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Episodes aired: 8 of 16 episodes (as of 30th June)

This drama is another which I did not even check the casting, production and all when I heard about it, but I can’t remember what made me give it a chance, LOL. It’s all about chaebols, money and love. What I like about this drama is that it is one of few dramas where Second Lead Syndrome may not even exist.

HSo Ep6-23
Richness everywhere. Romance everywhere. Hate everywhere. Evilness everywhere. Oh wait, I mean, evilness is Choi Joon-ki (played by Sung Joon). His expression is… just… evil, ohgawd. He comes from poor family and still looks like a rich guy on outside. However, there’s one thing I like about him; his love for his parents.
HSo Ep8-26 HSo Ep8-27
I like how he treats his parents very lovingly and that he doesn’t directly blame his parents for being poor. He doesn’t feel embarrassed when it comes to talking about his family.
HSo Ep6-24
A naïve-when-in-love girl who is a chaebol’s daughter and still works as a part-timer in a supermarket to endure the harsh treatment at home, where she is treated differently by her mother and siblings except her brother. She only wants a true love who will only love her who she is, not because of her family background.
HSo Ep7-29 HSo Ep7-30
Yoon-ha is known to be called a jinx by a mother as he mother always think that everything happened is Yoon-ha’s fault including her brother’s death. It’s sad to see to have no one love her and Joon-ki better love her! But, at least, she has best friend from supermarket where they work as part-timers and she is Lee Ji-yi (played by Im Ji Yeon).
HSo Ep3-21
Like Joon-ki, Ji-yi comes from poor family too. (I think her parents passed on, though.) I love how the first female lead’s best friend is the second female lead and it’s like so uncommon since the second female lead is often an antagonist in dramaland. I thought she was a supporting character when I watched the first episode. I like her personality. She is quite straightforward when it comes to dating. She is very optimist too. I like how she even gave up Joon-ki, whom she used to have crush on, in order to let her best friend date him comfortably. Well, it’s a good thing because she has a better guy who likes her!
HSo Ep5-25
And, it’s Yoo Chang-soo (played by Park Hyung Sik)! Damn, Hyung Sik is so charminggg. Why didn’t I notice his charm in The Heirs and Nine: Nine Times Travel!? It’s only after I see him in this drama, I realised that he was actually charming back in those dramas too. Chang-soo may be a playboy, but we can tell that he is serious about Ji-yi despite her poor family background.
HSo Ep6-28 HSo Ep6-29
Ji-yi and Chang-soo are so cute together! Their chemistry is no joke! They even have better chemistry than Yoon-ha and Joon-ki. They are so adorable that they are the reason why I still keep watching High Society and I am glad that I watch it in the first place. xD This couple is totally stealing the spotlight from the main couple even though they are second leads.
HSo Ep6-27
This is why I said that the Second Lead Syndrome may not even exist in this drama. 😀
HSo Ep8-29 HSo Ep8-30
Though Yoon-ha and Chang-soo have went on blind date, I can’t see chemistry between them and I even thought they were the main couple. To my surprise after reading the casts after watching the first episode, Chang-soo is the second male lead alongside Joon-ki who is first male lead and they are ‘best friends’ since high school.

HSo Ep7-31 HSo Ep7-33
It’s funny how the girls’ friendship is actually better than the guys’ friendship in this drama. In real life, girls are sensitive and usually the ones who often fight, argue or don’t really get over the problems over even just little matters and the guys usually let it go and even curse at one another because brothers. However, in this show, it’s the other way round. xD

Yoon-ha and Ji-yi patch up easily and quickly after Ji-ji found that Yoon-ha lied about her background. However, for Joon-ki and Chang-soo, they are still brooding and on the verge of breaking the long friendship. It’s because Chang-soo found out about the true face of Joon-ki and he feels betrayed by him. I understand how you feel, Chang-soo. 😦 I believe that Chang-soo doesn’t want Yoon-ha to be hurt by Joon-ki as well, since she is his girlfriend’s best friend.

HSo Ep8-28
Why you should watch High Society
– Do I need to say?!
– The cuteness of Ji-yi
– The charming Chang-soo
– ADORABLE second couple!
– Just Chang-soo and Ji-yi
– Their perfect chemistry
– Yoon-ha and Ji-yi best friendship
– Okay, maybe to see what Joon-ki is going to do to achieve his dream
– NO Second Lead Syndrome
– Da girls’ power
– The evilness of people around Yoon-ha, sigh
– Wait, I mean to see how they are gonna be brought down, hehe
– Overload cuteness and explosive chemistry of Ji-yi and Chang-soo 😛

Even though the story may be bit boring, I am still curious about the supporting characters like Yoon-ha’s older sister (Ye-won, played by Yoon Ji-hye), father and mother. What are they going to do? Ye-won, her plans to try to take over her father’s company and her sister hatred towards Yoon-ha as she doesn’t want her to become the heir. Her father, his company and his wife. Her mother, her no-love for Yoon-ha and her intolerance for her husband since her son died. And, what kind of role does Yoon-ha second older sister (So-hyun, played by Yoo So-young) play in this show?
HSo Ep7-28

Chang-soo’s family is also an interesting one. Of course, since he also comes from a rich family. I wonder, if he is going to marry Ji-yi, how his family is going to accept her or are they not going to accept her. And, oh, his hyung! Even though he likes to pick on his younger brother Chang-soo, he is one amusing guy, LOL. Must be because of his facial expression and his thick eyebrows, hah.
HSo Ep6-25

Nevertheless, I am still going to watch it till its end for Ji-yi x Chang-soo because I am already on board their ship and I should sail to the end. 😛 Come on board the ship with me, if you’re in it too!
HSo Ep5-27


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