High Society – Episodes 3 & 4 Review

I don’t know what is so addicting about this drama. Okay, not addicting (yet) since there only 4 episodes aired. But, damn, it’s growing onto me. Maybe it’s because of the second leads, they are so adorableeee together.

Episode 3
HSo Ep3-1
As I watch episode 3, there is one thing I don’t like about. It’s the character Joon-ki. I am not sure if Sung Joon is bad at acting or that his character is supposed to be like that. (I have seen him in Hyde, Jekyll, Me however I dropped it after 5 episodes so I am not sure about his acting skills.)
HSo Ep3-3 HSo Ep3-4
As for Yoon-ha, I like how she is defensive of her good friend, Ji-yi, in front of Chang-soo. However, like Change-soo wondered, I wonder if Ji-yi would be hurt if she ever found out about Yoon-ha’s family background. Like every girl wants, Yoon-ha wants to marry a man who loves her for who she is, not because of her being chaebol’s daughter.
HSo Ep3-7
I really despise how the way Yoon-ha’s family behave, especially towards her. I despise how her father put business over family. I despise how her mother always never showing love for her. But, hey at least I have mentioned this before in previous review of this drama, that there is at least her older brother who loves and cares for her.
HSo Ep3-8 HSo Ep3-9
Joon-ki said that even though they are not close, he felt compelled to disclose his family background that he is not rich, to her. I had a feeling that he knew about her wealthy background all along.
HSo Ep3-10
Oh, the bromance between them~ But I feel that Chang-soo puts more in their friendship that he ‘likes’ him little too muchhh (aw yeah). Joon-ki better not screw his friendship with him up!
HSo Ep3-11
I really love Yi-ji’s character in this and she makes me want to be like her and learn from her. She is really straightforward and is the one who learns from her past mistakes.
HSo Ep3-13 HSo Ep3-14
When she saw that Joon-ki (her crush) was being nice to Yoon-ha instead of her and how Yoon-ha is being towards him, she got upset and looked crushed. She even initiated conversation about it with Yoon-ha, saying that the best thing about a one-sided crush is that one can determine its start and end whenever one wants. She declares that her crush on Joon-ki ends now that she can see that Joon-ki likes her.
HSo Ep3-15
She also knows that Yoon-ha likes him as well from the way Yoon-ha speaks good of his parents and all she wants for her is to be happy. This is what makes me like her character even more and that I should learn from her.
HSo Ep3-17 HSo Ep3-18
Oh, these two~ Even though, they are second leads, they are totally stealing the show. I wonder if Chang-soo really like Yi-ji or just that he is bored and wanted someone to play around with for now.
HSo Ep3-19
More of them, yes please!

Episode 4
HSo Ep4-1
After seeing how Yi-ji lives, Chang-soo asked Joon-ki to promote her even a little bit. Tsk, you cannot bear to see her living the way she lives currently, can you?
HSo Ep4-2 HSo Ep4-3
I have to say that Joon-ki is very thoughtful when he approached Yi-ji for her opinion whether she wants him to speed up her promotion after explainging what are her future plans. Even though it’s tempting for her, she doesn’t want anyone’s help on her promotion and that she wants to become a contract employee using her own effort and power.
HSo Ep4-4 HSo Ep4-5
Not needing Joon-ki to say, Ji-yi knew who it was from. Oh, I love everytime when these come together in a scene. 😛 Ji-yi admitted that he should not do something like that because he is giving her butterflies. Aw, Ji-yi, this is why I like your straightforwardness.
HSo Ep4-6 HSo Ep4-7
Another scene when, I know I have said this A LOT but I love them togetherrrrr, Chang-soo fixed the lamppost and waited for her to home. Here, her straightforwardness shows again when she said that he should not do something like this like surprising her or else she might really fall for him. Aw, I know how you feel, Ji-yi. Chang-soo is sweet and any girl would fall for him whom she said he lacks responsibility.
HSo Ep4-8 HSo Ep4-9
Yoon-ha decided to confess to Joon-ki by asking him “Will you date me?” And I wonder if this is really a confession, because I have always thought a confession is like “I like you” directly to that person, LOL. I have never heard a confession in real life, not in my life, anyway. Anywa, Joon-ki just rejected her right here and there and I was like “What?!? I thought you like her?? I mean, use her or be with her??”
HSo Ep4-10
Oh, so he is being a man, by saying that a guy should be the one who asks the girl out and asked her “Will you date me?” Woah, not bad not bad. And this is how they begin dating!
HSo Ep4-11 HSo Ep4-23
With that, Ji-yi is really happy for her friend. When Yoon-ha and Joon-ki are texting each other, Ji-yi is like all grumpy and confused about Chang-soo , saying indirectly that he is bad guy and I am not sure if Yoon-ha knows about it. Like does she notice anything between them?
HSo Ep4-12 HSo Ep4-13
Even Yoon-ha’s oppa lets her to go date with Joon-ki instead of going on vacation with him.
HSo Ep4-14 HSo Ep4-15
However, misfortune befalls Yoon-ha’s brother. Nooooo, whyyy?!?! (Actually I was wondering why they said his character is just a cameo and damn, this…) It’s really heartbreaking to see Yoon-ha lose the only brother, the only one of their siblings to care for her. (I hope he is not dead?!)
HSo Ep4-16
I hate how, again, her mother is blaming Yoon-ha for her son’s death that she is the only one who returned home. She blamed her for being a jinx and that Yoon-ha also blamed herself and tried to distance herself from Joon-ki whom she loves.
HSo Ep4-18 HSo Ep4-19
Dealing with her only brother’s death, she still went to work. Glad for Ji-yi who is there for her. :’)
HSo Ep4-17
Okay, another awkward elevator situation in dramalands, LOL.
HSo Ep4-20 HSo Ep4-21
Yoon-ha finally told Joon-ki about her family background even though he already knew all along, including her brother’s death. Joon-ki doesn’t even want to break up when she said to, because everyone she loves will leave her one day. Breaking down and being pulled into Joon-ki’s embrace, she whispered not to leave her ever.
HSo Ep4-22
And they kiss…!

I have to admit that High Society is getting better and better. I hope there won’t be much disappointment even though I don’t expect anything. Second lead couple (Ji-yi and Chang-soo) is what makes the show bit addictive. I totally love their chemistry onscreen. Okay, I know I have said this a lot of times, but really. Don’t ya love them two together too?! They definitely have better chemistry then the main couple.
HSo Ep4-24


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