I Remember You – Episode 6 Review

More answers unfold as more mysteries arise. There is a new case which, of course, Hyun is involved in again. We get to know what we have been curious about and yet there are more to know. As always, the story is very engaging.

IRY Ep6-1
Ji-an reviews the summary of the previous case, which I will not go in detail. 😛
IRY Ep6-5 IRY Ep6-6
Hyun meets the old man (Prosecutor Shin) to talk about the previous case in which he was the next and last target and ask whether he has taken anything from Detective Yang.
IRY Ep6-7
The old man was the one who put Lee Joon-young away and seems to know more about Hyun than Hyun himself. He revealed that it was not only once he lost his memories (after his father’s death), but twice. He had lost his memories before his father’s death. I guess it was after his mother’s death. I mean, how does he know all about this?! His father told him?
IRY Ep6-8 IRY Ep6-9
As the old man starts to talk about Hyun’s mother’s death, someone came behind Hyun and the old man widen his eyes in shock with recognition. Hyun turns around to see who it is, however, he gets knocked out on his head. As he fainted, parts of his another lost memories come to him. A woman, purple flower(?!!?), his younger brother and blood. Perhaps, is that woman his mother? “You forget bad memories, Hyun.” And the purple flower?! It’s the same from the first case Hyun got himself involved.
IRY Ep6-12 IRY Ep6-13
Yay, Ji-an is officially back on the team! Hah, Deputy Commissioner said ‘that punk’ kept bugging him and even disturb his sleep. Referring to his son, Team Leader Kang? Speaking of him, he again gets happy and proud of how he caught the murderer in the previous case. xD Even his father asks him to get to his point when he keeps making such a big speech.
IRY Ep6-15 IRY Ep6-14
Hmm, a young man is given Lee Hyun’s book by a doctor(?) at a center and is sent to attend Hyun’s special lecture. We never get to see the doctor’s face, though.
IRY Ep6-16 IRY Ep6-17
After the lecture which Team Leader Kang and Ji-an also attend, Hyun prioritize Team Leader Kang as number 2 and Ji-an number 3 (You’re last, probably he wants to talk to you longer! :P). Hah, I like. The number 1 is the man whom he notices is waiting for him, so he approaches him first.
IRY Ep6-40 IRY Ep6-41
The man asks Hyun about whether psychopathic is inheritance and that he would be really a murderer if his father was a psychopath. Hmm…
IRY Ep6-18 IRY Ep6-19
As expected, Team Leader Kang’s reason for coming to Hyun’s lecture is to ask him to join their special investigation team as an advisor. Ohyeah! However, Hyun rejects it, seeing that he may not gain anything from it. But, he will help out for free when a case that is useful for him arises, if he earnestly asks. Just join!
IRY Ep6-20
Now, we get to know the reason behind Ji-an and her stalking Hyun! And the flashbacks! Young Ji-an and young Hyun first met outside the police station after Hyun’s father’s death. That’s where she found out that there is probably a link between Joon-young and Hyun, and has been following him since ever. She thought she could catch Joon-young if she follow him.
IRY Ep6-22 IRY Ep6-21
Ah, so Hyun already knew that Ji-an is that girl from the past when he went to her house to hide and came across her photo and his father’s files. He even knew all along that she has been investigating Lee Joon-young since her home’s passcode is the date of the day Joon-young escaped. Smart.
IRY Ep6-24 IRY Ep6-25
Oh, the bromance between Hyun and Joon-ho as they eat dinner together which Hyun cooks since he has been asked to treat Joon-ho a meal after being free of being a murder suspect. It seems suspicious that his family is living in America, but I don’t know.
IRY Ep6-26
And, this guy, one of the team members, Choi Eun-bok seems suspicious too. He calls Hyun regarding about who arrived at Detective Yang’s murder scene first which he requested to find out, and Joon-ho was the first after the police. Then, Seung-joo said that Eun-bok was actually the one who was almost close to arriving first at the scene and yet his name is not in the list. Hmm, what could his identity about? Another who harbours Joon-young, like Ji-an?
IRY Ep6-27 IRY Ep6-28
Another new case arise, a man is dead from a stab wound and another man, who is that man from the lecture, Lee Jung-ha, is injured. He claims to be the one who killed his friend.
IRY Ep6-29 IRY Ep6-30
However, Hyun doesn’t believe that Jung-ha was the one who killed and even called Sun-ho to hire him as lawyer to defend Jung-ha. It looks like Hyun does really care for Jung-ha as he could see himself in him. Afraid of becoming a monster. The investigation team conclude that, with given evidence, there might be a third person who tried to kill his friend and Jung-ha got hurt in the process. It looks like Jung-ha wants to protect that third person.
IRY Ep6-31 IRY Ep6-32
Hah, Team Leader Kang prevents Hyun from going into the crime scene because he is mere ‘plain citizen’ and is like, “I don’t remember asking you for help,” when Hyun said he will help for free. Ji-an was like, “oohhh”. Same reaction same. HAHAH, wow. Then, Hyun gives in and says that he will accept the advisory position and Team Leader Kang’s attitude changes and quickly takes out his phone to record his words, HAH. They go back and forth till Ji-an has to break them up, LOL.
IRY Ep6-34 IRY Ep6-35
Sun-ho goes to the hospital and sees Joon-ho there by Jung-ha’s bed. They seems to be familiar with each other as Sun-ho says, “It’s been a while.” I am sure that they are more than mere ‘run to each other while handling detective cases’.
IRY Ep6-36
Hyun goes to Jung-ha’s home as requested by Jung-ha to take the ‘The Wolf Story’ book which Hyun gave to him. Over there, he found out in Hyun’s published book that Jung-ha is actually sent by someone to approach him. I feel sad for him, though. T_T Because he looks kind of ‘attached’ to Jung-ha who doubts himself and thinks he might become a psychopath because of his father. Hyun sees himself in him as he also doubt himself and is trying to prove himself that he is not a ‘monster’ as his own father had said.
IRY Ep6-37 IRY Ep6-38
Hyun asks Ji-an why she hide her identity from him and she explains that he couldn’t even remember him. However, Hyun knows the real truth and corrects Ji-an, speaking her true thoughts of him. She is doubting him, thinks of him as monster like Lee Joon-young and he is on Joon-young’s side. The same question as Jung-ha asked Hyun, he asks her, “How do I look in your eyes?”

I think the one who sent Jung-ha knows about Hyun’s past. He could be Joon-ho, Sun-ho or anyone. Even though, this episode doesn’t really have much comedic moments except Team Leader Kang’s scene (HAH), I love how this drama gives us the answers to which we have been curious since first episode, and yet still bring us more mysteries. I also like the time amount of it. It means more mysteries and keeping us engaged with such an amazing plot. And, of course, the main leads’ awesome chemistry!
IRY Ep6-39

The first case (purple flower) is a significant one as it brought Hyun back to Korea and got him involved in few cases since then. It also holds a key to Hyun’s another set of lost memories; the ones before/after Hyun’s mother’s death. Maybe this is why an anonymous person sent him the email about that purple flower case, it’s related to his mother. Perhaps, as we know that there should be someone who backs up the suspect (Seung-hoon, the one who got caught in China), that someone has something to do with Hyun’s mother (maybe his father too) and also the one who sent the email. Also, I think that Seung-hoon might reappear anytime. I am really interested in this one. There are more to Hyun’s memories than Hyun (and we) know. Psychology is such a cool thing! Criminology, psychopathology and neuropsychology too!
IRY Ep6-3


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