Who Are You: School 2015 – Episode 15 Review

It’s the finale week. Surprisingly, I don’t feel really sad about it. Maybe it’s because I heard that they were live-shooting* and I feel that the kids, especially Kim So Hyun, should deserve the rest and the production should have wrapped up the filming prior to the finale.

*Live-shooting is when they are filming and editing the videos in the same week of the airing dates.

WAYSCH15 Ep15-2
Tae-kwang looks cute when he got bit embarrassed for planting a kiss on Eun-bi’s cheek and not being able to look at her directly. Hehe.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-3 WAYSCH15 Ep15-4
Uh-oh, Yi-an admitted to Tae-kwang that he likes Eun-bi too. Ugh, what the…? Are they really gonna ‘fight’ over Eunbi? With his feelings like that, he said goodbye to his one-sided crush of ten years to Eun-byul.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-5 WAYSCH15 Ep15-6
However, I am glad that Eun-byul doesn’t get upset or anything. I am really glad they get better as friends now that Yi-an doesn’t have special feelings towards her. I am even more glad that we do not need to go through another getting-upset-just-because-he-no-longer-likes-me process.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-7 WAYSCH15 Ep15-8
That reaction, LOL, when Eun-byul realised and told Tae-kwang, “Gong Tae-kwang likes Lee Eun-bi.” It’s obvious, duh! And, aw, when Eun-byul is being protective over her sister about Tae-kwang as if being a mother seeing whether this son-in-law would be good for her.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-9
Oh, look at how nervous Tae-kwang is while waiting for Eun-bi. Tae-kwang is the guy most girls would want! Who would not fall for him?!
WAYSCH15 Ep15-13 WAYSCH15 Ep15-14
Good to see that, despite the night before and awkwardness between them when they met, they go back to being normal as friends. Hehe, so cute, these two.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-15 WAYSCH15 Ep15-16
Now, Kang So-young is tasting what Eun-bi had felt like and went through in the past, being outcasted and picked on by others. I have to say this again, Kang So-young, you deserve it! However, So-young is pressured by her father to step on them instead, which got her all evil again, as you will know why when you watch till the end.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-23
Not sure if I have mentioned before, but I totally love this ‘bromance’ between Tae-kwang and Teacher Kim. Because his father is put behind the bars and Teacher Kim is quitting, Tae-kwang pouted that who is going to take of him, aw. Okay, I am so onto this ship!
WAYSCH15 Ep15-25 WAYSCH15 Ep15-27
Speaking of Teacher Kim’s resignation, his class got really sad that their homeroom teacher is leaving. They even, aw, put post-its all over his car’s windshield.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-24
The kids waving and saying “We love you” and “Please come back” to Teacher Kim from the window is… :’)
WAYSCH15 Ep15-28 WAYSCH15 Ep15-29
Yi-an is really a dislikeable person here. (Sorry, not sorry) His temper needs to maintain, like his father said. But, at least, he kind of care for Tae-kwang when he realised that their school director is Tae-kwang’s father.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-30 WAYSCH15 Ep15-31
It seems that Tae-kwang envies Yi-an’s relationship with his father as we can see the longing look in his eyes while aware that his relationship with his own father is strained. I guess that’s what got him to visit his father finally (while wearing the tie his mother gave to him) and let me tell you, it’s touching :’) He even changed his father’s name to ‘Father’ on his phone.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-33 WAYSCH15 Ep15-32
“I lived my life thinking that I had a lot to protect. But, in the last moment… There was only one thing that I felt that I had to protect. That was you, Tae-kwang.”
WAYSCH15 Ep15-34
Oh cries, this is probably our first time seeing Tae-kwang cry. 😥
WAYSCH15 Ep15-35
Yi-an and Eun-bi met by coincidence when he saw her on the bus. They went to walk at the place they used to hand out together during the time she was “Eun-byul”.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-38 WAYSCH15 Ep15-39
He is using her words from last time to ask him to come to her, and asked whether he could still come to her.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-42
And he hugged herrr. (Kim So Hyun is the luckiest girl on the planet.)
WAYSCH15 Ep15-40 WAYSCH15 Ep15-41
It seems that Eun-bi is accepting his hug as we can see that she moves her hand up as if to hug him back.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-43 WAYSCH15 Ep15-44
Eun-bi is back to school for the last time as she wants to say goodbye. That hilarious moment when Tae-kwang has to flick her forehead to see if she would hit him and she did not so Tae-kwang confirmed that it’s Lee Eun-bi. Haha, traumatized, huh? And, is that your way of distinguishing them? xD
WAYSCH15 Ep15-45 WAYSCH15 Ep15-46
Ugh, So-young is up to something again as she called Eun-byul to say that she has prepared small event for Eun-bi. It’s the video she shot of Eun-bi when she was bullying her. No, Eun-byul should know that it’s trap! Why am I feeling déjà vu from this? Must be because of that time when So-young called Yi-an. And, like Yi-an, Eun-byul ran and rushed to school. So-young waits impatiently for Eun-byul to arrive so that she can reveal everything about the twins and their lying to whole class.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-47 WAYSCH15 Ep15-48
Everyone is shocked to see real Eun-byul arrive at the door while Eun-bi is standing at the podium. I have to say that the boys’ reactions are priceless!
WAYSCH15 Ep15-50
Gawd, that smug look on So-young’s face as she thought she could step on them and win them. Well, we will see about that. Has So-young finally get what she have been wanting to do, exposing the twins to the class?

Actually, I am glad that the twins finally showed up together in the class, because I would want Song-joo and Shi-jin to know about them. I wonder how they are going to react to the shocking news. Regarding the romance relationships, it seems that Eun-bi is going to end up with Yi-an instead of Tae-kwang. We are so gonna have Second Lead Syndrome. I am so prepared to be disappointed by the finale, and yet I am still expecting something better like the way we all want. Or better, just no pairings at all. And I wish for more interactions between Teacher Kim and his students as I feel that there is lack of communication between them.

This School drama is totally different from School 2013 and I have to say that Who Are You: School 2015 cannot even win over School 2013, even though I have never watched any other School series. There are few things I like about this drama, Who Are You: School 2015, though. One of them is Kim So Hyun portraying the twins.
WAYSCH15 Ep15-36


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  1. Oh man, I totally hope you write about the last episode. I actually wrote my own post about it. I definitely would like to hear your thoughts.


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