I Remember You – Episode 3 Review

I really couldn’t wait for new episode of this drama and now that the day has finally arrived, I am glad that I didn’t get disappointed by it. It seems that Hyun has a rival now that an antagonist has finally appeared. He gets in the way of everyone’s investigation which makes us all frustrated.

IRY Ep3-1
Bam, I thought the culprit, Yang Seung-hoon (cameo by Tae In Ho) is finally caught. However, even though the culprit is caught, he got away scott-free, all thanks to his lawyer who is another cast part of this show. He is Jung Sun-ho (played by Park Bo Gum). Well, of course, one doesn’t get caught easily in dramaland.
IRY Ep3-14 IRY Ep3-15
After seeing his character, I immediately can tell that Jung Sun-ho is a villain in this show. Damn, I think I am starting to hate him and rooting for Hyun and Ji-an to pair up as partners-in-crime to bring him down. Okay, it’s too early to see that.
IRY Ep3-4 IRY Ep3-13
Ooohh, I love Hyun’s disguise as a new clumsy and geeky trainee. He’s so cute, isn’t he?! Look at how he act so differently from his usual self. It’s like he is a totally a different person. And, again, I am amazed by his smartness when interrogating Seung-hoon.
IRY Ep3-6
HAH, I totally love this group. Their reactions are everything, especially when Attorney Jung barges into the room and they are like just. Y’know, it’s like us when an episode ends with a cliffhanger, right! xD
IRY Ep3-7 IRY Ep3-8
And just look at Team Leader Kang’s reaction when they were all surprised at Hyun being behind them all along. And, oh, not to forget when Son Myung-woo (played by Min Sung Wook) screamed that scared the hell out of everyone when his phone rang, LOL. Their reactions are just everything, like I mentioned earlier, HAH.
IRY Ep3-20 IRY Ep3-19
HAH, when will Team Leader Kang ever understand that his team members do not want to listen to his long-winded speech? Poor him. Anyway, I like how this team is always bringing comedy to life in this drama. Looking forward to see more of their moments!
IRY Ep3-32
This forensic doctor, Lee Joon-ho (played by Choi Won Young), seems to play an important role, however, I can’t seem to point out what. The viewers are speculating that he might be the adult counterpart of Lee Joon-young, except that he changed his name which is similar. It’d be daebak if he is really the grown up psychopath.
IRY Ep3-16 IRY Ep3-10
I like the friendly relationship between Ji-an and Joon-ho. I have a speculation about him that the reason he gets close with Ji-an is because he knows about her knowing Joon-young and especially Hyun and that he might be using her to get the information. Well, that’s just my speculation.
IRY Ep3-11 IRY Ep3-2
Other than Hyun who is genius, there is another smart one who is that lawyer, Attorney Jung. As we all can tell, he may be the one who is helping the murder suspect, Seung-hoon, seeing how he went to hospital to retrieve the evidence from the victim who hid them in her clothes. Wow, didn’t expect that.
IRY Ep3-3
I have a speculation about him too. Not sure if it’s just me, but I think he might be Hyun’s younger brother, Min. One of the reasons is that he really does look like the young Min, LOL. Another is that, Hyun recongised the drawing his younger brother used to draw and Seung-hoon doesn’t seem to know about the painting. So, I was thinking that because Sun-ho (I will call him Sun-ho instead of Attorney Jung) is the one whom Seung-hoon called for help after attacking Yeon-mi, it most likely that Sun-ho was the one who cleaned up after Seung-hoon’s murder and hung up the painting. There must be a reason as to why he hung up the painting, though.
IRY Ep3-21 IRY Ep3-22
Despite Sun-ho’s smart moves, Hyun manages to get China to arrest Seung-hoon. Oh yeah~ Before that, it seems that Hyun was giving Seung-hoon a chance, over the phone when he is already on the plane, by asking him not to go.
IRY Ep3-24 IRY Ep3-25
Because it was revealed that Hyun seems to take Ji-an’s words to get rid of Seung-hoon and that he must be separated from society and from the world, even though, before she said all those, he used Ji-an’s email to request for help in catching Seung-hoon in China for dealing with drugs. Though Ji-an got in trouble for that to which Hyun said it’s her price to pay when he helps her.
IRY Ep3-23 IRY Ep3-26
HAH, no wonder, Ji-an keeps receiving texts, calls and emails all in Chinese. “Can you speak English?”
IRY Ep3-27 IRY Ep3-33
Another when Hyun’s intelligence never fails to amaze me that I should learn from him, hehehe. Ji-an got caught for even knowing his actual address when he purposely sent the wrong unit. Time to reveal how you have been stalking him, Ji-an!
IRY Ep3-31
This pairing is also what makes this drama really interesting and worth watching. I can really see their chemistry and I like it. I like how Hyun is always twisting Ji-an’s words, like how he is always using her own words against her. HAH, I so like genius Hyun. I hope they keep bickering for at least more than half the show. 😛

IRY Ep3-29 IRY Ep3-30
One thing to note is that Ji-an already knows that the death of Hyun’s father is because of him which he confessed and Ji-an listened secretly when they were younger. I wonder, if this is why she keeps following him even after his confession, to find out the truth? Maybe she does have information which Hyun erased from his childhood memory. There is really so much to Ji-an’s background and past. And why did young Hyun said the cause of his father’s death is him, when Joon-young was the one who killed him? And, there is also so much to Hyun’s lost memories as we are curious to what he had done to be called ‘monster’ by his own father. Another speculation of mine; maybe Min was actually the one who is psychopath but made his father believe that Hyun was the one, since he lied about the drawings about being his hyung’s when they were actually his.

There, I can’t stop saying how this drama is really damn interesting and I hope it keeps its suspense, though I want to know the answers, and my first impression of it up.
IRY Ep3-17


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