I Remember You – Episode 4 Review

I am so enjoying this drama. Even though it was accused of plagiarism (to which the production responded it did not plagiarise and I believe it), I really do want Korean to have faith in it. It definitely deserves more ratings than other drama(s) airing in the same timeslot. Ji-an is transferred to another police department. Another murder case arises and the detectives are suspecting Hyun.

IRY Ep4-3
Before going to Hyun’s house to confront him, Ji-an is having mind-heart fight with herself, hah. I like. So, I am not only the one who does that though I don’t do that very often. xD She is like, part of her feels awfully happy for having Seung-hoon arrested but, nah, it’s not right as a police officer.
IRY Ep4-4 IRY Ep4-5
When will Ji-an ever tell Hyun who is she actually?! She is like, “I told you, I am your fan,” when he asked what is her identity. But it’s better that way, it is making their relationship between these two even more interesting. I am curious as to whether Hyun find out first or Ji-an tell him first and how.
IRY Ep4-7 IRY Ep4-6
Even in younger days, like his adult self, young Hyun told young Ji-an to get out of his face when he found out that she had been following him. And he said that to her each time he saw her in the exact same place thrice. Wah. Even young Hyun was mean.
IRY Ep4-8
Now adult Hyun seems to forget about this past interaction. I mean, doesn’t he any feel familiar when he tells her to get out of his face in present time?? Or maybe mean Hyun tells that to every girl he meets, lol.
IRY Ep4-11 IRY Ep4-10
Team Leader Kang is revealed to be Police Commissioner’s son. When his father said he could dismantle his special team and he wants to protect all his team members (aw), he punched the table calling him ‘Father!’ Didn’t expect that. And, his hand must be painful, seeing how reacts after. Aiyo. Why is he so funny in every scene?
IRY Ep4-12 IRY Ep4-13
He even acts like he is supposed to get all the credit when he found the blackbox after the murder and the team members are like not caring about that. Aw, poor him. Again. His reactions and facial expressions are just priceless.
IRY Ep4-14 IRY Ep4-15
Uh-oh, Sun-ho knows that Ji-an was not the one who sent the request email but Hyun was. Is he gonna plan an evil plot for Hyun?
IRY Ep4-24 IRY Ep4-25
This old man (Sun-ho’s father? Chairman? I don’t know his identity yet) is telling a story of person B shooting person A ‘accidentally’ but it was planned murder and that there is a real case of similar story. It seems that he is talking about Sun-ho. Oooh, is he really Min? Is he really a psychopath?
IRY Ep4-16
HAH, this scene is just too funny. Doctor Joon-ho’s and Hyun’s first meeting is too funny, please.
IRY Ep4-17 IRY Ep4-18
Hyun’s facial expression when he got sprayed by Joon-ho’s hose unintentionally, please. He looks like he is half-annoyed and half-enjoying. Priceless.
IRY Ep4-19 IRY Ep4-20
IRY Ep4-21
You’re welcome. Between these two, I can’t help but to notice how they are kind of similar and how they synchronise with each other. They both did not know that they don’t have handkerchief in their pockets and took out other things instead. Another, they even put down the shirt and changed the clothes at the same time in a similar way.
IRY Ep4-22 IRY Ep4-23
The way Joon-ho look at Hyun looks like he is glad to have finally met him and has hidden agenda. I was thinking that, maybe he planned and purposely make them meet. The more I see Joon-ho, the more it is making me think that Joon-ho really might be Joon-young or someone related to Joon-young.
IRY Ep4-26 IRY Ep4-27
Ah, of course, who would forget this ahjussi cop, the one who called Hyun genius when he was younger? Unfortunate event happened when a mysterious guy came by and killed him. We get to see his face though, however, I don’t find him familiar.
IRY Ep4-28 IRY Ep4-29
Ohyes! We get to see Hyun in action too! So cool~ Hehehe. But, too bad, the murderer got away when the police arrived. And that is bad thing when Hyun even left the scene after they arrived because he would be a suspect. And, yes, the investigation team suspect Hyun.
IRY Ep4-30
To which Hyun hides at Ji-an’s home. Damn, how did he get in?! He replied that he pushed the password randomly and got it opened. Wow. Ji-an having her own mind battle, hah. Yes, you did the right thing by keeping your enemy close to you. 😛 However, I don’t get why would he hide when he himself knows that he is not the one who killed the officer?
IRY Ep4-31 IRY Ep4-32
Well, it turns out that he wants to ‘use’ Ji-an to go back to the crime scene to look for the clues as to why the officer called him over, about Joon-young, instead of wasting time by being interrogating by the police.
IRY Ep4-33
I am amazed at how Hyun is able to hear so well from far distance to which Ji-an cannot even hear. It’s also the same when Hyun knew that and where the murderer was hiding and he pretended not to know. Amazing, this guy. (inserts hearts here)
IRY Ep4-41 IRY Ep4-42
Hahaha, it’s hilarious when Hyun and Ji-an overheard, while hiding in the closet, Myung-woo and Team Leader Kang talking about her and Myung-woo is like, “Is she a woman?” LOL, he is so gonna get into trouble. It’s even more hilarious when Team Leader Kang said he doesn’t even watch what the guys usually watch and that he prefers same back and front when Myung-woo said he prefers big difference from the back and front. Team Leader Kang does really seem innocent. xD
IRY Ep4-40 IRY Ep4-43
Uh-oh, the closeness made Ji-an hiccup and Myung-woo and Team Leader Kang heard it.
IRY Ep4-37 IRY Ep4-38
More hiccups. Myung-woo and Team Leader Kang begin to approach the closet, and… damnnnn, they are gonna leave us hanging like that?!
IRY Ep4-36
Guys, would you look at how childish Team Leader Kang defend himself when Myung-woo takes out his gun, LOL. Doesn’t he have gun too? This actor, Lee Chun Hee, is really good at his facial expressions. I like how he can be funny without even trying and how he delivers his role well. His role is definitely for him and I have never seen him in any shows, except in the variety show Running Man.

Okay, ugh, cliffhanger. The preview for next episode seems more interesting. And, besides the word ‘interesting’, I don’t any other words to describe this show. All I can say that this is really interesting, engaging and attention-catching.

I have a theory about Joon-ho, though. How can he not know how to use the hose when he has been living there since I-don’t-know-when. Remember in earlier episodes, someone was watching him? Maybe Joon-ho was the one? Well, I don’t know. I wonder if he knows that Hyun is that jerk whom Ji-an has been talking about. OH WELL, almost everyone is suspicious, especially about their identities.
IRY Ep4-9


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  1. I’m also enjoying this drama. I do think the doctor is Joon Young as they are a bit similar also I’m pretty sure Min is the lawyer, there’s just something about him but then again I might be wrong.

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