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Episodes aired: 8 of 16 episodes (as of 4th June)

We are halfway through another Hong sisters’ latest drama, Warm and Cozy. (Their previous work was Master’s Sun) Let me tell you, it’s really warmmmm and cozyyyy.

Kim Woo Bin (The Heirs, School 2013) was first offered the male lead, however, he declined it due to his movie Twenty. At first, when I saw the news about him and Kang Sora in a new drama, I was so excited to see them together! However, much to my and many fans’ disappointment, he declined.

W&C Ep1-1
But, hey, at least Kang Sora signed on! (She was in Misaeng previously but I have only seen her in Doctor Stranger) She is actually good actress, like others. I enjoyed watching her in Doctor Stranger.
W&C Ep1-2
And, so, another actor namely Yoo Yeon Seok signed on instead. I have never heard of him nor seen in any of his dramas before Warm and Cozy. I disregarded this drama and didn’t want to watch it in the first place.

However, when I heard that this drama is written by Hong Sisters’ whose drama Master’s Sun was popular and I really enjoyed it. Therefore, despite the teasers giving no this-drama-seems-good-so-I-am-gonna-watch-it feel, I decided to give it a chance because of the writers and it is getting addictive! I never expected anything from it. I like how the story plot is developing and the way the characters are.

W&C Ep2-2
This drama is romantic-comedy and getting better with each episode.
W&C Ep2-1
I like that the two half-brothers, Baek Gun-woo (played by Yoo Yeon Seok) and Song Jung-geun (played by Lee Sung Jae), are totally idiots on Jeju Island xD
Okay, not totally, but still, when it comes to women.
W&C Ep6-1 W&C Ep7-2
Baek Gun-woo thought Lee Jung-joo (played by Kang Sora) was dying of a cancer due to a misunderstanding. And, Lee Jung-joo mistook his intentions for something else.
W&C Ep7-1 W&C Ep3-2
Kim Hae-shil (played by Kim Hee Jung), the ahjumma diver on Jeju Island, thought Song Jung-geun was attempting a suicide when he accidentally fell into water where Hae-shil dove to save him. This hilarious budding relationship is one thing that keeps me watching this drama, and I wish they were the main couple of the show!
W&C Ep2-4 W&C Ep3-3
Anyway, I like the story of how both Gun-woo and Hae-shil want to help Jung-joo and Jung-geun respectively, just because of the misunderstandings. Along the way, ya know… But I can’t tell since we’re only halfway through the show.
W&C Ep5-1
Oh yes, before I forget, there is one more character which I like, even though he is a supporting character. He is Jung Poong-san (played by B1A4’s Jinyoung) who helps Geun-woo at his restaurant. His role and actions are funny most of the time like how he wants to hide the truth about Jung-joo’s not-really-sick from Geun-woo and keeps making him believe that she is really dying so that he won’t sell off Warm and Cozy restaurant. And, like us, he is rooting for Jung-joo and Geun-woo to be together.

So, if you have not watched it yet and unsure whether to watch it, give it a chance and hang in there! I will be listing down as to why. 😛
However, I would like to warn that there is one (supporting) character you will hate very much that you would probably keep screaming “Ugh, just get off the screen” in your head whenever she comes on. To those who are watching, don’t ya agree with me?

W&C Ep3-1
Why you should watch Warm And Cozy
– Comedy, duh
– It’s filmed most of the time on Jeju
– It’s JEJU ISLAND, the scenery and all!
– The idiot brothers
– Just Hyung (Jung-geun) himself and his self-proclaimed strong will-power (pfffttt)
– Relationship between Hyung and the ahjumma diver, hehe
– The supporting characters
– Warm relationship between Jung-joo and Geun-woo
– Jealousy between Mayor Wook (played by Kim Sung Oh) and Geun-woo over Jung-joo
– Poong-san rooting for Jung-joo x Geun-woo couple
– The food?! Damnnn, those yummy-looking food
– Hyung ah
– Yeon Seok as Geun-woo demonstrating a recipe whenever every episode ends
– The videography. Yes, videography! Some scenes are really beautiful and they also make Jeju look more beautiful.

W&C Ep8-1
Now that we are left off with [Warning, spoilers] Gun-woo finding out the truth about Jung-joo that she is not sick at all, I am curious as to what will happen between them two. I mean, yeah, Gun-woo went to find her and hugged her (surprise, surprise), saying “I’ll keep being yours” and “Until I die, I’m yours”. (Ahhhh~)
W&C Ep8-2 W&C Ep8-3
Actually, those words could be interpreted in two ways; feelings and objects (like restaurant). But it’s clear that they are talking about feelings, not objects. Anyway, but still, still so curious how will the story plot develop around Jung-joo x Geun-woo and the restaurant.

Episodes 9 and 10 will be airing this week on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.
W&C Ep2-3


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