I Remember You – Episodes 1 & 2 Review

I am totally impressed by this drama’s premiere. It got my attention right from the start of the first episode. And it’s still keep getting my attention and keeping my eyes glued to it. Damn, it’s really good. The thriller, mystery, curiosity and crime investigation. Comedy is a plus bonus. Maybe it’s still early to say all these, but still, it’s my taste.

Episode 1
IRY Ep1-1
A man is looking at his email and, suddenly, there is a case which Cha Ji-an (played by Jang Na Ra), a detective, and her team members rushed over to the crime scene where they met Lee Hyun (played by Seo In Guk).
IRY Ep1-2 IRY Ep1-3
Like the rest, I also thought Lee Hyun was their team leader and it’s already amusing at the start when the real Team Leader, Kang Eun-hyuk (played by Lee Chun Hee), arrived and the team members got confused and even suspect the real Team Leader Kang, LOL.
IRY Ep1-4
Ji-an seems to know Lee Hyun and it turns out that she met him 20 years ago and has been ‘stalking’ him ever since. Whatttt, wow, power ah, this woman. But, I wonder why she ‘stalk’ him. Is it because of her liking towards him?
IRY Ep1-7 IRY Ep1-8
However, nope, Lee Hyun doesn’t remember her, though he finds her familiar. Aw, too bad, dear Ji-an.
IRY Ep1-9
It’s hilarious when Team Leader Kang is talking about himself, his team members are each thinking curiously about Lee Hyun whom they interacted with earlier on. Hahah, I would too, I would. Darn, he got such a great ability to process information more than 16 feets.
IRY Ep1-11 IRY Ep1-10
Those semaphores. And, does he really able to see like this?! That would be so cool! I guess he is a genius guy.
IRY Ep1-12
For Korean dramas, I never thought that the flashbacks would be sooooo interesting. In this drama, the flashbacks are really interesting and that I want more of them.
IRY Ep1-14 IRY Ep1-15
It’s because of my curiosity when I see how younger Lee Hyun (played by child actor Hong Hyun Taek) is making his father (played by Jun Kwang Ryul) scared of him. At first, I did not know why.
IRY Ep1-21
However, as I watched more, I realised that the father felt that his son may be similar to the murderer he had been having sessions with. The murderer, I mean psychopath (oh, the chills), is Lee Joon-young (played by EXO’s Do Kyung Soo). Kyung Soo as Joon-young is like totally stealing the show and I am really curious about his own history. The actor, Kyung Soo, is really such a great actor that I won’t call him an idol actor, but a real actor. He left such a great impression for his character as a psychopath.
IRY Ep1-18
It’s also really interesting to note that young Lee Hyun was different from other children. At his young age, he acted like an adult, even to extent of making coffee, reminding his own father about his schedules and to take his stuffs when leaving.
IRY Ep1-19 IRY Ep1-20
That eerie moment when young Lee Hyun, just a child, asked his father the same question Joon-young asked, “Why do people hurt others? But before that, why can’t people hurt others?” Okay…
IRY Ep1-22 IRY Ep1-23
That moment when the detectives were amazed at young Lee Hyun’s accurate number of the sticks which he did not count at all and Lee Hyun shows no emotions at all. Not even sure whether to find this moment funny or scary.
IRY Ep1-25 IRY Ep1-26
Lee Hyun’s father seemed really terrified when Joon-young provoked him about his son being similar to him, that he was terrified that he might become a ‘monster’ like Joon-young. But, he is already there, thinking that his own son is a monster which he wrote in his book which young Lee Hyun read.
IRY Ep1-28
To the extent that he called Lee Hyun to live in another room which seemed like a basement and study with him to learn how ordinary people live. He said he wanted to protect him from the world and, almost saying, the world from him. Ouch.
IRY Ep1-27
That hurt look on this child’s face is making me sad T_T Damn, I got to say that this child actor is really good. I like how he can act when it comes to expressing emotions on his face. Even that emotionless face. And that SAD and HURT look.

Episode 1 is already so interesting and really great. It gives a strong impression and keeps us on our toes. And I like the flashbacks, giving us more insights on Lee Hyun, his father and his past encounter with Lee Joon-young.

Episode 2
IRY Ep2-4
Young Lee Hyun’s crying is making me want to cry with him as well. T_T
IRY Ep2-5 IRY Ep2-6
Since then, young Lee Hyun had been studying with his father and his younger brother had been bored, seeing how he played by himself and always waiting for his hyung to come out. (Interesting fact: These two brothers are actually real-life brothers, the younger one is Hong Eun Taek and 2 years younger than Hyun Taek who is currently 9 years old.) It’s sad how his younger brother was lonely.
IRY Ep2-8 IRY Ep2-7
Lee Hyun lost his father to Joon-young who escaped from the prison, went to their house and killed him after the conflict. His younger brother ran away and disappeared the same night after witnessing the fight between his father and Joon-young and young Lee Hyun could not find him again. Hopefully he will reappear in present times!
IRY Ep2-9 IRY Ep2-10
I am not sure if it’s just eerie that young Lee Hyun did not cry or get shocked or anything when he saw his father was killed by Joon-young. It’s like as if he was really emotionless at his father’s death in front of him. But it’s scarier when Joon-young did not show any signs of remorseful.
IRY Ep2-11 IRY Ep2-12
I guess this drama’s title ‘I Remember You’ is all about Lee Hyun’s memories. He lost some of his childhood memories, however, he still remembers little pieces and bits. And he has been trying to find Joon-young ever since.
IRY Ep2-15 IRY Ep2-16
I really do wonder about who is the serial murderer of the cases the detectives and Lee Hyun are working on. It seems that Ji-an and the team members know about Lee Joon-young and Lee Hyun’s father. Maybe this is why Ji-an has been tailing him because of his relation to his father? Well, that can’t be, since she is always calling him ‘jerk’ and ‘bastard’.
IRY Ep2-17 IRY Ep2-18
That hilarious and cool moment when Ji-an accidentally slides her chair down two slopes till the front. HAHAH, that seems so cool though.
IRY Ep2-19
Okay, finally, Lee Hyun decided to cooperated with Ji-an and look through the murder case. Definitely would love to see them work together since I can already see their chemistry.
IRY Ep2-24 IRY Ep2-20
Ugh, I hate how they don’t show the murderer’s face when he appeared in front of both previous victim and thought-to-be-next victim but I thought that his back and blurred side profile looks familiar though I can’t point out who. (As in who is the actor playing the character. He looks really familiar, though.) Well, it is supposed to be mystery, so I will accept that we gotta need to wait for the face to be revealed.
IRY Ep2-23
That chasing against the time moment when Ji-an rushes over to next victim’s house. Ji-an has found the signature which is made of semaphore from the previous victim’s house and it contains ‘next’ victim’s location. Ugh, already cannot wait for next episode! That ending when Lee Hyun heard the recordings of his father! (That smirk, though.) And when Ji-an barged into someone’s house with a gun! Who? Who??
IRY Ep2-21
Anyway, I already love this squad! It’s so amusing when one of them, Min Seung-joo (played by Kim Jae Young), keeps saying, “I like him” and “I really like this hyung.” (Referring to Lee Hyun) HAHAHA.

When watching this drama, I question a lot. A lot. But I am glad that some are answered and I hope that more to be revealed in future episodes. Everything about it from these first two episodes are interesting and is always keeping me on my toes. I hope the ‘interesting’ feeling from this drama will not die down after more episodes.
IRY Ep2-3
Also, I do hope that Kyung-soo’s character Joon-young makes another appearance in future episodes though I know that he will only appears for first two episodes. But, hopefully, please! Being a singer, he is such a great actor and I would love to know more about Joon-young’s history. I like how Seo In Guk is portraying the adult counterpart of Lee Hyun and that is really similar to younger counterpart who is portrayed by the amazing child actor, Hong Hyun Taek, and he has done terrific job, for he is only 9 years old. And, is Lee Hyun really a ‘monster’/psychopath like Joon-young?
IRY Ep1-24


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