Warm and Cozy – Episodes 9 & 10 Review

Sometimes, this drama’s story development can be so frustrating. Sometimes, it’s nice to see to see how it goes, but then it ended up having to upset and frustrate us, ugh.

Episode 9
W&C Ep9-25
After the misunderstanding is finally cleared up, Gun-woo still wants Jung-joo to continue liking her. Even after she confessed to him when she thought he was sleeping, ugh. And, Gun-woo even asked her to stay so that she can ‘cure’ her lovesickness as Gun-woo called it.
W&C Ep9-2 W&C Ep9-3
It’s like he wants to do the same to Jung-joo as Ji-won does to him. Gun-woo liking Ji-won and Jung-joo liking Gun-woo. And, yet Ji-won doesn’t ‘accept’ him and just keep using him as long as he likes her. I guess that’s what Gun-woo wants to do to Jung-joo.
W&C Ep9-5 W&C Ep9-4
When Ji-won was lying to Gun-woo’s noona about Jung-joo faking her illness in front of Gun-woo to take his restaurant, Gun-woo overheard her and told his noona that everything Ji-won was saying is a lie. That look on her face, HAH.
W&C Ep9-6
However then, I just don’t understand why Gun-woo keeps liking Ji-won even though he fully knows that she is bad. Ugh, so dumb!
W&C Ep9-8
I like how Mayor Wook did not allow Ji-won to enter the restaurant, because Jung-joo was inside, and even used his position to chase her away, HAHAH. Well done, Mayor Wook!
W&C Ep9-9 W&C Ep9-10
I also like how they use balloon metaphor. Jung-joo saying that 90 of 100 balloons (of her liking towards Gun-woo) popped overnight. Gun-woo, after clearing up the misunderstanding, saying that 10 out of 100 balloons (of his respect towards her) have popped since he now knows that she is not dying and that he is happy to run Warm & Cozy restaurant with her. YAY.
W&C Ep9-11
Now, time for these two.
W&C Ep9-12 W&C Ep9-13
HAH, like his dongsaeng, Jung-geun watched Hae-shil from across, tripped over the same rock that Gun-woo did when he was there looking at Jung-joo, and even threw the rock into the water. So childish, hahaha.
W&C Ep9-14 W&C Ep9-15
Jung-geun finally went for the diving lesson. And, what’s with your clothes, LOL. Apparently, Jung-geun told her that he is gonna make her acknowledges that he is a rare and special black pearl. Pfffftt, again, so childish.
W&C Ep9-16
Ah, I love this scene when Jung-geun and Jung-joo high-five each other, like the best partners-in-crime everrrr!
W&C Ep9-17
Woah woah, Jung-geun kissed Hae-shil!! Ouch, she slapped him though.
W&C Ep9-20 W&C Ep9-19
Through the TV interview, the captions made the Jung-joo into a married woman to Mayor Wook all because of Gun-woo’s sarcastic words at the restaurant which one of the TV crew heard. This got Gun-woo all pissed off and maybe jealous. Hah, serves you right! 😛
W&C Ep9-21 W&C Ep9-22
Okay, Gun-woo can be so hateful and yet we can’t hate him because he just look sexy here when Jung-joo argued that she could just marry the mayor for real and asked him for cooperation which got him mad and did that which got her flustered. It’s really seems that he likes her but still doesn’t know and still want Jung-joo to keep liking him.
W&C Ep9-23 W&C Ep9-24
Aw man, Jung-joo really cannot understand Mayor Wook is trying to say that got him frustrated again and again, LOL. But, sigh, I don’t know which male lead to support. I want Jung-joo to be with Mayor Wook who is nice and all, however, at the same time, I also want Jung-joo to be with Gun-woo just because they look good together.

Episode 10
W&C Ep10-2
This episode looks good and nice till… OH WHY. It’s like an “on and off” relationship.
W&C Ep10-3 W&C Ep10-4
From the previous episode, Gun-woo had said that he will still be good to Jung-joo despite asking him not to be good to her anymore. However, it may seem that Gun-woo meant different thing from what Jung-woo thought to be.
W&C Ep10-5 W&C Ep10-6
She thought that he was talking about having fallen for her, however, I think Gun-woo is talking about being nice to her as a friend like lending her the restaurant and helping her. (Her imaginations went wild till he hugged something else, LOL)
W&C Ep10-7 W&C Ep10-8
Aw, Mayor Wook gave Jung-joo the wildflowers and even offered her to go with him one day (but, you know, I know, he is talking about her liking him then they can go together.)
W&C Ep10-9 W&C Ep10-10
HAH, I laughed throughout this scene where Jung-geun picked the wrong woman whom he thought to be Hae-shil on his motorbike. HAHAH.
W&C Ep10-11 W&C Ep10-12
But, yay to the ahjumma who even offered to bring Hae-shil to him and Hae-shil even agreed to go on a date with him!
W&C Ep10-13
And, we get to see pretty side of Hae-shil though the makeover! HAH, can Jung-geun handle her more prettiness since he fell for her wearing a diving suit.
W&C Ep10-15
OUCH moment when Gun-woo’s noona thought that Hae-shil was the cleaner of the house. OUCH, Jung-geun thought she is not accepting him. Damn noona who doesn’t seem to like her…
W&C Ep10-16 W&C Ep10-14
Oh, look at Gun-woo pouting that he doesn’t want to help get Mayor Wook and Jung-joo get together. Just what is he thinking?? Does he really like her or not? I guess he is confused about his own feelings too.
W&C Ep10-17 W&C Ep10-18
Sigh, why can’t you just directly ask her not to go to movie and go with you to visit your mother’s grave, Gun-woo?? Even Jung-joo thought that way too, even she wanted to go with you! Okay, at least Gun-woo came to move theatre to play Scissors-Paper-Stone and Jung-joo purposely loses to him.
W&C Ep10-31 W&C Ep10-22
Whee, they went on ‘date’, how I wish it was a real one. But I think Gun-woo just wanted to hang out and spend time with her ‘to make her’ like him more? I don’t know, that’s just my feeling.
W&C Ep10-19 W&C Ep10-20
Poor Mayor Wook who was in the movie theatre alone when Jung-joo was supposed to be there. Again, poor him even though she came back and had to go off again when she found that Gun-woo wanted to bring her to visit his mother’s grave.
W&C Ep10-23 W&C Ep10-24
Yeah, she said, “You’re a bad jerk” to Gun-woo when he told her to keep liking him. Did you just realise that now, Jung-joo? (But I hope that it will be quick forward to when Gun-woo realises that he really likes her, ughhh, damn Ji-won who said she is going to accept Gun-woo just because she heard that he is going to inherit.)
W&C Ep10-25
Gun-woo, ugh, so frustrating! He even brought the rose which he claimed to be ‘expensive’ to Jung-joo who told him that she won’t lose to him anymore and went off with Mayor Wook to pick more flowers. (Mayor Wook said to run away.)
W&C Ep10-26 W&C Ep10-27
Jung-joo returned being stronger and even tossed away Gun-woo’s rose in front of him.
W&C Ep10-29
And, damnnn, he surprised her by kissing her to ask her to try not to lose to him but he knew that she already lost.

Sometimes, I can’t really understand Gun-woo, but like I mentioned earlier, maybe he wants her to keep liking him like how he keeps liking Ji-won and wants to do the same thing to her as Ji-won been doing to him. Or maybe that he doesn’t realised his true feelings towards Jung-joo. Also, not to forget that he mentioned that Jung-joo liking him does make him feel like he is a good person. But, the kiss?!? I hope that Hong sisters will give us better story development for next episodes, especially about Gun-woo’s feelings.

I realised that, in this drama, there are always mixing the words with the other words. There are really a lot. Like when Jung-joo is talking about an object like restaurant, she is actually talking about Gun-woo himself. When Gun-woo’s hand is hurt, he said it’s hurting when he is actually talking about his heart (I think so). And, then, there is black pearl referring to Jung-geun himself.
W&C Ep10-1


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