I Remember You – Episode 5 Review

Fate exists in dramaland. In this episode, we find out how the main leads’ fates are actually entwined and the rest with one another through a person or more. I have to say that it’s keep getting better and better as we are on the journey to discovering Hyun’s lost memories and getting to know about Ji-an’s past.

IRY Ep5-2
We are back to the tense moment when Hyun and Ji-an are about to be discovered hiding in the closet by Myung-woo and Team Leader Kang. Seeing this makes me go like “It has been 1 week, we have been waiting for a week and finally the moment is here!” 😀
IRY Ep5-3 IRY Ep5-4
Luckily, Ji-an is smart enough, proving Hyun and us that she uses her brain too, to ask him stay in the closet while she comes out and deals with the guys, especially Myung-woo on whether she should report him for sexual harassment (LOL) in order to distract them away from Hyun who is still hiding in closet.
IRY Ep5-6 IRY Ep5-7
Sun-ho is asked by the old man to meet with a man who is in prison to get information on where to find his son. He seems to know who killed the detectives who were his friends and doesn’t want to be next victim. Feeling scared uh?
IRY Ep5-5
When Ji-an comes home to Hyun sleeping on the floor, she is like, “Keep this in mind. All night, you are going to have to stay within this area. If you come out of this area or come close to me, since I did some special martial art at police academy, be aware.” LOL, please, you have not seen Hyun’s superb fighting skills. I don’t know but I also find it amusing that she asks him to stay in that circle area. xD
IRY Ep5-9 IRY Ep5-10
Aw, Ji-an checks to see a wound on his waist and tends to it while Hyun still lying down.
IRY Ep5-13 IRY Ep5-14
Is Ji-an getting attracted, if she isn’t, by him and/or his looks? 😛 She brings her face down to Hyun’s face to look at him closely and thinks back to their closeness when they were hiding in the closet. This closeness looks soooo, ya know, so much feeeeeeels. Ugh, them and their awesome chemistry.
IRY Ep5-15
Ji-an fell asleep besides Hyun (ahh, so much feels) and (ohmygawd) Hyun carries her to bed…. And throws her on the bed, HAHA. That’s Hyun!
IRY Ep5-17 IRY Ep5-18
Hyun cooks breakfast for both of them, damnnn, the food looks delicioussss. You can come over to my house anytime and cook, Hyun. 😛 While eating, Ji-an eats messily and Hyun has to keep passing her the tissue to clean up as he can’t stand the sight of dirt and mess.
IRY Ep5-19 IRY Ep5-20
Cleaning up Ji-an’s mess triggers his memory (maybe those of the ones which he lost?) back to when he had to keep cleaning up his younger brother’s mess and his mouth when he had food on it too. Aw, so cute. (What’s even cuter is that they are real brothers!)
IRY Ep5-21
These two together are hilarious. I love how his friend is always complaining and yet he still get owned by Hyun and follows his requests or listen to him. He even almost wanted to call the police to catch Hyun, but Hyun ‘threatened’ that if he calls, he will make him an accomplice, hah.
IRY Ep5-23 IRY Ep5-22
Ji-an gathers the information on Detective Yang and another victim who was also a detective, for Hyun because he said that the food doesn’t come free, and almost got caught by Myung-woo. Because Ji-an is talking about how she gathers those file and almost got heart attack, Hyun even pats Ji-an’s head as if she is a little kid, saying that she did well. Aw.
IRY Ep5-24
Ji-an joins Hyun outside to stargaze and they talk about connecting one and another one together to get a picture and how different people have different perspective and interpretation of it, using the star constellations as examples. I so agree with what Hyun is saying, “Cases are like those constellations. Each dot seemingly have nom meanings and connections. But if you connect them carefully, you can make into a picture.”
IRY Ep5-25 IRY Ep5-26
(Myung-woo looks more like a team leader than Team Leader Kang, LOL.) Another detective is murdered and now Hyun gets a picture. That those three detectives were the ones who worked and caused the killer’s father, that prison man, Park Yeong-chul, to be put into jail 15 years before, no matter how much he claimed innocence. (His wife and daughter were killed.) His son is the only survivor and Hyun thinks, “Like me.”
IRY Ep5-27
Whereas, Ji-an talks about how he has been living as a murderer’s son and thinks, “Like me.” Ooohh, interestinggggg.
IRY Ep5-28 IRY Ep5-29
Ji-an and Hyun go to the prison where Yeong-chul is in, to find out where his son is. They meet Sun-ho there who is there to meet Yeong-chul as well.
IRY Ep5-32
There is something about him; when he is about to leave, he asked Hyun whether they have met before. Hyun doesn’t think so and Sun-ho looks kind of… sad?? Sad that Hyun doesn’t recognise him? I think he is really Min, though!
IRY Ep5-33 IRY Ep5-34
Finally, we get to hear Ji-an talking about her past. Ooh, it turns out that the prison guard of Lee Joon-young was the father of Ji-an. Everyone thought that her father was one of the accomplices who helped Joon-young escape. Since then, he never returned and Ji-an had been living and accused of being a murderer’s daughter.
IRY Ep5-35
This is really interesting that Hyun and Ji-an have one thing in common and it’s Joon-young. Hyun’s father was killed by Joon-young and Ji-an’s father became a murderer in everyone’s eyes because of Joon-young. (I hope/wish Hyun did listen to Ji-an’s past?!)
IRY Ep5-36 IRY Ep5-37
Thanks to Ji-an, the investigation team got the address of where Yeong-chul’s son, Park Dae-yeon, lives. However, they are too late as Dae-yeon moves on to another and last person to kill and it is that old man. No wonder the old man asked to find him, lol.
IRY Ep5-38 IRY Ep5-39
HAHA, this is hilarious when Hyun arrives, free of being murder suspect, and Myung-woo is like, “Hey, you Dave you! I should have cuffed him. What a waste. I am so upset!” HAHAHA, he still cannot stop calling him ‘Dave’. “What? You’re waving your hand?” He seems so pissed off from just looking at Hyun. xD
IRY Ep5-40 IRY Ep5-41
IRY Ep5-44
Good thing Team Leader Kang is nearby and gets to that old man’s house! Finally he is able to show his skills and handcuffs him when the rest of the members arrived. He must be so happy.
IRY Ep5-43
Yup, he is too happy and proud that he keeps talking about how and when he learned the fighting skills, and even whole team members listen to him. However, that is short-lived as he accidentally slips down the staircases. HAHAH. xD Ouch, though. 😛 (I can’t stop laughing at this scene even after few times of watching it. Poor Team Leader Kang. xD)
IRY Ep5-45 IRY Ep5-46
Aw, Myung-woo credits Ji-an in solving the case to the Deputy Commissioner and hints to ask him to get Ji-an back on the team. Even though he is cut off by him, Team Leader Kang pitches in crediting Ji-an that she is the one who helped them to prevent another murder. Everyone else agree too, aw. Even the Planning Officer (Hyun’s ‘mom’), who said she will persuade the Deputy Commissioner.
IRY Ep5-47
And, they are off to drink as the whole team! (Myung-woo: “We can’t have Dave, do you want to die?”) Whee~!
IRY Ep5-48 IRY Ep5-49
Ji-an and Hyun are kind of similar, both having sad pasts. As they are talking about Dae-yeon living in the house where his mother and sister were killed, it’s like living among the dead. Ji-an can relate to it as she still stay in the home (not sure if it’s her childhood home, though), hoping for his father to return. If he is really dead, it’d be like Ji-an living among the dead too. As for Hyun, his father was killed in that home where Hyun still lives in and often recalls the scene of his dead father. They both live alone.

I like how the two main leads are both related to Lee Joon-young. Both of their fathers, to be exact. I actually prefer seeing more of their pasts than their current ones. There are so much to explain. If Sun-ho is really Min, I wonder how Hyun is going to react. Will he still go against him because he is an ‘evil’ lawyer, or not because he is his younger brother? Also, the way Joon-ho look at Hyun, though. What is his real identity? Really Joon-young? Seriously, I can’t help but to keep questioning these same questions every time I write reviews till the drama gives us the answers. 😛
IRY Ep5-50

I also like how the cases are similar to being metaphors of Hyun’s and Ji-an’s pasts. Like how Dae-yeon survived the killing which Hyun also ‘survived’ that night (except that his younger brother is ‘missing’) and his life as a murderer’ son which Ji-an can relate to.

Oh yeah, the preview for next episode was shown and it seems more interesting! I Remember You is now my favourite currently airing drama! 😀
IRY Ep5-31


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