Masked Prosecutor – Currently Watching

Episodes aired: 8 of 16 episodes (as of 11th June)

I was definitely looking forward to this drama when I heard they were gonna cast Joo Sang Wook (Birth of a Beauty, Cunning Single Lady) in it. And, yes, he signed on, along with Kim Sun-ah (I Do, I Do)! What’s more, the title itself already interest me before the first script read.

MaskedPro Ep1-1
I have seen Joo Sang Wook in Birth of a Beauty and Cunning Single Lady where his roles were adorkableeee and I love his comedic face acting expressions. In Good Doctor and Paradise Ranch (where I first saw him in), his roles were kind of serious. I was wondering if he was gonna show his dorky side again in this drama.
MaskedPro Ep2-1
And, yeah, after watching, I am glad that he is currently on the role where he gets to do it! Hehe 😛
MaskedPro Ep1-6
As for Kim Sun-ah, she definitely fit the female lead in this show, along with Joo Sang Wook. I heard that Sun-ah is a great actress that many fans would like to see on television again after I Do, I Do which I have watched too. Her seriousness and all, yup, I got to say she was awesome in it.
MaskedPro Ep1-5
I feel that Joo Sang Wook’s Ha Da-chul and Kim Sun-ah’s Yoo Min-hee are similar to their roles on Birth of a Beauty and I Do, I Do respectively. Their chemistry onscreen is great, it’s like two characters from different dramas finally came to meet in one drama, like crossover. Oh, what am I talking about?
MaskedPro Ep2-3 MaskedPro Ep3-1
The other two of three second leads are Kang Hyun-woong (played by Uhm Ki Joon) and Seo Ri-na (played by Hwang Sun Hee). I have seen Uhm Ki Joon in Phantom and Hwang Sun Hee in Master’s Sun and City Hunter. Again, I feel that Kang Hyun-woong is similar to Ki-joon’s role in Phantom, being a bad guy. However, it seems that Hyun-woong is being used to clean up after the bad adults like his father and the main villain of the show, Jo Sang-taek (played by Jun Kwang Ryul and also one of the leads) since he is a prosecutor. Oh wait, I mean Song Man-seok (played by Myung Gye Nam) since he is the top backing of the bad people.
MaskedPro Ep5-1 MaskedPro Ep5-2
I actually like this second female lead, Seo Ri-na. Same as Yoo Min-hee, she never really sided with the bad guys/prosecutors as I thought she would. (I hope I am not wrong. I hope we are not wrong, please!) Min-hee and Ri-na should team up together with Dae-chul to catch the bad guys!

MaskedPro Ep3-2 MaskedPro Ep3-3
The first 4 episodes are not really much of what’s going on, however, in the end of episode 5, it’s getting better as we can see that the story will most probably finding evidence, chasing and wanting to arrest the main villain, Sang-taek as he managed to get away free from the first time when they arrested him, thanks to Hyung-woo. I stayed on because of Joo Sang Wook 😛 By the way, I can assure you that it gets better from episode 5 onwards!
MaskedPro Ep3-6
And, oh, I totally like these two, hahah. This thief, Jang Ho-shik (played by Lee Moon Sik), had to do Dae-chul’s bidding and when he went to the police, he said he did this and that just because he is being good citizenship, HAHA pffftt. I hope that he will keep making his appearance throughout the show as supporting character and half hope that he do end up going to Hawaii at the end of the show.

MaskedPro Ep3-4
Why you should watch Masked Prosecutor
– Dorky Joo Sang Wook
– Awesome Kim Sun-ah
– Dae-chul and Ho-sik, the thief who always wanted to go to Hawaii
– The ‘intense’ chase after Jo Sang-taek/Song Man-seok (it seems that it’s what they will be doing)
– Chemistry between Sang Wook and Sun-ah
– Dae-chul’s skills
– Twist plot about Min-hee’s biological father
– Just adorkable Sang Wook

Well, I admit that there are really fewww reasons to watch this drama, however, it’s romantic-comedy. Plus, also action. If you like Joo Sang Wook and/or Kim Sun-ah, I half suggest that you should watch this. >< If you think this drama’s story plot is boring, then nope, don’t watch it.

Anyway, I will keep on watching this drama!
MaskedPro Ep2-2


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