The Time I Loved You – Episodes 1 & 2 Review

Oh, so sweet and light. New rom-com remake drama from a Taiwanese drama which I did not watch. It’s all about longtime friends who have been living next door to each other and I love those houses they live in! Among the two good friends, they bet who is going to get married first.

Episode 1
Ttily ep1-1
We are introduced to young-looking woman who just turned 34 years old, Oh Hana (played by Han Ji Won). She is mostly worried about her old age and her appearance. Oh, no worries, you’re forever looking young in our eyes!
Ttily ep1-9 Ttily ep1-10
Already in first episode, Hana faces problems at work where she works as shoes designer and in marketing team. It’s worth noticing that she often switch sneakers and heels back and forth, even though she works in shoe company. Yup, I understand, I wouldn’t want to wear heels all the time.
Ttily ep1-5
Hana’s longtime best friend, who is working at airport, is Choi Won (Lee Jin Wook). Oh, it’s been long time, Jin Wook. I loved him in Nine: Nine Times Travel.
Ttily ep1-6 Ttily ep1-7
The flashbacks prove how long they have been friends and are well-known for being close in high school. When seeing the flashbacks, I thought that they should have used younger actors and actresses. But I guess it’d be nice to see them acting as 18 years old. It’s just that they changed their hairstyles to look younger, lol.
Ttily ep1-8
Their 17-years long friendship makes me want to have a guy best friend. Ahh, their friendship is da friendship goal. Living next door to each other and knowing each other so well. Can even ask each other to eat and drink together whenever. GOAL.
Ttily ep1-2 Ttily ep1-3
As expected in the premiere, Hana’s boyfriend, Joo Ho-joon (played by Choi Jung Won), has been cheating on her with another woman who is already 3-months pregnant. Uh-oh, such a bad timing and not a good thing for her birthday. Well, this is expected, ya’know, dramaland.
Ttily ep1-11 Ttily ep1-12
It turns out that Ho-joon’s another girlfriend is the girl who is Hana’s co-worker and younger than her. What’s worse that they are getting married and the whole company knows about it.
Ttily ep1-23
We are also introduced to Won’s co-worker at the airport, Lee So-eun (played by Chu Soo Hyun). Well my impression of her doesn’t seem good. Looks like she is going to have crush on Won. I did not know that this character is second female lead till I read about the drama. Hmm, looking forward to see what she is going to do about Won.
Ttily ep1-13 Ttily ep1-14
On the wedding day, being best friend, Won skips his work to pretend to be Hana’s boyfriend. If I were her, I would not be there because of all the embarrassment. But, it’s Hana. She grits her teeth to see the bride and still stand strong on her front.
Ttily ep1-15 Ttily ep1-16
However, Won overheard Ho-joon talking bad about Hana and throw punches at him. Well, hey, he deserves it! At least Hana didn’t feel bad about it at the end even though she was being angry with Won for doing that in front of all the people and embarrassing her.
Ttily ep1-18 Ttily ep1-19
Off they go eat chicken feet and drink. Ah, like in High Society, they hang out at the rooftop. Damn, I want to hang out at rooftop too. With my best friend(s). 😛 Why dramas always have rooftop. T_T It’s like a thing now.
Ttily ep1-20 Ttily ep1-21
Okay, now, another flashback! To when they were 17 years old. It seems that Won had something going on being with Hana as he first told her then that he would never love her not date her. It’s the same words to which Won had said again when they were 18 years old.
Ttily ep1-22
I know that this is only first episode, but this tells us so much about Won’s true feelings and yet still deny it himself. But I am amazed at how they are able to maintain friendship throughout 17 years and still bicker like old times.

For the start, this drama is nice to watch, at least it’s not so boring. I think it’s mostly because of Han Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook. I hope it maintains its engaging feel.

Episode 2
Ttily ep2-1
Hah, Hana has a nightmare while sleeping on subway about the whole company going against her for crashing the bride’s wedding and that the bride is the president’s niece. While dreaming, she grabbed someone else bag. Gawd, must be so embarrassing.
Ttily ep2-2 Ttily ep2-3
New co-worker comes to work on Hana’s team whom she has met twice; helping her to carry shoe boxes and passing her the document when she forgot to take them earlier in the day. He is Ki Sung-jae (played by Infinite’s L, Kim Myung Soo).
Ttily ep2-4
Hmmm, noona crush?? Too bad, he thought she was his age. He must be disappointed, aw. It’s okay, you can still have noona crush on her. So pretty face, hahah. And, like Won said, Hana must have felt shaken by him who is way younger than her.
Ttily ep2-5 Ttily ep2-6
Well, So-eun…what, call Won ‘oppa’? Please, you’re still sunbae and hoobae. Colleagues, that’s it. But then, who knows. Maybe Won will get shaken by her. Since the his friends all gossip how she is very nice and considerable and said that she is Won’s type. Hmm…
Ttily ep2-7
Oh, hey, isn’t that our life, lying on the bed and watching dramas on laptop/phone on weekend? 😛 Her family all is like shaking their heads at Hana as she is single now. Talking about it, they thought of Won and asked Hana’s brother, Oh Dae-bok (played by Lee Joo Seung).
Ttily ep2-8 Ttily ep2-9
Isn’t this Pinocchio reunion (though I don’t think they have same scene in that drama)? xD Already loving this family. Hana’s father asked Dae-bok to bring Won over and he didn’t want to. So, he asked him to pay for the watermelon and off he goes to bring Won over, hah.
Ttily ep2-10
Perk of becoming best friend with someone next door: you can ask him/her anytime over and enjoy food and watching together on weekend. And just talk about anything.
Ttily ep2-13
I like how they go grocery shopping, Hana choosing item to buy and just throw it behind so that Won will catch it to put it into trolley. Perfect!
Ttily ep2-14 Ttily ep2-15
It’s funny to see Won’s cousin, Choi Mi-hyang (played by Jin Kyung) being different at home and at work, hah. What’s more, she is such a big fan of MBLAQ’s Mir. To the extent of making food for him, woah.
Ttily ep2-16 Ttily ep2-17
Gah, why do you have to be so cute, L?! I mean, Sung-jae. It’s sad how he will only be cameo for this drama and he will be only appearing for three episodes. T_T I wish he was da second male lead, but I am glad he is not. Too young. Hahah 😛 So, Sung-jae calls Hana ‘noona’ since they are off work but she doesn’t scold him or anything. Hmm, shaken uh?
Ttily ep2-18 Ttily ep2-19
Again, I totally love how Won is like ‘Call?’ and Hana replied ‘Call’ and they off go to eat and drink again at their favourite spot at rooftop to talk under the sky.
Ttily ep2-21 Ttily ep2-20
It’s raining. Won’s schedule is cancelled and texts Hana whether she wants to eat chicken feet since it’s raining. However, Hana doesn’t check her phone, even after work ends. She doesn’t have umbrella and Sung-jae sheltered her with his umbrella. Won is on the way to pick Hana, however, ugh, So-eun comes running to stand under Won’s umbrella together with him.
Ttily ep2-22 Ttily ep2-23
Ttily ep2-24 Ttily ep2-25
The flashback at the end is interesting. It shows us all from Won’s perspective. It shows how Won always let Hana win, protecting her from falling off his back and he actually noticed and remembered her hair band’s pattern, but still pretend not to know when choosing between her and another girl hair bands.

To be honest, I did not want to watch this drama in the first place because of the posters and teasers. I don’t really like too much romance, however, I ended up watching it to see how, because of Ha Ji Won (seen her in Secret Garden) and Lee Jin Wook (Nine: Nine Times Travel). And I don’t regret watching it. 😛 Even though it has only been two episodes, I am already liking this show. I like how they show us both Hana’s and Won’s different perspectives and they show us Won’s secret feelings, if not to Hana. He has been helping her secretly without Hana knowing at all. But we all still don’t know why he forced himself to say that he will never love her. Why was he so harsh, though we can tell that he definitely had/has feelings for Hana? Maybe it’s because he treasures their friendship more and he wants to be a good guy?

Actutally, the first episode reminds me of Warm And Cozy as they are both light in terms of the plots and also because of the female lead’s boyfriend who cheats on her. Also, Won’s character also reminds me of Gun-woo, they both keep lying to themselves that they will never love/don’t have feelings for the female leads. However, I hope The Time I Loved You would not go round and round in circles like in Warm And Cozy. Well, I am looking forward to how the story will develop with how the main characters’ feelings for each other will gradually develop.
Ttily ep2-26


4 thoughts on “The Time I Loved You – Episodes 1 & 2 Review

  1. I didn’t really plan to watch this either. Actually at first i wanted to, but I wasn’t into LJW’s acting until this show. So when he was announced as the lead, I stopped caring. But then, the posters made me curious LOL. I had no expectations but now I am so in love with it!

    How do you like it so far?


    • I liked the first few episodes. However, when the writer changed from ep 5 or 6 onwards, there’s really nothing much to tug our heart. It’s nice, but i watched ep 7 with like no feeling, but i guess i will still continue watching to see if the writer will put ‘feel’ feeling into next few episodes.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Strange, I didn’t notice a change in the drama’s style. Hope you will still enjoy it but hey tastes are what they are, and if you don’t there are still many more to watch. 😀


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