Hidden Identity – Episodes 1 & 2 Review

A new action thriller drama, which is also one of my favourite genres, is up airing on Korean channel tvN. It shows new side of Kim Bum, who was well known for his baby-faced look back in Boys Over Flowers era. Oh, how time flies now that Kim Bum looks so different.

Episode 1
HID Ep1-1
The premiere episode started with a voice-over, “We hide our identities just like criminals do in order to catch them. We don’t exist in the police records not in any other records. We are the Criminal Investigation Team.”
HID Ep1-2 HID Ep1-5
We can see that a man is pretending to be commuter on the subway and checking out a target nearby. He is Choi Tae-pyung (played by Lee Won Jong). Woah, this actor has played many police/detective/cop roles and the most recent one was The Girl Who Sees Smells. Another undercover person which is a woman whose name is Jang Min-joo (played by Yoon So Yi), dressing up as a hotel employee. This shows how they are expert in this field as they are able to their tasks smoothly.
HID Ep1-8
Of course, there is always someone from the control room who is Jang Moo-won, also known as Team Leader Jang (played by Park Sung Woong). And there is someone else doing all the computer works who is Jun Duk-hoo (played by Im Hyun Sung). Wow, look at those computers filled in the room! Would love a room like that one day. xD
HID Ep1-6 HID Ep1-7
It seems that they are targeting the man who is only known as Teacher Jung (played by Kim Min Joon) and that his assistant seems to be helping the investigation team from the way how he stopped Teacher Jung from opening the suitcase for a few minutes as commanded from the control room. He is Min Tae-in (played by Kim Tae-hoon).
HID Ep1-9
Finally, our hero is introduced; Cha Gun-woo (played by Kim Bum). He is shown out on stake with his partner, Chang-min. Oh, damn, his really different new look that I almost couldn’t recognised that it’s really Kim Bum.
HID Ep1-10 HID Ep1-11
However, an unfortunate event happened that caused his partner to die and Gun-woo to be suspended from police force for 6 months. There seems to have history between Team Leader Jang and Gun-woo, though.
HID Ep1-12 HID Ep1-13
So, I guess this is how it rounds up to Gun-woo joining the investigation team by Team Leader Jung, because of his connection to the assistant Min Tae-in, who has been exposed as an undercover cop and currently held hostage by Teacher Jung.
HID Ep1-14
That tense moment when Gun-woo goes undercover as designated driver to get to Teacher Jung, and when one of his minions recognised him as a cop. And it ended with Teacher Jung asking him whether it’s true or not. Oh, wow, it’s not end like that, right. We all do know that Gun-woo is going to come up with something.

Episode 1 gave a strong start and it’s really dark. Like literally dark, as you can see most of them are in dark places, lol. Anyway, this drama is what I definitely will keep watching as it keeps us in suspense. And, oh, the thriller and actions! Kim Bum is definitely giving off different feel from his character Cha Gun-woo.

Episode 2
HID Ep2-1
As expected, of course, using his fake identity and background to get away with the reason of him being at police stations many times. Oh yay, it seem that Min-joo knows a lot of things and told Gun-woo beforehand. The investigation team definitely know what are they doing and they are being very cautious, showing how they are really expert in this field.
HID Ep2-2 HID Ep2-3
The team knows that Teacher Jung’s minions would follow Gun-woo whose fake identity is ‘Ki-joon’ to check if he is trustworthy. Min-joo even dressed up as prostitute girl to his hotel room and pretends to be flirting with him in order for the team to hunt down the tracker. But, through their exchanges, we get to know more about Gun-woo’s past relationships to Team Leader Jang and Min Tae-in whom he is indebted to.
HID Ep2-4 HID Ep2-5
Damn, this woman, Min-joo, is one so badass woman. She can really fight well and her character reminds me of when the actress, Yoon So Yi, played a North Korean spy in Iris II: New Generation. Her image definitely fits both roles in this drama Hidden Identity and Iris II.
HID Ep2-7 HID Ep2-8
Gun-woo is really a smart one, leaving the memory card from the car’s GPS behind in his jacket so that Min-joo and Tae-pyung can find it when they arrived later at the abandoned warehouse.
HID Ep2-10 HID Ep2-9
Everywhere is just tension moments especially when Tae-pyung sneaked into the building which they found out to be where they held Tae-in hostage and Min-joo pretending to be fire inspector in order to distract one of the minions. I have to keep saying that they are amazing at being cautious.
HID Ep2-11
Even though Tae-pyung has found Tae-in, Tae-in said not to rescue him yet as he does not want to waste those 8 years of chasing Teacher Jung. Oh cries, his determination. He really do want to catch him, since he said that he won’t be able to forgive himself if he let Teacher Jung slip their fingers. I think this is what this drama is about? Or that Teacher Jung will be finally caught in next few episodes and then new cases arise, maybe relating to Teacher Jung?
HID Ep2-12 HID Ep2-13
Gun-woo is doing all to be trustworthy of Teacher Jung, even to the extent of helping him to shoot cut the wire of a building and helping his minions. I hope he won’t get himself in the same danger as Tae-in.
HID Ep2-14 HID Ep2-15
Oh dear, Teacher Jung brought Gun-woo to Tae-in and asked him to kill him. Someone whom he is indebted to?! And, Tae-in recognised Gun-woo! I hope he does not think that he is the bad guy being one of Teacher Jung’s minions. Oh, damn the cliffhanger when one of the minion whom he suspected of Gun-woo to be a cop points his gun at his forehead.

I really wonder what Gun-woo is going to do. To kill someone he is indebted to in order to make Teacher Jung trust him? Or to not kill Tae-in whom Gun-woo also wants to save? Seeing from the preview of episode 3, it looks it’s not going to end well.

It seems that Gun-woo has deep scars relating to someone he used to love. His girlfriend. And, how he was not able to save Tae-in’s sister. He must be feeling a lot of things such as guilty, regrets and sadness inside. To make things worse, he thinks that his partner’s death is his fault as he always to be never talking much to his partner. I do hope that we get to see Gun-woo become someone who will open up and not dwell on the pasts.
HID Ep2-16


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