Oh My Ghostess – Episode 1 Review

Finally the day is here, the premiere of Oh My Ghostess! I have been looking forward to this drama because of its genre and storyline. Supernatural genre is always a thing for me. Though first episode is not when the plot is picking up yet, it still shows the interestingness and humour. It makes me excited to see how and what the lusty ghost character is going to do while being in the lead’s body and sparks romance with the host’s crush.

OMGhost ep1-1
The opening starts with our heroine looking sleepy and still on sense while walking past an ambulance. Poor her. It seems that there is another man who passed out and the doctors wonder if there is something happening such as outbreak of virus or whether it is… a ghost’s doing?
OMGhost ep1-3 OMGhost ep1-4
It is revealed to us that the doctors are right. Our ghost, Shin Soon-ae (played by Kim Seul Gi), is a virgin ghost and has been possessing women to satisfy her lust. Aw, man. As a ghost, she can just literally pass through people. However, as for our sleepy heroine, Na Bong-sun (played by Park Bo Young), can see ghosts and surprised Soon-ae by stepping aside so as not to hit her.
OMGhost ep1-6
At work, sleepy Bong-sun almost burned Sun Restaurant by dozing off and not watching the sauce being cook. I feel that we did not see much of her tiny face in this episode as she is always hanging her head low.
OMGhost ep1-7 OMGhost ep1-8
Sous chef Min-soo (played by Kang Ki Young) acts like he owns the place and keep ordering the assistants around, pfftt. Good thing the actual boss, Kang sun-woo (played by Jo Jung Seok), arrives at the restaurant and reprimands Sous chef for acting like a boss. Hah, he totally deserves it. By the way, we get to see how Sun-woo thinks of himself. He thinks highly of himself though he calls it his weakness.
OMGhost ep1-9 OMGhost ep1-10
However, Bong-sun is also reprimanded by Sun-woo for her mistake. He is also frustrated at her being too nice and sorry all the time. Turns out that he was like that before in high school and I guess he sees his old self in Bong-sun and hates being that way since then. But he knows that he can’t change her.
OMGhost ep1-11 OMGhost ep1-12
We see another female lead who is a PD, Lee So-hyung (played by Park Jung Ah) who seems to be on friendly terms with Sun-woo.
OMGhost ep1-21 OMGhost ep1-22
Sun-woo has a sister, Eun-hee (played by Shin Hae Sun), who is wheel-chair bound and her husband is Choi Sung-jae (played by Im Joo Hwan) who is Sun-woo’s brother-in-law. I wonder what roles and how these characters, especially Sung-jae’s, play part in this drama.
OMGhost ep1-25 OMGhost ep1-26
This is amusing, hah. An ahjumma who can see ghosts too, chases after Soon-ae down the streets. Gawd, how can they have so much energy to run? The ahjumma doesn’t care that she seems like a crazy person to others as she just only wants to catch Soon-ae for her possessing women to seduce men. I like how active they are, especially Soon-ae. She is one very different woman from others.
OMGhost ep1-13
It’s interesting how Bong-sun’s food blog is liked and even commented on by Sun-woo who doesn’t know that the blog belongs to Bong-sun. (He even googled himself, LOL) It is because Bong-sun aspires to be a chef like Sun-woo.
OMGhost ep1-15 OMGhost ep1-14
However, at the end of the day, she thinks a lot and decides to resign. She thinks back to when she first came to Sun Restaurant. It must be because of Sun-woo’s words and her life situation where she can see ghosts.
OMGhost ep1-16 OMGhost ep1-17
When this episode is nearing the end, it’s getting more excited as Soon-ae manages to escape and Bong-sun is happen to be there when Soon-ae is looking for someone to possess. Bong-sun appears differently and brightly in Soon-ae’s eyes and we are not sure why. Bong-sun also gets headache whenever Soon-ae wails. It seems that they are somehow linked/connected to each other?
OMGhost ep1-2
Yup, she possesses her, and we get to see different expression on Bong-sun!
OMGhost ep1-18 OMGhost ep1-19
What’s even more amusing is that her co-worker found her and orders her to get on his motorbike. Okay, not that amusing. Here is the fun part, hah, that she is taken to Sun Restaurant where Soon-ae has no idea what is going on when Sun-woo held out his hand for the key.
OMGhost ep1-20
Andddd, when Sun-woo begins to search for the key on Bong-sun’s body, Soon-ae threw him to the ground by twisting his arms, hah! Isn’t that a technique from Aikido? xD Hahaha, it seems similar to what I learned in Aikido.

I expected the first episode to already showing possessed Bong-sun. However, I am glad that we get to see it at the end and that the drama doesn’t take long to show it. I can’t wait to see how Park Bo Young will act out Seul Gi’s Soon-ae as a woman who is a boy-crazy. I can’t wait to see how Sun-woo and the guys will react to different Bong-sun. I have to lower my expectations for this show, though. This drama is really engaging, all thanks to hyper-active Soon-ae as we get to see the preview of how is she like, so that we can expect how Bo-young is going to act out Soon-ae in Bong-sun’s body, as we can see that Bong-sun’s and Soon-ae’s personalities are totally different.
OMGhost ep1-23
I am curious as to how Soon-ae is going to find out more about Bong-sun’s life and her crush on Chef Sun-woo. This is may be too fast to think of, but I wonder if Sun-woo will ever find out about Bong-sun’s ghost-seeing ability and that she is being possessed. I also wonder if Soon-ae leaves Bong-sun’s body, how is she going to deal with what Soon-ae has done while hosting her body.
OMGhost ep1-24


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