Hidden Identity – Episodes 3 & 4 Review

It takes up its pace this week, and so far, I am kind of liking it. I don’t know why, but there’re definitely those thrills feeling from just watching Hidden Identity. Now that the person they have been chasing after, has died, there’s always someone behind/top whom they have not caught yet and are still chasing after. And it’s really dark.

Episode 3
HiD Ep3-1
I thought they were gonna lose one of the team members, Tae-in,, when he forced himself to be stabbed by Gun-woo. However, thank goodness, he is still alive! I mean, how can one die easily in dramaland?! And from just a stab? Tae-in really has determination and his surviving tortures and pain proves it.
HiD Ep3-2 HiD Ep3-3
Oh, how I love Tae-pyung and his many disguises! Totally like this actor for his acting skills. Anyway, he was held hostage along with other security guards when Teacher Jung’s minions, including Gun-woo, broke into the building to steal hologram code. And the police arrived, oh yeah, they can’t escape.
HiD Ep3-4
Hah, what a creative idea to put mini bomb in the thermal flask and it literally explode in one of the minions’ face when he finally opened it, LOL. Totally like Investigation 5 Unit’s ideas and how they plan well.
HiD Ep3-5 HiD Ep3-6
Whenever I see this government man, I think that he is one of those ‘bad’ people like a spy being planted in government by someone of higher in Bad Guys community.
HiD Ep3-8 HiD Ep3-9
Even though he is and looks tough on outside, Teacher Jung actually has soft spot for his daughter who is sick. We get to see that side of him when he met his daughter. And it seems that his daughter, Ji-won, knows something about his father even though she said that he is not a bad guy and even went to meet his father secretly out of Min-joo’s sight. She must have done it often.
HiD Ep3-10 HiD Ep3-11
Finally, Team Leader Jung is able catch Teacher Jung when they took the same elevator without Teacher Jung knowing. They exchange words before they both throws punches and gripped each other when it ended.

To be honest, episode 3 is really nothing much as it’s more like progressing to the climax and that’s where episode 4 comes in. It’s even better in episode 4. But what I like about this episode is that we get to see Teacher Jung’s love for his own daughter. Even though he has done many bad things and is heartless, at least he has soft spot for his family. It shows how there is always at least a soft spot in a human’s heart. That there is at least a good in an evil person.

Episode 4
HiD Ep4-1
Teacher Jung has been finally arrested, however, his daughter Ji-won has to witnessed it, wailing. Oh cries, but your daddy is a baddie, Ji-won.
HiD Ep4-2 HiD Ep4-3
One thing to notice about how this drama is really Hidden Identity, as we all know that this special team investigation can manipulate the identities and Teacher Jung requested for his wife and daughter to have new identities in order to hide their real ones. It’d be awesome doing that in real life. 😛
HiD Ep4-4 HiD Ep4-5
Ugh, I hate how this person, this government man, is always interfering and I am glad that Min-joo and Tae-pyung stop him. This team is actually better than your own govern team, LOL.
HiD Ep4-6
It turns out that the person Team Leader Jang revealed to be the one they have been chasing after is known as ‘Ghost’. However, it seems that he doesn’t exist as they couldn’t find any information on him. And I feel like it is Phantom drama all over again. Chasing after someone without knowing any real identity and only know him as ‘Ghost’. Well, I guess it’s what Hidden Identity all about, hiding one’s identity from the detectives or victims and recreating new identity.
HiD Ep4-7 HiD Ep4-8
I knew that something bad would happen to Teacher Jung once he gets caught. Someone hidden shot Teacher Jung from distance using a snipe gun. And it’s just the beginning of everything, looking for the real murderer of Tae-in’s sister, Min Tae-hee. And she was Gun-woo’s girlfriend.
HiD Ep4-12
Now that they are only left with a clue from Teacher Jung which is ‘Mermaid’. And a case that may relate to Teacher Jung. And, yes, they related. Before he got arrested, Teacher Jung looked for a woman ‘Mermaid’ who is Ha Yoon-mi, a doctor of computer science and a hacker. (Ohyeah, Gun-woo has officially joined the unit!)
HiD Ep4-17 HiD Ep4-18
As it turns out, she got into an accident that causes her to be paralyzed from waist down. And she is being ‘held hostage’ to hack into National Intelligence Service’s system as instructed by someone. Perhaps, is that person ‘Ghost’?
HiD Ep4-14 HiD Ep4-16
Even though it is a drama, I am still amazed by how smart Min-joo and Tae-pyung are with their theories as they went to crime scene to look for clues and that they caught a big catch each. Smartasses. Oh, look at Tae-pyung disguise as a homeless person, poor Gun-woo has to go along with it to ‘join the wave’.
HiD Ep4-19 HiD Ep4-20
Oh, they are sure badasses as well they each throw punches, each other and kicking ass. Wow, those actions. I wish I could fight like that as well.
HiD Ep4-22 HiD Ep4-24
The bomb vest on Yoon-mi part is really making one’s heart race when Gun-woo is contemplating whether and what wires to cut to stop the timer because it could explode anytime, and look at Team Leader Jang and Gun-woo sweat. I know there is a possibility that it’s not gonna explode, but still. Team Leader Jung said he trusts his team members. I guess that this is what spur them on to fight and survive on their own.

Ugh, not sure whether to say it’s cliffhanger or not. It feels like because we are curious as to whether the bomb will be triggered and exploded. At the same time, it feels like it’s not a cliffhanger, because it’s dramaland and we know that it may not explode or that they will sure survive. Episode 4 is where it is starting to pick up its story plot. I think that Hidden Identity will most probably be about chasing after someone namely ‘Ghost’ like how it was in Phantom. I feel that Hidden Identity and Phantom are really similar in terms of genres and story plot. Hacking into someone’s system, manipulating the system, data and identity and there is villain whom we do not know yet and yet we know him/her/them as ‘Ghost’. Also, not to mention that there is someone from ‘bad’ team planted in ‘good’ team to help them.

However, even though they are similar, they are different too. Hidden Identity is more focused on being a police unit (Investigation 5 Unit) to battle violent crimes using undercover operations. Whereas Phantom is more focused on cyber crimes. Well, pardon me for bringing Phantom drama into this, but this is what I thought while watching this drama. I felt familiarities from it and I am not sure for other viewers who have watched Phantom and are currently watching this show too. (Side note: I loved Phantom and it’s one of my all-time favourite shows. :D)
HiD Ep4-25


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