Warm And Cozy – Overall Review

Year: 2015
Korean Channel: MBC
Episodes: 16
Korean title: 맨도롱 또똣

Long story short
Lee Jung-joo (played by Kang Sora) struggles with her work in Seoul and has been dreaming to live in Jeju island where she has been saving up to buy a house. However, her dreams are dashed by her cousin and friend who are in it together. She lost her job, boyfriend and the money.

Baek Gun-woo (played by Yoo Yeon Seok) is a chef and owner of the restaurant ‘Warm And Cozy’. He comes from a wealthy family but only does what he feels like doing. He opened up the restaurant for his long-time crush.

Jung-joo had went to Jeju to look for her mother and met Gun-woo 10 years before. Wanting to start a new life in Jeju, she meets Gun-woo again. She begins to live together with Gun-woo due to circumstances. Despite the clash over their personalities and priorities, along the way, they gradually fall in love with each other.

W&C Ep16-3
Kang Sora acting out Lee Jung-joo is really natural and admirable. She delivered her character so well that I am amazed. I can see great and strong sense of emotion in her character. And I like her more now than when I watched her in Doctor Stranger. I even want to watch Misaeng next time because of her, to see her great acting and how she is very well into the emotional part of her character.
W&C Ep14-1 W&C Ep15-1
Jung-joo character was brought very well by Sora. She was able to express Jung-joo’s courageous and determination. And how was able to show how the character feel on her face.
W&C Ep16-4
Baek Gun-woo may be bastard at first but that’s because he only has eyes for another girl, Mok Ji-won, and is confused about his true feelings towards Jung-joo. That makes me like Yoon Yeon Seok now, hehe. I never thought he is a great actor as my first impression of him wasn’t great. However, as I watch more, I like how he makes his character the way Gun-woo is. I like how he is always pouting and showing sense of jealousy. Even as adult, Yeon Seok brought out the childishness in Gun-woo. Also, on his character to becoming a different person than before where he becomes more sensible and we can see a lot of difference between then and now Gun-woo, if we were to compare.
W&C Ep16-5
Yeon Seok and Sora have great chemistry onscreen. I mean, I can totally see their chemistry, but not when Yeon Seok and Yi An, who played the damned girl Mok Ji-won, are together in a scene. I feel that it’s not often that the main couple have great chemistry onscreen.
W&C Ep15-2
Speaking of Ji-won (played by Seo Yi An), oh gawd, don’t even get me started. I totally hate her character, ugh. She only thinks of marrying a chaebol and keeps using Gun-woo and treats him as an old friend all the while she knows that Gun-woo likes her. She takes his crush on her for granted, but I am so glad Gun-woo finally realised his true feelings and got over her. In the last two episodes, it is so satisfying to see her like that, hahah. But then, hating her is what makes the actress, Yi An, another great actress besides Kang Sora. She was even able to act out Ji-won differently in the last two episodes after being so evil the whole series.
W&C Ep11-1
Ah, not to forget the second male lead, Mayor Wook (played by Kim Sung Oh) who got everyone’s heart. Poor him who gets friendzoned by Jung-joo. But, it’s okay, you got a woman chasing after you now! 😛 We can never forget Mayor Wook’s signature move, hahah. The actor doing that seems natural for him and I think he may going to do that often and unconsciously after this drama ended. And it seems that the viewers will be having Second Lead Syndrome because of this Mayor, who didn’t get the girl.
W&C Ep14-2 W&C Ep14-3
Ah, this couple is just too cute. I am very satisfied that Hong sisters add another couple besides main couple, because y’know. So that we would not get so frustrated with the main leads and the drama the whole time. I mean, isn’t it like rare to have older couple in dramaland?! This side couple, Jung-geun (played Lee Sung Jae) and Hae-sil (played by Kim Hee jung), I love how they don’t go round and round in circles when it comes to courtship and dating, unlike the main couple. They date after they are sure of their feelings. Despite the obstacles they faced, they still get married after they are sure of their future together.
W&C Ep15-4
And, yeah, kudos to the actor Lee Sung Jae for his acting skill in portraying Jung-geun in a fun way and for adding comedic atmosphere to this drama. Hah. His face is totally for the comedic. Too serious, also still kind of amusing to see, but not toooo serious. Like Yeon Seok, Sung Jae also brought out the childishness in Jung-geun as their characters are (half) brothers. Perfect match!
W&C Ep16-7
Oh, not to forget the sister, Cha Hee-ra (played by Ok Ji Young), who is so nosy. But I love how she sighed when she has two brothers dealing with love life in Jeju Island, hah. But, well, she got dumped. Oh wait, there is Mayor Wook, yup this woman is the one. xD I hate that they only start to have a thing in the last two episodes! I would love to see how their relationship develop with Hee-ra courting Mayor Wook first and he is like he is not interested. They would look good together! It’s pity that we will never get to see their progress.
W&C Ep16-6

Actually, I am so glad that it is finally over. Warm And Cozy is a typical romance-comedy drama and very light. It is like a fantasy-dream type. The similarity between this drama and real life is when we like a person and that person doesn’t like us back. However, the difference is that, in DRAMAland, they end up together and live happily ever after, whereas we. Er, either we just do the one-sided thing, get together or move on. This drama is more like a love life dream type, for those who’d like to see romance and doesn’t mind the frustration about the leads going in circles till the very last and they finally come to sense about their true feelings.
Though it was like riding through the clouds while watching Warm And Cozy as the leads keep going round and round before finally landing on the same spot in episode 15, the last episode (16) was quite refreshing. In the last episode, it is more like exploration of sexuality and the couple expressing their desire for intimacy. I guess it is what part of Warm And Cozy all about, as they talk about having ‘warm and cozy’ night in the end. It’s more about embracing the love and thus intimacy. Gun-woo and Jung-joo were hot as in ‘burning hot with desire’ because they were not together yet. After becoming couple officially, it is decided they are no longer ‘hot’, but warm instead. I have heard somewhere, that if a person is cold or hot, and you’re cold or hot respectively and if you two get closer to each other with skin touching, you would feel the warmness because of the same body temperature. And the cozy is da snuggling and cuddling part, lol.
Oh wait, what am I talking about, hah. Well, this is what comes to my mind while watching the last episode.
W&C Ep16-8

But then, ‘Warm And Cozy’ is, of course, referring to the restaurant too. The food is warm to eat and enjoyable with the comfortness in eating. Yup, me. Who doesn’t?! And, oh, the SOUND EFFECTS ARE REALLY JJANG! They add entertainment to the show. Kudos to the sound team! Ah yes, I like how Hong sisters write, especially the conversing part. Metaphors everywhere. Analogies everywhere. They are often interpreted in two or more ways and I like more how Hong sisters let us read between the lines and understand the meaning behind the words easily. Not to forget the video effect of Jeju island! A place that is a must to go and is now on my bucket list. Anyway, overall, well, at least the ending is all what we wanted and of course what expected.

Have a warm and cozy day/night!
W&C Ep16-9


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