Who Are You: School 2015 – Episode 16 (Final) Review

Well well, we are at the final where we have been so curious what will happen in the end. Well, the ending is not so bad even though there is a disappointment but I am not sure. Actually, I am glad that this drama did not really disappoint me as much as I thought it would. Maybe it’s because I was prepared to be disappointed but the ending is better than I expected.

My overall thoughts can be found at the end of the blockquote in this post.

WAYSCH15 Ep16-2
Even though So-young looks satisfied revealing everything and thought that everyone is on her side, Eun-byul remains strong and even dragged her out of the class to confront her. It looks like a final showdown between the two of them.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-6 WAYSCH15 Ep16-5
After apologising and explaining to the whole class, Eun-bi went out for a fresh air where Yi-an followed her to. And there is Tae-kwang who was just there and saw them together with a sad look in his eyes. Oh, cries.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-3 WAYSCH15 Ep16-4
It may seems that Song-joo and Shi-jin feel betrayed, however, even though the truth is out, Song-joo is lesser understandable of So-young. Oh yeah.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-7
The best friends even told Eun-byul that they want to meet up with Eun-bi and that they four should hang out. Yay, I was hoping for that! (But, nope, not a scene with four of them together L)
WAYSCH15 Ep16-8 WAYSCH15 Ep16-9
The adult version of the showdown. I so agree with Mom on where So-young inherited her personality from. Now, you’re blaming someone’s daughter(s) when you cannot even handle your own daughter, Mrs. Kang?
WAYSCH15 Ep16-10
Class 2-3 has new homeroom teacher who was introduced as Teacher Kim Seul Young (cameo by Bae Soo Bin). Upon seeing him, he looks so darn serious and scary, ohgawd why do I feel like he is bad guy/teacher. And looking so strict. Must be because of the actor himself whom I have seen in Secret drama.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-11 WAYSCH15 Ep16-12
Looks like Tae-kwang misses former Teacher Kim so much that he goes to his class at the academy even though he just slept there. Aww, hahah. It likes Tae-kwang is seeing Teacher Kim as his hyung rather than teacher. Oh, the bromance~
WAYSCH15 Ep16-13 WAYSCH15 Ep16-14
Tae-kwang even confides in Teacher Kim about liking someone and I like how he gave his answer to him. That we can live though not seeing what/someone we like by holding ourselves back, even though we would not be happy.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-15
This may look nice to have two guys fighting over you, however I dislike seeing this. Gah, can the boys not fight over Eun-bi. Can they not keep pulling each of both of her hands as if to almost rip her apart?
WAYSCH15 Ep16-19 WAYSCH15 Ep16-20
It’s really upsets me how Eun-bi does not feel anything special towards Tae-kwang and that Eun-bi has to say out in his face the truth about her feelings. How she is not able to look at him the way he looks at her. But yet, Tae-kwang still acts all cool about it even though we all know he is hurting inside.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-21 WAYSCH15 Ep16-22
After hearing Teacher Kim’s answer to his question, he met with Eun-bi again. He wanted to end his feelings for her the way she wants so that she can leave comfortably. Why does this line sound familiar? (Oh, Warm and Cozy, anyone?) Ugh, seeing Tae-kwang hurting, ugh, makes me upset, don’t you too? He teased that she is going to regret rejecting him in the future, though. Yeah, right.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-23
However, after little thinking, Tae-kwang runs up to hold her shoulders from the back as he said what Teacher Kim told him, “If you really like someone, you can live by being patient.” He admits that he lied about ending his feelings and doesn’t want to do that. He rather be honest and stay that way, telling her to know his feelings and letting her go this time.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-42 WAYSCH15 Ep16-44
Kang So-young is finally down at this moment where she read all the negative comments about her and even got yelled ay by his father who blames her for losing his nomination and affecting his work. Has So-young finally come to her sense?
WAYSCH15 Ep16-43 WAYSCH15 Ep16-45
Ah, so the video is really gone thanks to Eun-byul who smashed her phone. Okay, so, So-young is not going to apologise to her ever and said that nothing would change even if she forgive her. Eun-bi emphasis that her being alive is what So-young should be thankful for. Yeah, better that way. I like how Eun-bi is dealing with So-young better now.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-26 WAYSCH15 Ep16-27
I love how Eun-byul is so cool. That she is not really interested in romance and such. That she reassures Eun-bi not to worry about her since Yi-an and her are still good friends. That she is fully happy with what she has now; her mother she loves and her sister she longed for.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-28 WAYSCH15 Ep16-29
This is moment I did not want to see or hear, sigh. So, Eun-bi kind of confessed to Yi-an (ugh why), however, she said that she has to think about who she is first before liking someone so that people can like her for who she is. Yi-an gives her the medal, saying that he could wait and that she return the medal once she is sure of her feelings.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-31
We are fast-forwarded to 6 months later and we see the similar scene to when So-young transferred. However, this time round, it’s new Teacher Kim with a familiar-looking girl following behind.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-32 WAYSCH15 Ep16-33
It’s Lee Eun-bi! Oh wait, she introduced herself as “Go Eun-bi”, taking her sister’s surname.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-37 WAYSCH15 Ep16-38
I love to see how the kids are clapping and happy to see Eun-bi, heheh 😀 (Did Min-joon give his glasses to Ki-tae or what? Hahahah)
WAYSCH15 Ep16-39 WAYSCH15 Ep16-40
Eun-bi texted ‘Roof’ to Tae-kwang who rushed up to the roof. He got shocked for a moment (again, haha) when she acts like Eun-byul, hit him (the scene has to repeat like last time, HAHA) and said the same words as Eun-byul did, but relieved when it’s really Eun-bi in front of him. (Those slow-motions, LOL, these two)
WAYSCH15 Ep16-41
Happy for their intact friendship 😀 Even though Eun-bi never accept Tae-kwang’s feelings, I am really delighted to see their friendship like this after all what had happened, because friendship is what matters most.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-46 WAYSCH15 Ep16-47
Again, we see the similar scene when Yi-an texted behind Eun-bi on the bus while Eun-bi not knowing he was behind her. This time round, it’s opposite with Eun-bi texting behind him.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-48
This is one thing I am confused about or that I am not sure about. Yes, Yi-an mentioned that once Eun-bi is sure of her feelings, she is to return the medal to him. There she shows the medal, however can we take it that she means it as friendship, like with Tae-kwang? If she really accept him, then this is where I am bit disappointed about. However, I am glad that they never really ‘show’ Eun-bi accepting Yi-an directly or else I get MORE disappointed.

WAYSCH15 Ep16-51 WAYSCH15 Ep16-52
With Eun-bi’s voice-over, we see that each kids are pursuing their own respective dreams, the couple being together and Tae-kwang reuniting and eating with his father (aw, yeah).

“18 years old. It’s too early to fulfil your dream, but it’s great day for that dream to start. It hurts to fall but it’s a great day to learn how to get back up 100x. The love that we thought would last forever. The moment before collage admittance and no matter who said the love would immediately end badly. Because we’re 18 years old, we’re loving towards each other like today is our last day and also hating. We’re immature. It’s easy to get hurt at that age. At that time, you’ll get hurt and have a hard time. Even so, after that long time has passed, at that time, you can say your happiest moment was when someone lent a warm hand after you fell. No more, no less. When a friend is crying, you step in to help. I and we… there’s nothing that we can’t beat that comes in our way. It’s okay. You can be hurt. Since you’re 18 years old.”

I really like the voice-over part. It’s like the summary of what this whole show is trying to tell us. I feel that they want to tell us to stand up for ourselves through this drama. That we’re all still young, if not 18 years old, and that we are hurt easily. That’s because we’re still learning while growing up. It’s shown through Gong Tae-kwang whom I can relate a lot to. Tae-kwang is an example of someone who is 18 years old, falls in love with a girl (Eun-bi) and yet the girl doesn’t accept him even though he has done a lot for her, more than Yi-an (but seriously, why Yi-an?! Okay I know, love is blind). Even though it may take a long time to heal the wound, he is still young and could move on as time passes. One day, he would look back on his past and may say that that time was his happiest moment. I guess this is why they ‘make’ Eun-bi not end up with him, to relay the message about ‘love and hurt’ through his character.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-50

The other part in voice-over about helping one when one is crying. It is shown through the main character, Lee Eun-bi herself. Through her, they want to tell us to lend a hand to whoever need our help. And that we can be hurt (in another way) because we’re still young and can still pick ourselves up. It was when Eun-bi attempted suicide because of the bullying and it was too much for her and that there is no one to help her. However, later on, she said that she was glad to be saved by her sister and still alive. This means that one should consider picking oneself up no matter what and become stronger than before. It may take a long time, however, attempting suicide is not a solution. Also, not to forget that there are few kids’ stories relating to this too, like Min-joon’s and Shi-jin’s. Especially So-young’s; her character, I think, is meant to relay to us that we should not lose ourselves. In simpler words, times may be difficult now but do not give up ever and stay positive, because no matter what, we will get through it and the value we get from the hardships make it all worth the journey.
WAYSCH15 Ep16-49

There is one more thing I would like to note; dreams. As said in the voice-over, at 18 years old, it’s too early to fulfil our dreams, but it’s a great day for our dreams to start. I so totally agree on this point because, at my current age, I kept wondering if it’s too early to fulfil my dream. However, thanks to this, rather than fulfilling, it’s better to START it and that makes me realise that I have actually started it recently and it is still in the process of fulfilling which may take years.

Anyway, so far, Who Are You: School 2015 hasn’t really disappoint me. I even like how and what this story is actually about after hearing the voice-over by Eun-bi. (Kudos to the writer!) This drama, like other School series, is actually also issuing the real-life problems. I hope everyone can understand this drama like how I do. I am glad that I watched it from the beginning to the end. Kudos to the actors and actresses. Jo Soo Hyang who played Kang So-young is a really great actress, I hope she does get more projects in future. Same goes for Yook Sungjae (Gong Tae-kwang) and Nam Joo Hyuk (Han Yi-an). Kim So Hyun has especially done terrific job at portraying both Lee Eun-bi and Go Eun-byul. She even knew how to draw a line of big differences between them. Kudos to everyone on and behind this drama!
WAYSCH15 Ep16-53


5 thoughts on “Who Are You: School 2015 – Episode 16 (Final) Review

  1. Thanks for your feedback on Who are you-School 2015. I’m watching it at the moment, it’s at episode 7. Your writing really gave me a new view of youth, about dreams, about our ability to fall and then stand up and be stronger. I have watched many films especially Korean ones but rarely write reviews about them. You really speak out my thoughts, my hard feelings which I don’t know how to tell

    Liked by 1 person

  2. No Tae Kwang!!! Please..why the damn hell couldn’t he have ended up with Lee Eun Bi? He had been there for her when the other guy wasn’t, he stuck up for her, he did a lot more for her then the other guy, and he had magically appeared whenever Lee Eun Bi needed him. Seriously!?!?! PUT TAE KWANG WITH LEE EUN BI IN THE FUTURE!!!!! god…I cried so hard. I could feel Tae Kwang’s pain!!!


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