High Society – Episodes 7 & 8 Review

Budding romance last week and it seems that this week is all about friendships and trusts. One friendship is still strongly intact, thanks to girls’ power, and another is on the verge of falling apart, thanks to the class differences which one of them is conscious of.

Episode 7
HSo Ep7-1
Joon-ki admitted that he is dating Yoon-ha when Chang-soo asked him even though he already knows. Hah, I like how Yoon-ha is all, “It isn’t tricking. I didn’t know you guys are dating. I found out today,” when Chang-soo said that they tricked Yi-ji.
HSo Ep7-3 HSo Ep7-2
It’s like.. I don’t know how to put in. Like the truths have finally come to light, with Chang-soo finding out that Yoon-ha and Joon-ki are dating, Yoon-ha finding out that Chang-soo and Ji-yi and Ji-yi finding out about Yoon-ha’s family background. Only Joon-ki knows everything about the truth.
HSo Ep7-4 HSo Ep7-5
Chang-soo is starting to doubt Joon-ki’s intention for dating Yoon-ha when he heard from the girl who Joon-ki used to date and dump her because of her family background. Can foresee Chang-soo’s anger towards Joon-ki and his hidden agenda. Sigh, their friendship… Was hoping for more bromance between these two.
HSo Ep7-6
At least we have these two girls! Their friendship is wayyyyyyyy so much better and I gotta give each of the girls credit for maintaining their friendship even after all the truths are out. This is the best! I love when the girls ganged up on Chang-soo, when he asked, “Are you guys dating?” and said that they are supposed to fight and Ji-yi supposed to hate Yoon-ha. Pfffttt. Say yourself.
HSo Ep7-7 HSo Ep7-10
Yoon-ha: “What’s up with being able to date but not marrying her? Isn’t that so childish?”
Ji-yi: “I know! We are in our 20s. I think his thoughts are outdated.”
Yoon-ha: “Shouldn’t something have changed if you’re in your 20s? When your chaebol status doesn’t even fit in the top 10…”
Chang-soo: “Hey!”
Ji-yi: “Isn’t your family’s company bigger than his?”
Yoon-ha: “It probably is.”
HSo Ep7-11
*High-five* Best gang-up ever! Look at Chang-soo’s reaction to it and it’s da best, how he looks like he throws in the towel because of the girls. Girls’ power for the win!
HSo Ep7-12 HSo Ep7-13
I can see the expectation vs. reality here xD
Expectation: Joon-ki saying, “It’s okay. I’ll take you home,” and offers his hand when Yoon-ha said she drank a lot.
Reality: Chang-soo saying “Go inside and sleep. Don’t cry and whine later on,” when Ji-yi also said she drank a lot.
HAHAHA, no wonder, he is called Director Jerk by Ji-yi.
HSo Ep7-14 HSo Ep7-19
More reasons why I love the girls’ friendship. Yoon-ha even brought her best friend to her to really enormous house to let her dressed up which Yoon-ha have been wanting to buy and give to her. And they went together in luminous car to the party where the guys are waiting for them. (Damn, I want to ride that kind of car one day.)
HSo Ep7-17 HSo Ep7-18
That amusing moment when Ji-yi ‘fangirls’ over Yoon-ha’s second older sister, So-hyun. It’s like Yoon-ha brought her to the backstage to meet the celebrities exclusively. I know, Ji-yi. I get how you feel, girl. xD
HSo Ep7-21 HSo Ep7-22
Speaking of Yoon-ha’s sister, I can’t help but to be amused by when Ye-won helps take photos of So-hyun just because So-hyun wants to post on social media to prove that she is prettier than Yoon-ha.
HSo Ep7-26 HSo Ep7-27
Oh yeah, I am actually glad that Yoon-ha decided not to leave home for now and she will be working at her father’s company. I was worried that if she really leave, she would be hurt by Joon-ki as, if Joon-ki doesn’t really love her but her wealthy background, he is most likely to dump her as we can see that he did that with his previous girl back in episode 1.
HSo Ep7-25
Now back to party and the double dates! Oh, they end the episode there, though.

I totally love the scenes where the four of them are together. From these two couples (Yoon-ha x Joon-ki and Ji-yi x Chang-soo), we can the big difference between them. Yoon-ha x Joon-ki is more like quiet type as they both don’t really ‘play with words’ with each other and are sweet to each other. As for Ji-yi x Chang-soo, sometimes Chang-soo can be a jerk and yet Ji-yi knows him and doesn’t really get hurt by his words. Sometimes, she would just pout that gets Chang-soo to be sweet to her, hehehe. They are just so cute together, okay. Ji-yi x Chang-soo – Relationship goal!

Episode 8
HSo Ep8-1
The couples go to club and for a spin to Chang-soo’s villa where they stay for two days and a night. Ah, this looks nice, to be enjoying life near the beach. Damn drama.
HSo Ep8-3 HSo Ep8-4
Enjoying barbeque and food~ Cheers!
HSo Ep8-5 HSo Ep8-6
Okay, time to settle the guys’ problem. Chang-soo confirmed his assumption about Joon-ki reporting Yoon-ha’s family background. I don’t know whose side to be on. Chang-soo asked whether Joon-ki already knew about Yoon-ha when Joon-ki first asked him about her, but Joon-ki tosses back at him saying that, let’s say, Chang-soo didn’t answer was because he thought he was bothering him. However, he asked why when he asked the second time that makes him loss at words.
HSo Ep8-7
Joon-ki provokes Chang-soo even further when he said that Chang-soo unconsciously draw a line between the two and he is starting to feel conscious of that. So, he feels hurt by Chang-soo? Because of the way he treated him due to different ‘class level’ and Chang-soo didn’t realise that? Chang-soo is baffled by how Joon-ki purposely came onto Yoon-ha, though. They punch and fight with each other over Joon-ki being the way Chang-soo does not expect. It may seems like they are fighting over Yoon-ha, but nope.
HSo Ep8-9 HSo Ep8-8
I love how Yoon-ha and Ji-yi ‘argue’ over their boyfriends such as who fought first. They act as if they are going to have settle the problem between them and Yoon-ha was like, “Should I go to your house, or you come over?”
HSo Ep8-10
Of course they don’t take it seriously and work out together at Yoon-ha’s home gym, aw yay. They are discussing over why the guys fought and they heard from their boyfriends that they usually throw punches and show affection like that. Pfffttt.
HSo Ep8-15 HSo Ep8-12
Ooohh, them when back in high school. I think, in Joon-ki’s flashback, he purposely approached and be nice to Chang-soo after hearing about his family background. He even told that guy, who is now reporter Yoon Hae-joon, to back away from Chang-soo when he tried to block his path (in Chang-soo’s flashback).
HSo Ep8-16 HSo Ep8-17
I love how Chang-soo is so sweet to Ji-yi, not just letting her go after dropping her off and confesses that she is first girl he ever dated to apologise to (in previous episode). And I love how Ji-yi, being awesome as always, takes it optimistically. They are really a match made in heaven. And, of course, kudos to Ji Yeon’s and Hyung Sik’s amazing chemistry onscreen.
HSo Ep8-13 HSo Ep8-14
Ye-won is working on getting closer to her mother and winning her heart over, since her brother is gone. I am curious as to what she is going to plot. She seems to be very strongly against her own younger sister to be part of the company which she wants to take over from her father.
HSo Ep8-18 HSo Ep8-19
Madam Min drinks again and goes to Chairman Jang’s room to announce that she will be divorcing him. Uh-oh, I hope she doesn’t regret it when she gets sober the next day. Her son’s death has done a lot of damage to her emotionally as he was the one she loved the most among her children. I wish that one day, she would realise that Yoon-ha is actually not a ‘bad’ or jinx daughter and would pass her love for her son to her, who deserves love.
HSo Ep8-20 HSo Ep8-21
As always in dramaland, the rich family is always asking to find out more about the other person their daughter/sister/son is dating who are from poor family background. Like father, like daughter, both ask their secretary to find out about the guy Yoon-ha is dating.
HSo Ep8-22 HSo Ep8-23
As expected, Chang-soo’s mother also wants to find out about the girl her son is dating after his hyung rattles on him about him dating a part-timer and he said he is embarrassed. Ohgawd, hyung, you’re such two-faced?? But you do look funny as always. xD
HSo Ep8-24 HSo Ep8-25
The friendship between Joon-ki and Chang-soo seems to be difficult to resolve as they are now beginning to draw a line between them. I am not sure if it’s just me or that Chang-soo looks hurt when Joon-ki is finally showing his true self.

I guess I can say that both parties are at fault, but, I am not being biased but, I feel that Joon-ki is more at fault. He has been feeling insecure around Chang-soo since episode 1 and been holding it inside. It’s when he finally shows his true self that caused their friendship to be restrained. Plus, Chang-soo finding out about his friend’s true intentions through other sources is what hurts him and causes him to be furious at him. When Joon-ki questions if Chang-so ever treats him as friend, I was thinking, “Say for yourself.” Because I wonder if Joon-ki ever treats him as friend since he comes from poor family and him from wealthy family and wanted to use him to climb to the top. Yes, Chang-soo may unconsciously drew the line between them that kind of hurt Joon-ki at first which caused to be this way, however, he could have sat down and talk about it if he wanted them to continue being good friends.

I hope the girls will help resolve the guys’ friendship, even though they are not involve. However, for Yoon-ha, I hope that she realise that Joon-ki may not be what she thinks to be. I wish she left the home so that she could find out about Joon-ki’s hidden agenda earlier. But, I guess we will see how story goes as we still have man episodes left. By the way, don’t mind me putting another screen capture of Chang-soo and Ji-yi, okay. Too cute, these two. Cutesy everywhere. And, as I have said earlier, Ji-yi x Chang-soo – Relationship goal!
HSo Ep8-2


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