Ex-Girlfriend Club – Overall Review

Year: 2015
Korean Channel: tvN
Episodes: 12
Korean title: 구여친클럽

A short summary
A writer, Bang Myung-soo (played by Byun Yo Han), is a popular webtoon artist whose webtoon is a story about his three ex-girlfriends, Na Ji-ah (played by Jang Ji Eun), Jang Hwa-young (played by Lee Yoon Ji) and Rara (played by Ryu Hwayoung). His webtoon gets adapted into a movie and its producer is Kim Soo-jin (played by Song Ji Hyo) who found out that the webtoon artist is her ‘ex-boyfriend’, Myung-soo. While doing the movie project, all of Myung-soo’s ex-girlfriends are brought together into his life at the same time.

Casts and their characters
EXGC Ep1-1
Byun Yo Han looks kind of cute when I first him saw in this drama. His role, Bang Myung-soo, may be the guy a girl would want. So, this character is like a normal real-life guy. Not really much of impression of him and the actor himself.
EXGC Ep1-2
I watched this drama because of Song Ji Hyo, since I saw her in Princess Hours (and, of course, Running Man). I feel that her acting talent is wasted in his drama. I wish she will get a project from one of the major broadcast networks in the future. She was great in Emergency Couple, and I like the way how she able to those epic facial expressions. She definitely delivered her character Kim Soo-jin well, however, I feel that she could have done better, but I guess it’s the character herself. Since this drama… Well, will explain later on.
EXGC Ep12-3
Oh, this guy, Director Jo Gun (played by Do Sang Woo), I hope to see more of him on television and I have only seen him in It’s Okay That’s Love. Again, his talent is also wasted in this show.
EXGC Ep12-2
All these three women, I really do have nothing more to say, hahah. Anyway, I like how each of them played their respective roles so well that fit their respective characters. I almost did not know that Ryu Hwayoung, who played Rara, was one of them and that she used to be a member of T-ara. She looks so different here.

Actually, to be honest, in my own opinion, this drama is kind of boring, but at the same time, I was curious about this drama. I am glad that they shortened it to 12 episodes from the original 16 episodes. There’re something about it that make it funny and worth watching though. Well, of course, it’s rom-com. It’s just that the story plot is not really that strong. I really do hope that every actor and actress in this drama get better projects in the future.

Its ending is kind of satisfying. I wish they have better ending, like how the movie is finally made and is popular. And this review is really short, because I have wrote my thoughts out about this drama, lol. I can say that this drama is not ‘addicting’ to me. Maybe it is to you. Cheers.
The bromance rivalry between Myung-soo and Director Jo though. LOL
EXGC Ep12-1


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