Who Are You: School 2015 – Episode 13 Review

This drama is getting better and better and I mean it. Kim So Hyun totally rocks the show with her top-notched acting as Go Eun-byul and Lee Eun-bi that we are able to distinguish between them with their differences in terms of their personalities.

[Since this is my first episode review post, I would like to note that my review is consist of my thoughts and bit of recaps.]

WAYSCH15 Ep13-7
This episode marks Eun-byul’s return. The mean and awful girl is back! (That’s what Eun-byul calls herself.) She is so gonna bring the house down and kick whosever ass gets in her way. The interactions between the twins are so interesting and cool to watch. It’s like as if there were real twins of Kim So Hyun 1 and Kim So Hyun 2.
WAYSCH15 Ep13-1
Now that her twin sister is back and alive to much their mother’s and Eun-bi’s shocks, Eun-bi is really happy-tearing, same goes for their mother. It was really a touching moment to see them together like this :’) (more touching moments to come)

WAYSCH15 Ep13-3 WAYSCH15 Ep13-2
WAYSCH15 Ep13-4 WAYSCH15 Ep13-5
I love how Eun-byul caress Eun-bi’s face because she really treasures, loves and glad to have her. I love how protective she is over Eun-bi.
WAYSCH15 Ep13-55WAYSCH15 Ep13-56
At school, I was really amazed at Eun-byul’s personality when she confronted So-young about bullying her sister. Finally, she pushed So-young like how So-young did to Eun-bi. Go, Go Eun-byul! This is what the boys could not do during past 12 episodes and Eun-byul did it on the day she returned to school.
WAYSCH15 Ep13-57 WAYSCH15 Ep13-58
That funny moment when Ki-tae (played by Park Doo Sik) mocked Tae-gwang for changing his hairstyle after being rejected by Eun-byul’s one of best friends, Shi-jin (played by Lee Cho Hee). Pfffttt. He totally deserves the smack on his head. HAHAH.
WAYSCH15 Ep13-8 WAYSCH15 Ep13-10
The exchanges between Eun-byul and Tae-gwang are really amusing to watch because of Tae-gwang expressions towards her when he thought it was Eun-bi he was talking to. His expressions are PRICELESS. That scene in library after waiting was damn, I tell you and let me recap this part, damn hilarious that I laughed on the bus while watching it.
WAYSCH15-Episode-13 WAYSCH15 Ep13-11
Tae-gwang, thinking that it was Eun-bi avoiding him (after the confession), poked her forehead jokingly and you can see Eun-byul’s annoyed-shocked expression like “What the hell…”.
WAYSCH15-Episode-13-2 WAYSCH15 Ep13-12
Being Eun-byul, she smacked his head and that smack scene even repeated in SLOW-MOTION, HAHAHAH. Tae-gwang’s reaction and look of confusion are priceless as if he thought he was dreaming.
WAYSCH15 Ep13-63 WAYSCH15 Ep13-62
Teacher Jung, Soo-in’s older sister, is gonna get fired, and it seems like Teacher Kim is feeling guilty towards her as he is to Soo-in. Teacher Kim even assure Teacher Jung that he is gonna make sure to get justice for Soo-in.
WAYSCH15 Ep13-24 WAYSCH15 Ep13-22
As I have mentioned, there are more emotional scenes. When Eun-bi returned to Love’s House orphanage, damn, tears and the hugs all over again T_T
WAYSCH15 Ep13-26
Where can I get a guy friend like Tae-gwang?! He even skipped school and came all the way to Tongyeong to see Eun-bi. Of course, I wouldn’t want mine to skip school but coming all the way… Where? Where? Okay, in my dreams.
WAYSCH15 Ep13-31 WAYSCH15 Ep13-33
It’s so cute and amusing to see Ra-jin and the kids to ‘protect’ Eun-bi by poking at Tae-gwang just because they saw him yelling at him. Aww, those kids. And look at how cute Tae-gwang hide behind Eun-bi in defence.
WAYSCH15 Ep13-36 WAYSCH15 Ep13-35
LOL, the kids were glaring at Tae-gwang while he was eating as if he was being under watch. (Do you see what I am trying to do with the pictures?)
WAYSCH15 Ep13-38 WAYSCH15 Ep13-39
When the kids obeyed Eun-bi’s words, Tae-gwang was admiring her. That LOOK.
WAYSCH15 Ep13-43
Okay, this one… Yi-an, why do you have to be like this. I get you. But, still, at least show a small slight happiness for Eun-byul’s returning alive. Sigh, I can’t even tell about Yi-an’s feeling towards Eun-byul and Eun-bi.
WAYSCH15 Ep13-41 WAYSCH15 Ep13-42
It seems like Eun-byul prefers friendship and isn’t all for romance. I can tell that she does not want to lose her friendship with Yi-an. Same goes for Eun-bi towards Tae-gwang. Actually, I’d prefer no romance/pairings in this show, just great friendships will do. Friends who will always be there for one another.
It seems like Eun-byul prefers friendship and isn’t all for romance. I can tell that she does not want to lose her friendship with Yi-an. Same goes for Eun-bi towards Tae-gwang. Actually, I’d prefer no romance/pairings in this show, just great friendships will do. Friends who will always be there for one another. I am glad that Tae-gwang does not get upset and all after being rejected, even though he already knew what’s gonna happen and yet still went ahead to confess to Eun-bi. But, then, maybe he changed his hairstyle because of her. 😛 Tae-gwang’s personality is what I totally like about him. His friendship with Eun-bi is really a nice sight to see. Oh, how I wish I have guy best friend like him. As for Yi-an, sometimes, he can be really stubborn, but I get that he has to deal with the confusion about one of the twins appearing in front of him at a time, but she is not whom Yi-an thought to be. Like when he hung out with Eun-bi, he thought there was something different about her and realised that she was not Eun-byul. And when Eun-byul showed up, he thought it was still Eun-bi. However, because of the way Eun-byul was speaking, it got him confused all over again. I have to say that it is not easy for him in this episode when they met since he thought she died. And there is So-young who is always provoking. Can she just get transferred out already?! Anyway, I wish for a scene where all four meet – Eun-bi, Eun-byul, Tae-gwang and Yi-an. That’d be so cool!
And, what’s the real truth behind Soo-in’s death? That’s one thing I am so curious about.
WAYSCH15 Ep13-54


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  1. I’ve been following this drama and it’s so good! I actually really hope for Tae Kwang and Eun Bi to get together though…. I won’t say why but episode 14 plays with your feels really hard with them.

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