Oh My Ghostess – Episode 2 Review

I love how the story is progressing, it’s unexpected and it takes right amount of time and episodes to dive into the story. I never thought of that before watching this drama. It’s just keep getting better with how the characters are actually connected to one another in many ways and it’s smooth.

OMGhost ep2-2
Now that Soon-ae is stuck in Bong-sun’s body due to perfectly matched frequency as the shaman ahjumma said, we get to ride the fun ride of seeing the reactions around her, hehe. And her craziness over the guys and their body parts. (And the cuteness of Park Bo Young!)
OMGhost ep2-3 OMGhost ep2-4
Well, maybe it’s not so bad for Soon-ae and she is surrounded by guys at Sun Restaurant, especially that chef is hot. Yup, I mean Sun-woo. 😛 And Soon-ae being herself, hilariously looking at their crotch, teehee.
OMGhost ep2-6 OMGhost ep2-7
It’s so hilarious when the four assistants discuss as to why ‘Bong-sun’ is suddenly behaving differently and think that she might be stress or something. That she might have gone crazy and kill anyone. And then, Soon-ae happens to try out one of their knives, waving the knife at them and the guys get scared the hell out themselves, LOL.
OMGhost ep2-5
Soon-ae saying that she feels strangely familiar in the kitchen tells us something about her past which she doesn’t have memories of after dying.
OMGhost ep2-9 OMGhost ep2-8
From the incident in the last episode, Sun-woo got accused of assaulting the influential food blogger who claimed that he injured her and her injuries will have to take three weeks to recover. What??? She must be mad, lol. But we can tell that this isn’t gonna be good for Sun Restaurant and Sun-woo’s reputation.
OMGhost ep2-10 OMGhost ep2-11
Hahah, I like the relationship between Sun-wo and his mother. They keep bickering as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend which they do look like. It shows his mother’s love for him, though.
OMGhost ep2-12 OMGhost ep2-13
And there is a cute dog following him, aw. It’s a Corgi dog. I was thinking that it might be possessed by a ghost and follows Sun-woo, like how his mother has said that there will be ghosts around him. Well, it’s true as we know that Soon-ae is possessing Bong-sun’s body and hanging around him.
OMGhost ep2-15 OMGhost ep2-16
Speaking of his mother and her superstition, it’s interesting that Mom meets the shaman ahjumma which will bring her to Sun-woo at his restaurant where Soon-ae is ‘working’ at.
OMGhost ep2-18 OMGhost ep2-17
It’s also worth noticing that Soon-ae suddenly thought of ‘Burnt Rice Pollack Soup’ when Sun-woo faces the problem at cooking competition TV programme. Whew, I knew that she will save the day!
OMGhost ep2-19
Soon-ae’s thinking of that dish brought us to the ahjussi whose restaurant is often frequent by Sung-jae. The customer wants that dish too which he doesn’t make anymore and asks about his daughter and he said that she went somewhere. So, this ahjussi is Soon-ae’s father? Interestingggg.
OMGhost ep2-20 OMGhost ep2-21
Soon-ae comes across a drunk man who turns out to be her brother but she doesn’t know that. Having a good heart, she brought him to nearby police station where she meets Sung-jae.
OMGhost ep2-22 OMGhost ep2-23
Anddddd, the drunk man’s, Myung-ho, father arrives to wake up him up. The scene seems very familiar to Soon-ae and triggers Soon-ae’s memory.
OMGhost ep2-24 OMGhost ep2-25
We are right! This is Soon-ae’s father and brother. Ah, so, Soon-ae had been working in food restaurant where they used to sell ‘Burnt Rice Pollack Soup’ dish when she was alive. Of course, no wonder she feels familiar being the in kitchen and even thought of the dish they used to make back then.
OMGhost ep2-26
Oh cries, seeing her cry is making me feel so saddddd. Memories come flooding to her and she finally remembers everything. I wonder what she is going to do and help her family now that she is given a chance to finish her unfinished business and she can do it in someone’s body. What’s more, everyone around her family knows Bong-sun, and I guess this is why Bong-sun and Soon-ae are ‘bonded’.

I like how these characters are somehow ‘linked’, like if Sun-woo didn’t tear up the talisman, Bong-sun wouldn’t be in that state now. It centers on Sun-woo’s stubbornness that connects Soon-ae, Bong-sun, Sun-woo and Sung-jae together. It also makes Soon-ae the actual ‘main character’ of this drama but in Bong-sun’s body. This is making me more curious as to how Soon-ae died at a young age. A virgin at that. Also, Sung-jae frequents Soon-ae’s father’s restaurant is what is really interesting. That Sung-jae might have something to do with Soon-ae’s death and feel apologetic/guilty towards her family.

So far, what I also like about this drama is they struck a balance between the elements of humour, mystery and finding oneself. I wonder how they are going to execute the romance component, though. Will it be Soon-ae or Bong-sun who Chef Sun-woo falls in love with?
OMGhost ep2-14


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