Who Are You: School 2015 – Currently Watching

Episodes aired: 12 of 16 episodes (as of 2nd June)

Before this drama was all set and getting ready to be filmed, there were changes in female and male leads. First actress and actor offered leading roles were Lee Yubi (Pinocchio) and CNBlue’s Kang Min Hyuk respectively. I was excited to see them both, especially Min Hyuk, however, they declined the offers.

WAYSCH15 Ep1-2
Kim So Hyun was next offered the leading role who accepted it. And I was EVEN MORE EXCITED to see her in act as this leading role is her first big role on major network. This child-actress-turned-leading-lady has been notable in many dramas, playing the younger counterparts of the adult female leads (I have seen her in I Can Hear Your Voice, IRIS II: New Generation, Missing You and Rooftop Prince).

So Hyun just turned 16 years old (17 years old in Korea), and she has already been in many dramas and is more skilled and experienced in terms of acting if you were to compare her to other casts she is acting alongside in Who Are You: School 2015. One more thing, she has always been and is acting out roles that are even older than her own real age.
WAYSCH15 Ep1-4
Kim So Hyun is one the reasons why I watch this drama. What’s more, she is portraying twins (Lee Eun-bi and Go Eun-byul)! Damn, she is doing great job at portraying different characters and various emotions.
WAYSCH15 Ep1-7
This drama’s story plot is also another reason; its setting in high school with mystery and all. School 2013 left such a big impression on me, and therefore another reason why I watch this drama.
WAYSCH15 Ep2-5 WAYSCH15 Ep2-3
Now, not to mention the two male leads, Han Yi-an and Gong Tae-kwang (played by Nam Joo Hyuk and BTOB’s Yook Sungjae respectively). There is one thing I am confused about, they said that Han Yi-an is the first male lead, but I feel that Gong Tae-kwang is more like the first male lead. Oh well! Anyway, School 2015 makes me notice Yook Sungjae more than Nam Joo Hyuk. (It’s my first time hearing of these two)
WAYSCH15 Ep2-2
(LOL at him taking selfie while hanging in the air, daebak) His handsomeness, oh yes (don’t mind me). I have to say that he acts better than Joo Hyuk. I really do like his role, Tae-gwang, and the way Sungjae portrayed him. I wish I could be like Tae-gwang. He is one who doesn’t lie to himself and doesn’t refuse to face reality when it matters, even though it is painful or scary to him.
WAYSCH15 Ep2-4
As for Han Yi-an, well… you know, if you are currently watching it too. If not, go watch it!
When you have watched School 2013 and decided to watch this drama Who Are You: School 2015, DO NOT expect it to be similar to School 2013, even though they are both part of School franchise. They are different and I will not compare those two dramas. But it’s really good as well, let me list down why you should watch it.

WAYSCH15 Ep1-8
Why you should watch Who Are You: School 2015
– Its story plot and setting in high school
– Mystery genre that it will keep you on your toes
– Gifted Kim So Hyun
– The plot twist about one of the twins (!!)
– School stuffs you may be able to relate to
– Talented kids everywhere
– Lee Pil Mo as the homeroom teacher, hehe
– Two guys over one of the twins, Lee Eun-bi
– Yook Sungjae, yes, more of him please

As I am writing this now before episode 13 airs on Monday (which is today), I really cannot wait for next episode, ugh. I don’t know which ship is the majority, but I ship Eun-bi x Tae-gwang.
WAYSCH15 Ep4-1
I like their friendship and how they are always bickering and yet still find comfort in each other’s presence. Also, how Tae-gwang said the words he didn’t really mean and yet Eun-bi understood that he meant opposite, like when he said he wanted to be alone. And, it’s just so saaaaddddd that Eun-bi friendzoned Tae-gwang when he confessed recently in episode 12. But, I do hope they still maintain their friendship, same as before.

Talking about next episode, oh gawd, [Spoiler alert! If you have not watched this drama yet] I cannot wait to see how different it will make with Eun-byul’s return. But it’s just so saaaaddddd to see Eun-bi leave and Tae-gwang looking for her at her house (from what I saw in the preview of episode 13).
WAYSCH15 Ep13 Preview
Oh yes, please look at how more handsome Sungjae has gotten with that new hairstyle, even though he looks sad?!

Anyway, I do hope that this will happen: Eun-bi x Tae-gwang and Eun-byul x Yi-an. Who’s with me? Actutally, I don’t mind if there were to have bromance between Yi-an and Tae-gwang, hehe.
WAYSCH15 Ep1-1


6 thoughts on “Who Are You: School 2015 – Currently Watching

  1. Was trying to find the Leave a Reply part in your “About” section, but for some reason i couldn’t :O But your School 2015 article feels more appropriate since the drama gives to drama addiction a deeper meaning! Pleased to find you here as well except for tweeter and thanks a lot for the follow! Are you ready for the 13th episode? School 2015 always leaves us behind with a major cliffhanger and the last one was the most severe one because it couldn’t prevent you from assuming what could happen now that Eun Byul’s back, i’ve been on constant mental pushups ever since 😀 But today’s the day, it’s good to be Monday 😀

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    • I think i might have disabled the reply part in my About section >< Anyway, thank you for following too! And, yes, I have been waiting for Episode 13 so of course, I am ready! True, finally it's Monday 😀

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  2. I don’t know, I feel like Eun Byul’s refusal to accept Yi An from the beginning will eventually be the stumbling block. I honestly think Eun Bi looks better with Yi An (#idon’tfearthehaters)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too, that’s what i thought.. No worries, i get that alot prefer Eun-bi x Yi-an >< But it's just that the fact Yi-an keeps pushing Eun-bi away because Eun-bi is not real Eun-byu that I rather Eun-bi x Tae-gwangl. But, of course, Yi-an seems better with Eun-bi now 😀


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