High Society – Episodes 5 & 6 Review

This week is all about both couple’s blooming love in one episode and then in next episode, everything is suddenly not going smooth. It is nice with no worries in one episode and then, in next episode, each friend finds out the truth about his/her best friend, feeling betrayed.

Episode 5
HSo Ep5-8
Yoon-ha told everything, her background, her family, her reasons and her brother, to her boyfriend, Joon-ki. It’s good that Yoon-ha has decided to be honest with him, however, not for Joon-ki. He is not fully honest with Yoon-ha about everything, himself and his goals. He is really evilllllll inside.
HSo Ep5-9 HSo Ep5-10
When Yoon-ha said she wants to stay out of her own house and does not want to make use of her wealthy background, even though Joon-ki supports her on outside, however on inside, Joon-ki seems like he wants her to go back to her family just because of the money so that he could ‘use’ her by being with her.
HSo Ep5-11
When Yoon-ha asked him what is his dream and whether is it turning into reality, he thought to himself, “Your reality is my dream.” Ugh, there, evil guy.
HSo Ep5-2 HSo Ep5-3
Yoon-ha’s mother who cannot accept the fact that her son just died, is really going berserk, seeing she goes over to Lady Kim’s house and fought with her by pulling her hair and such.
HSo Ep5-4
As if pulling Lady Kim’s hair is not enough, drunk Madam Min goes over to her husband to pull his hair as well and she just realised that he has nmo hair for her to pull out. (HAH, I laughed at this.) Madam Min must really love his son more than her own three daughters. Actually, Yoon-ha’s father, Chairman Jang, is really more heartless than Madam Min. Oh well, this family…
HSo Ep5-5 HSo Ep5-6
Now, it’s time for the blooming romance between these two, hehe. I just cannot help but to squeal at how adorable they are together. I like how honest Ji-yi is when Chang-soo asked her whether she misses him.
HSo Ep5-7
The way how they started to agree to date each other is different from how the main couple started to date. Because Yi-ji said that she doesn’t want to date without the intention of marriage, Chang-soo thought about it a lot and said that they could date each other and she could realise that she doesn’t want to marry him. Yi-ji seemed to agree with that and there is no reason why they should not try dating. I am like half agree with this and half disagree as well.
HSo Ep5-12 HSo Ep5-13
I reallyyyy do like how smart Yi-ji is and how she is always trying to control herself but failed to do so and yet still know herself. Like how she said to break up after dating Chang-soo for less than twelve hours, because she despises herself for having such thoughts about counting money often while being with him. I would totally feel that way.
HSo Ep5-14 HSo Ep5-15
When Chang-soo thought she was using him to feel like Cinderella and he hates being used, Ji-yi went ahead to be honest and kisses him firstttttt. SHE kissed him FIRST! That is one very brave move, girl! This is no wonder I like Ji-yi character a lot. “I am starting to like you. I wasn’t going to like you… but you’re too cute.” Hahaha, definitely xD
HSo Ep5-16 HSo Ep5-17
Her initial move shocked Chang-soo and I guess her move makes him want to be responsible and he pulled her in for another kisssssss. A proper one.
HSo Ep5-18 HSo Ep5-20
Another how Ji-yi is trying to control herself because she knows that she will be hurt in the end. She knows that Chang-soo is a bad guy and that she should be careful. However, despise all those thoughts about liking Chang-soo, she still likes him. I think this is where many girls can relate to.
HSo Ep5-21 HSo Ep5-22
I think that Chang-soo really do like Yi-ji genuinely, seeing how he even left home after he took shower (accordingly to his mother, he doesn’t go out after a shower) and even came all the way to Yi-ji’s house when she said she misses him and wants to see him.
HSo Ep5-24
While the love is growing between Chang-soo and Yi-ji, at the same time, Yoon-ha and Joon-ki go out together. I really do like how this episode is all about love blooming for both couples. However, it’s only last for this episode, as we can sense troubles coming along the ways of both of their relationships.

Episode 2
HSo Ep6-3
Here is the reappearance of the evil Joon-ki who meets with his reporter friend to give information about Yoon-ha, being a chaebol’s daughter and working as a part-timer at supermarket. I guess he wants to reveal her status to the news to make her go back to her own house. Ugh.
HSo Ep6-4 HSo Ep6-5
He doesn’t seems to be that happy when Yoon-ha back-hugged him. Expressionless Joon-ki.  I really do hope that Yoon-ha doesn’t end up getting hurt because of Joon-ki. I don’t want to see any girls hurt in this drama. T_T I hope you finally realised that you’re not right for her or fall in love with her, Joon-ki!
HSo Ep6-6 HSo Ep6-7
Being the eldest of the family, Ye-won seems jealous whenever her mother favours her only brother. It’s kind of sad how Madam Min doesn’t really pay much attention to her daughters and Ye-won trying to get her mother not to be such favouritism. However, I am not sure if it’s her way to get her brother’s place in anywhere, be it company or in Madam Min’s heart.
HSo Ep6-8 HSo Ep6-9
For some reasons, I find Chang-soo’s hyung funny here, LOL. His expressions, especially. Wah, not bad, this hyung. He even meets with Yi-ji to tell her that he supports her relationship with his little brother. But I am sure that this is kind of like ‘warning’ or sarcastically. (The way he was judging her, LOL.)
HSo Ep6-10 HSo Ep6-11
Being a great friend, again, I like how Yoon-ha goes to confront Chang-soo not to hurt Yi-ji after hearing that they are dating. Best friend ever! And, yeah, he better not hurt her! But, aw, he said that he really likes her, more than any other women he have dated before.
HSo Ep6-13 HSo Ep6-14
When Chang-soo went to confront his brother about meeting with Yi-ji, just look at his facial expressions! Hyung raising his eyebrow, LOL. Looking cool there uh. He said that Yi-ji is one of the many girls he is playing with and I was like, “Whatttt?? The….???” But I am relieved when his actions show otherwise.
HSo Ep6-15
The moments of the truths are here… finally. The second leads are the ones who have been kept in dark from their best friends. Chang-soo found from his brother that Joon-ki and Yoon-ha are dating. What hurts him more is that he realised that Joon-ki may not like him but still doesn’t want to leave him due to his wealth status. I think he may have also found that Joon-ki is sticking with Yoon-ha because of her wealthy background. Also, he found out from Yi-ji that she was the one who helped Yoon-ha date Joon-ki since don’t-know-when and he looked kind of feeling betrayed because he was kept in dark from his friend for a long time.
HSo Ep6-16
As for Ji-yi, at first she did not believed that she is the daughter of Taejin Group. However, she realised the truth when she comes across the news on social media. Yi-ji feel even more deceived when Chang-soo told her that he knew about Yoon-ha. Chang-soo also told her that he went on blind date with Yoon-ha. Hearing that makes her feel more betrayed and dirty. In same situation as Chang-soo, she has been kept in dark for a long time.
HSo Ep6-20 HSo Ep6-21
I feel both. Both are feeling betrayed by their respective friends and they had to find out the truths from other sources. Like Yoon-ha said, I hope that Yi-ji will understand Yoon-ha. As for Chang-soo, his friendship with Joon-ki means more to him than Joon-ki, so I understand how he feel when he found out everything.
HSo Ep6-19
Before Ji-yi learned of the truth, despite having a bad day, I love how Chang-soo gives in to Ji-yi when she suggested to go to amusement park, wear couple headbands and take photos. What happened to the guy who said he wins all day and night? HAH, so cute.
HSo Ep6-22
At the ending, I don’t know why but I did imaginary victory fist pump in air, when Chang-soo called both Joon-ki and Yoon-ha over to show them that he knows everything now. And, no, this is definitely not a love triangle! (Please, no.)

Even though I don’t really get sense of the story plot, I actually like High Society. It seems satisfying amount that it took 6 episodes for everything to be revealed, and I guess this is the start of real stuffs. I wonder, now that the truths are all revealed, how Yoon-ha is going to live. Will she not leave home and work at her father’s company for her brother’s sake? What are Joon-ki’s true intentions for dating Yoon-ha? Does Chang-soo know about Joon-ki’s ‘obsession’ over wanting to achieve his dream of being rich? Will Ji-yi’s friendship with Yoon-ha still be the same? I hope for this one. I know I can’t just keep expecting and hoping for something, but still.
HSo Ep6-12


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