High Society – Episodes 1 & 2 Review

A drama that I did not look forward to watching and yet still watch it to see how it goes. Of course, in such show where there are wealthy families, there’re always makjang in it.

Episode 1
HSo Ep1-1
This episode did not really give a strong start, introducing us to a chaebol’s daughter, Jang Yoon-ha (played by After School’s Uee), who is hiding her family background to look for real happiness. She is working at a supermarket, Food Market, with her best friend, Lee Ji-yi (played by Im Ji Yeon).
HSo Ep1-2 HSo Ep1-3
I like how the leading lady’s best friend is the second female lead of the show. (I thought she was the supporting character.) It’s like a rare thing in dramaland. Though, I sense that they will fall out over something in future episodes, but I hope not! Throughout this episode, I was wondering who the second female lead was as I did not read the synopsis.
HSo Ep1-4
In this episode, we are shown that Yoon-ha is being treated badly and outcasted by her own family, especially her mother.

HSo Ep1-5
We were also introduced to Yoo Chang-soo (played by ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik), who is also from a rich family.
HSo Ep1-6 HSo Ep1-7
Apparently, his family and Yoon-ha’s family set them up on a date, which Yoon-ha didn’t want to go as we can see that she wanted him to ‘reject’ him when they met. This was when I thought Chang-soo is the first male lead but, then, I was wrong again.
HSo Ep1-8
Choi Joon-ki (played by Sung Joon) is Chang-soo’s friend and is from not well-to-do family, though his parents are living lovingly together. I did not know that he is actually the first male lead of this drama. From how I see he treat Chang-soo on the inside, I began disliking his character. What he wants is the money, of course as he thought, “If you’re poor, you can never be happy.”
HSo Ep1-9
I feel that Joon-ki is putting up on fake show for Chang-soo and everyone around him but deep inside, he may be feeling jealous/inferior or whatever feelings towards Chang-soo, in particular. But I know for sure that it can’t be good and I hope Chang-soo won’t be hurt by him.

Even though the first episode isn’t that strong, the preview of episode 2 did make me want to watch it next. Turns out that it’s getting better in next episode. So, if you want to watch it or stopped at episode 1, I suggest that you should watch it till end of episode 2 to decide whether you want to continue watching it or not.

Episode 2
HSo Ep2-3
I think Joon-ki may like Yoon-ha at the first sight in previous episode. But, we all do know that Joon-ki is one who will go after a chaebol’s daughter for the richness and that he doesn’t know that Yoon-ha is actually that daughter. Yet.
HSo Ep2-2
Love their friendship, hope to never see it turn into something different or sour. Even though, she is always curious about Yoon-ha’s family background and Yoon-ha still does not tell her anything, it’s cute to see the girls still always smiling and laughing together.
HSo Ep2-4 HSo Ep2-5
I like how there is at least one family member of Yoon-ha’s who loves her and that is her older brother, Kyung-joon (played by Lee Sang Woo). At least there is someone from her family who supports her and know about her working part-time.
HSo Ep2-6 HSo Ep2-8
Thank goodness that Chang-soo keeps Yoon-ha’s family background as secret when they met again at the supermarket. Even from Ji-yi and Joon-ki. I thought he was gonna expose her secret right here and there.
HSo Ep2-9
Even though it is shown in previous episode, Yoon-ha’s character is really strong as she stays firm that she should not apologise for not doing anything wrong. She believes that one shouldn’t apologise all the time even when she/he has done nothing wrong. Or that she/he didn’t started it and the other party started it. She stands up for herself.
HSo Ep2-10 HSo Ep2-11
There, Yoon-ha being insulted by her own sister and got pulled by her hair. Really? But, good thing that Yoon-ha counterattack her by kick-bend her leg, took her arm and put it behind her like how police arrest a thief. 😛 Well, Yoon-ha is definitely not person to mess with.
HSo Ep2-12 HSo Ep2-13
As for Yi-ji, it’s cute to see that she has a crush on Joon-ki and how she differentiate between reality and fantasy. Also the way she is acting towards him that is so obvious, LOL.
HSo Ep2-14
And there is Chang-soo whom she started bickering with the moment they met. So cute, these two. They definitely have more chemistry than the main leads.
HSo Ep2-15 HSo Ep2-19
These prove more of their chemistry and they are amusing, LOL. Ji-yi drunk ‘fangirl’ over having met a real chaebol in real life and ‘touch’ him.
HSo Ep2-20 HSo Ep2-21
And then, there is when Yi-ji and Yoon-ha were reaching for each other over Chang-soo in car as if he were not there. HAHAH.
HSo Ep2-22
HSo Ep2-23 HSo Ep2-24
HAH, Chang-soo’s shirt got ripped when he tried to get out of the car and the view made Ji-yi passed while Yoon-ha stood there awkwardly. Definitely one the best endings to an episode. (I had to stifle my laugh on bus while watching this, this is just too hilarious!)

I am not sure what to expect from this drama as I somehow know how the story is going (after reading the synopsis) and what the story is about. I will still keep watching it and hopefully, it will be better but it’s be better not to expect anything from this drama. I am so totally on Yi-ji x Chang-soo ship! Go, second lead couple!
HSo Ep2-16
Anyone?! 😀


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