Who Are You: School 2015 – Episode 14 Review

It was worth waiting for a week for both episodes 13 and 14. Damn, it’s like an addiction. I feel, as for now, that episode 13 was the best out of all episodes. Now that we’re left with two more episodes next week, things are going in the way we cannot predict.

[I would to note again that my review is consist of my thoughts and the scenes are not in order.]

WAYSCH15 Ep14-1
Eun-byul is being a boss again towards So-young. Well, girl So-young, you deserve it and you messed with a wrong person.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-2 WAYSCH15 Ep14-36
From the look in her eyes, I can tell that Eun-byul wants to strongly avenge her sister on So-young because, this time round, she will not stand by and watch since she regretted that she didn’t approach Soo-in when she was being bullied. I love how Eun-byul totally has Eun-bi’s back and is taking the role of being elder sister well.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-34 WAYSCH15 Ep14-35
Another when Eun-byul crush So-young again, yay. Look at how she stepped on So-young’s smart phone. Go, girl!
WAYSCH15 Ep14-37 WAYSCH15 Ep14-38
Even though she looks strong on outside, Eun-byul reminisced about her times with Soo-in and crumbled in Soo-in’s room along with Teacher Jung (I thought she gonna keep hating Eun-byul).
WAYSCH15 Ep14-9
Tae-gwang doesn’t want to leave Eun-bi’s side at Love’s House and he looks like a kid among the real kids in front of Eun-bi, LOL. Eun-bi doesn’t want Tae-gwang to skip school for her, even though he would be late if he went.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-7 WAYSCH15 Ep14-8
I feel that Eun-bi is feeling apologetic towards Tae-gwang just because she couldn’t accept his feelings and does not want him to fall her further so she is kind of pushing him away for now. She wants him as a great friend.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-47 WAYSCH15 Ep14-48
When Tae-gwang fell sick after his father was taken away by the police officers, she was there and cares for him as a friend. She even called his mother who came to hospital to see her son. Feeling the same as Tae-gwang’s mother, I am glad that Eun-bi is still Tae-gwang’s friend who can be there by his side.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-12 WAYSCH15 Ep14-13
Teacher Kim has been conflicting and finally realised that he should quickly reveal the truth as soon as possible as it has been a year. Finally he is able to seek justice for Soo-in and her family, especially Teacher Jung.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-46
He went to Director Gong to inform that they should already reveal the truth and they have violated a law rule. He has been feeling guilty for a year now and feel that the case should not be dragged on any more longer.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-32 WAYSCH15 Ep14-33
Tae-gwang and Teacher Kim met up. LOL, this scene is hilarious when Tae-gwang offered his cup for his teacher to pour, but got “Fat chance, Gong Tae Kwang” smack on his forehead instead. I totally like when they are together. They always talk their problem to each other and yet they still get what/who they are talking about, especially this. Tae-gwang knew that Teacher Kim was talking about Soo-in, his father and him. And whether he should do it. And Tae-gwang indirectly gave his answer which is also telling himself.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-49 WAYSCH15 Ep14-50
So, Tae-gwang listened to himself and went to his father. His father is somehow convinced to turn himself in as we can see that he got taken away next day. Ah, so, Teacher Jung’s claim about Soo-in’s time of death was the truth and that Director Gong covered up the truth by saying that the time of death is much later.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-15 WAYSCH15 Ep14-16
Eun-bi is finally able to use her own name as her mother informed her that her social security number has been corrected. It’s something Mom is able to do something for her not-yet-adopted daughter, but of course we can see that Mom really wants to take her in. However, we can see that Eun-bi is still in dilemma about whether to go back to Seoul or stay on for the kids. She is afraid that the kids will be upset to see her leave even though she is back alive.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-19
Eun-bi met her old classmate, Oh Jung-ha, at supposed memorial. I don’t what to call it already, man. Because the memorial was supposed to be Eun-byul, but it was named under Eun-bi’s, but they are both still alive. Jung-ha was the girl Eun-bi stood up to and the caused for Eun-bi’s bully in her place. Oh yeah, I forgot that this was the reason why So-young bullied Eun-bi, but seriously?
WAYSCH15 Ep14-51 WAYSCH15 Ep14-52
Ah, so Jung-ha was the one who put Eun-bi’s nametag by an unknown corpse by the river that caused misunderstanding of Eun-bi’s death in Tongyeong. But I guess she did that to punish So-young for whatever she did.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-23
I wish Song-joo and Shi-jin knew about the twins. That they have been hanging out with Eun-bi before Eun-byul returned. But, at least Yi-an knew, and helped Eun-byul tell them that they have made up, even though she just returned and that it was Eun-bi he was not talking to.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-24 WAYSCH15 Ep14-25
I really do like their friendship. How the girls understand Eun-byul’s personality and not get offended by her. They sometimes would try to cheer her up or know whether she needs to be alone. The three girls know that all are always there for one another no matter what, as I saw from the beginning before Eun-byul went missing. They would even settle whatever problems instead of dragging it on.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-26
Coach cares for Yi-an as a student since he sees him as one of the best, however, due to injury, he understood that it would not be like before. I like how Coach always want the best for Yi-an and let him have his own decision.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-41 WAYSCH15 Ep14-42
However, he seems conflicted about the twins, like he is doubting himself about his own feelings for each of both.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-27
Ra-jin is one understanding girl, and she even Eun-bi not to worry about her and the kids at Love’s House. She definitely knew and understand that Eun-bi have friends and mother in Seoul where part of her wants to go back. And, so, Eun-bi has made decision to go back to Seoul, yay.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-29 WAYSCH15 Ep14-30
Totally like it when Tae-gwang and Yi-an are together. Yi-an was looking at Tae-gwang that prompted Tae-gwang to ask, “What? Am I so good-looking you can’t look away?” LOL. These two… I hope that they won’t fight over Eun-bi, though.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-43 WAYSCH15 Ep14-53
Because, at the end of this episode, Yi-an looked disappointed and shocked when Tae-gwang kissed Eun-bi on her cheek outside her home after they return from hanging out.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-45

WAYSCH15 Ep14-39 WAYSCH15 Ep14-40
They went to eat crabbbb, and LOL at Tae-gwang’s big appetite when he came out of the lonely house.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-10 WAYSCH15 Ep14-11
Out of all above, it’s nice to even see small scenes of the classmates in class in between so that the show won’t focus entirely on the relationships between the twins and the boys. Hahaha, Ki-tae and his girlfriend, though.

We’re almost at the end of the show. Though I may not be able to let go of it soon, I can’t wait what’s in store for the finale. Will Tae-gwang and Eun-bi end up together? Does Eun-bi like Yi-an, if not Tae-gwang (I hope not)? Will there not be any romance relationships (that’d better that way)? Will So-young ever back down? It’d be interesting to see So-young facing both of the twins. Ahhh, too many questions! Hopefully, the last two episodes will not disappoint us though I am prepared to see something I do not want.
WAYSCH15 Ep14-31


3 thoughts on “Who Are You: School 2015 – Episode 14 Review

  1. Yi An is definitely confused, I think, on his feelings. I believe he always had feelings for EunByul, but when he saw a side of EunByul that was softer and more ‘girlish’ to so speak, he fell for that… not realizing it was EunBi. that’s why I think that kiss shocked him. I hope he’s able to sort it out.


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