Orange Marmalade – Currently Watching

Episodes aired: 7 of 12 episodes (as of 19th June)

When I first heard about this drama, I immediately made mental note to watch it because of its vampire genre which is my favourite. I had an impression that this will be a small drama unlike other dramas airing on Mon-Tue and Wed-Thurs, so it would not probably get much attention.

I am glad that Yeo Jin Goo accepted the main role he was first offered. This actor has been noticed by many older women. He is one great child-actor-turned-leading-man alongside Kim So Hyun (Who Are You: School 2015). Even though I have not seen them both in Moon Embracing the Sun, I have seen them in I Miss You. And, damn, like Kim So Hyun, Yeo Jin Goo is really a great actor for his age, two years older than So Hyun.
AOA’s Kim Seolhyun and CNBlue’s Lee Jong Hyun both also accepted the roles for female lead and another male lead respectively. After watching them in Orange Marmalade, I began to like them as well, especially Jong Hyun. I did not know that he could act as well! Especially his vampire role.

I read the webtoon version (which this drama is adapted from) after watching few episodes and, let me tell you, they are really totally different. And I think I like webtoon better. You can read it on LINE.

Yeo Jin Goo plays a human Jung Jae-min in both modern and Joseon eras. Jin Goo never fails to impress us with his acting. Anyway, Joseon? Yes, there is Joseon era in the drama which can be confusing at first. I will talk about it later. Jae-min hates vampires in modern era and does not believe in vampires’ existence in Joseon era (as of episode 7).
Kim Seolhyun plays a vampire quiet girl, Baek Ma-ri. In modern era, she has to keep moving schools due to her identity. Jung Jae-min began to like her after she accidentally wanted to drink his blood because his blood was sweet to her. In Joseon era, it’s similar.
Lee Jong Hyun also plays a vampire guy, Han Shi-hoo. He is one rebellious guy in both eras. Well, in Joseon era, I am not even sure if he is a vampire. In modern, he is one and damn, he killed it! His vampire look! I loved it when we get to see vampire Shi-hoo used his vampire powers even though it is against the rule in modern times.

Regarding the two different eras, it was when episode 4 ended that I got really confused when [Warning: SPOILER] one of the leads died and another lost his memories. They transited from modern in episode 4 to Joseon in episode 5. I heard that they are going to do 3 different ‘themes’ with 4 episodes each. However, in both eras, the plots of both are similar. I like modern times because of how they look, especially Shi-hoo. Hehehe.
Despite that, in Joseon era, I love the bromance between Jung-jae and Shi-hoo in this because this is what they don’t have in modern time. I am not sure why they changed the era. I hope we will get the answers. However, if there is any, do tell me why, alright. I enjoyed the modern era and I am enjoying Joseon era as well.
Even the though the story plot is confusing, I watch it because of its vampire genre as I have mentioned earlier. 😛 And, I am also curious what will be the third ‘theme’ in episode 9. Futuristic? Or back to modern time? And, is the transition from modern to Joseon something like reincarnation?

Why you should watch Orange Marmalade
– Vampire powers (Yup, I love seeing such things in shows)
– The guys
– Yup, I mean Yeo Jin Goo and Lee Jong Hyun 😛
– Bromance between Jung-jae and Shi-hoo in Joseon era
– Just vampires
– Different eras, yet same story
– Curiosity about almost everything, especially the end

By the way, the title ‘Orange Marmalade’ is the name of the band they formed in the modern high school. It has such a deep meaning and you should watch it if you have not and would like to know the meaning behind the title. I am not sure how is it related to the current ‘theme’ going on, though.
I really cannot wait to see how they end Joseon phase and go into another one. I am not sure if it’s just me or that I cannot predict how this drama is going to end. This one drama is definitely worth watching, at least to me, if you like vampire/supernatural genre. It can get boring, though. But I just don’t why I don’t even want to drop it at all ><


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