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Episodes aired: 8 of 20 episodes (as of 18th June)

I was never really a fan of melodrama, however, melodrama always catch my attention. Like Secret drama which I didn’t want to watch in the first place but I watched it to find out and I ended up watching throughout whole show, Mask also does the same thing to me. The writer of Mask also was the writer of Secret.

Mask Ep1-1
Soo Ae, from what I have heard, is a melodrama queen though I have not watched her in Yawang. I have only seen her in Athena: Goddess of War. However, she does seem a great actress for this kind of role. Good thing that she accepted the role offered.
Mask Ep2-1
Joo Ji Hoon (ahhh I missed him in Princess Hours which is one of my all-time favourite dramas) also accepted the role offered. It’s really a great thing that he accepted, because he totally fits the role! I did not know that he could be funny for his facial expressions. Maybe it’s because I did not really monitor and thought much about the acting skills back then. Thinking about it now, I realised that Ji Hoon’s character in Princess Hours was bit amusing with the female lead who was Yoon Eun Hye.
Mask Ep1-2 Mask Ep1-3
Yeon Jung Hoon and Yoo In Young are playing the second leads up against the first leads. Oh, how I missed seeing Jung Hoon in Vampire Prosecutor. I wish they were doing season 3 of Vampire Prosecutor already! The last of In Young’s role I saw was in You Who Came from the Stars (another one of my favourites!).

Mask Ep1-7 Mask Ep1-6
The first episode is a really strong kick-start that will have your attention and makes you want to watch more. There are plot twists here and there. Soo Ae played a pair of doppelgänger, Byun Ji-sook (the poor one on left pic) and Seo Eun-ha (the wealthy one on right pic), in the first episode. It feels like Who Are You: School 2015 all over again, except that this is an adult version and that one of the doppelgänger (which is different from twins) really died.

Anyway, doppelgänger is the look-alike of two persons and they are not necessarily related at all. There is a saying that, if one of them is the first person to see one’s doppelganger, one will die.
And, of course, the poor one, Byun Ji-sook get her life forcefully changed to live as Seo Eun-ha who died from an accident (which we do not know the truth yet), all thanks to this one villainous guy, Min Seok-hoon, who is portrayed by Yeon Jung Hoon.

Mask Ep3-1 Mask Ep3-2
His character used to be a prosecutor and I was like, “You used to be a ‘vampire’ prosecutor and now come back as human to threaten people?” LOL. Anyway, he is damn strong, like his aura is so damn powerful he would kill anyone who gets in his way. Kudos to the actor for portraying him so well it definitely fits him.
Mask Ep2-2
Choi Min-woo, who is portrayed by Joo Ji Hoon, is a character that has fear of germs or something like that and is sensitive to cleanliness. In short, he suffers from OCD and hallucinations. Hah, his reactions to something dirty or disorganisation are sometimes funny only. His facial expressions damn jjang. Hahahaha.
Mask Ep6-1
Yoo In Young portrays Choi Mi-yeon who is Seok-hoon’s wife and only wants his love and this drama tells us that the woman Seok-hoon loved is not his wife, but Seo Eun-ha. She is also Min-woo’s half-sister. This woman is maybe an evil one, wanting to go against ‘Eun-ha’ because of her husband’s love for Eun-ha. Her mother is a… ugh, evil too.

Mask Ep5-1
Even though this is a melodrama, there are sometimes funny moments in it, like Min-woo’s servants who always seem in their own melodrama world. Hah, I enjoy watching them two.

Since this drama’s writer also wrote Secret (there were so much feeeeeels in it), I can say that this drama is worth watching as it keeps one on toes and has interesting story plot. I am glad that it does not disappoint me. I also like how they touch up melodrama with amusing scenes.

Mask Ep5-3
Why you should watch Mask
– Joo Ji Hoon and his facial expressions
– Yeon Jung Hoon and his damn serious vengeful face
– Plot twists here and there, especially from the start
– Just the tense moments here and there (Ji-sook’s family and her wanting to reveal, but vengeful Seok-hoon stopping and threatening her)
– Just the story plot itself
– Great actors
– Oh, so classy, so high-class everywhere
– Just Ji-hoon portraying Min-woo character, hahah
– Min-woo’s reactions (They are everything)
– And, oh, Min-woo’s bromance with his secretary

Well, I am not exactly sure what I like about this drama. There is something about it that is making me go back to the show. Maybe it’s because of Ji-sook and her family. And then there is Seok-hoon who knows everything because he was the one who forced her to be Eun-ha. I wonder how Ji-sook’s family is going to find out that their daughter is still alive and how the rest find out that ‘Eun-ha’ whom they know turns out not to be the real Eun-ha. I wonder how they are going to deal with the truth, even though I can predict a few as to what will happen but we will see how this drama goes with its story.
Mask Ep5-2


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