 1% of Anything, which looks pretty good. Nice blog by the way.

    We’re currently looking for some great asian drama/Korean drama content on Creators. Would you be interested in sharing your thoughts, opinions and tips on the platform? I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to shoot me an e-mail so I can expand on that. You can find my contact details on my blog. Hopefully talk soon.

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