The Time I Loved You – Episodes 3 & 4 Review

This is becoming another drama addiction as we see that the best friends’ friendship is probably more than they thought. Does Won help his girl best friend and be there for her, just because he sees her as a long-time friend or… out of love more than mere friend? It seems that it’s complicated.

Episode 3
Ttily ep3-1
We fast-forward to Hana and Won hanging out as usual on the rooftop where Hana thinks back to the rain when Sung-jae whirls Hana around away from being splashed by water. Okay, can. Why not just tell her to move away, LOL. Drama.
Ttily ep3-2 Ttily ep3-3
But, that moment makes Hana feel protected and wonders if love has sound, since her heart beats wildly. Won, being realistic, said that her heartbeat is irregular and that it’s a disease, hah. Hana compares the excitement of being with Sung-jae to the excitement of finding that right pair of shoes in the store. Shouldn’t she grab the shoes (him) before the chance slips away?
Ttily ep3-4
At the office, Sung-jae makes coffee for Hana and even get that closeeeeee with her when helping her to find a file on her computer. Of course, how can one not get her heart flutter? But, Hana makes sure not to overreact.
Ttily ep3-5
Aw, Won knows to attend to customers on flight well. He even carries the puppy who keeps barking on flight, like a baby and walks up and down to calm it down. Customer services at the best.
Ttily ep3-6 Ttily ep3-7
Hana meets with her high school friend whom we have seen in the flashback, Kang Na-young. She used to have crush on Won. Na-young is now divorced, again. Wow.
Ttily ep3-8 Ttily ep3-9
Flashback time! Na-young witnessed Won and Hana going home together and thought they were dating. She even brought them to cathedral to test them and recorded the conversation to prove that they are just friends. To make Na-young believe Hana’s innocence, Won said that he liked someone else. Oooh, that girl must be non-existence one since it could be Hana, hah. But, at least Hana and Na-young keep their friendship. 😀
Ttily ep3-10 Ttily ep3-11
Hana and Won eat dinner together and talk about Na-young. So-eun calls Won and he says that he is having a dinner with friend, but Hana says loud enough to ask her to come join them. And, so she joins them. Ugh. (I almost called her Ji-won, from Warm And Cozy, lol.) She must have felt jealous to see Hana and Won bicker over something small. She takes drink and got drunk at the end, resting her head on Won’s shoulder.
Ttily ep3-12
Won wants to take So-eun home first before taking Hana home. However, Hana has already called someone; Sung-jae. Is that Won looking jealous? And, damn So-eun. I don’t know why but I dislike her personality.
Ttily ep3-16 Ttily ep3-17
The next day, whole office are gossiping about Hana ‘dating’ a younger man, Sung-jae as one of her co-workers saw them together the night before. Infuriated, Hana fights back by telling Sung-jae to go on a business trip with her to meet with an actress, who is Actress Gu, in front of all her co-workers.
Ttily ep3-18 Ttily ep3-19
Off they go to meet with Actress Gu who rejects Hana’s deal flatly at first. However, she has plan B. A dress and pair of heels which the actress can wear to the red carpet of an upcoming film festival. “Deal,” Actress Gu agrees.
Ttily ep3-21
They hang out, enjoying life after having done with the work.
Ttily ep3-22 Ttily ep3-23
At the same time, Won cooks spaghetti for Mi-hyang and So-eun. So-eun, after first bite, says that it reminds her of the one she ate when she was first accepted into college which makes Mi-hyung like her more. Can you stop appearing, So-eun? I am not even sure if her reminisce is true or not, but I guess it is. And, then So-eun even gets Won to cook for her again next time when she said that she forgot to take picture of it. LOL, whut.
Ttily ep3-24 Ttily ep3-25
Wanting to celebrate the good news, Hana dresses up and goes to Sung-jae’s room where she overhears him talking on phone about being close with her and all to become full-time employee. I knew it, man. I knew something has to happen, what’s with 3 episode cameo of L.
Ttily ep3-26
In the end, Hana is hurt. Again. She cries and calls Won to tell him that he is right and that she shouldn’t have overreacted. She goes to the beach where she sits on the swing and it pours all of sudden, but Hana doesn’t have shelter and just sits there.
Ttily ep3-27 Ttily ep3-28
And that’s when Won arrives to put a jacket over head. How?! I mean, how does he even know where she went?! And, that fast?! But, anyway, aw, that’s what friends for! This show is always making me wish for a guy best friend. D:

Sung-jae using Hana’s heart to get a full-time position is really a mean thing to do. Hana wants to be loved, but one shouldn’t play with a heart, and I hope Hana learns lesson from it.

Episode 4
Ttily ep4-4
Hana and Won drink and play games all night. Looks awesome and cool! And fun! Hah, I love how they act out.
Ttily ep4-5 Ttily ep4-7
And they are in the bed together the next morning! Won wakes up first and strokes Hana’s forehead. When she stirs, he closes his eyes again and acts as if just waking up, LOL.
Ttily ep4-8
They go home in car and I can sense that Hana is awkward since they woke up in the same bed. Dae-bok, Hana’s brother, notice them together.
Ttily ep4-10 Ttily ep4-11
Hana goes to her room, sees her bed and recalls that she rested her head on Won’s abs, I mean stomach, and talk about love with him. She asked him whether he ever thought of her as a woman, but we didn’t get to hear him or that she doesn’t remember his reply.
Ttily ep4-12 Ttily ep4-13
Mi-hyang is napping and dreaming of a pig, LOL. She wonders if it means she will get a lot of money. In the toilet, she does CPR on an old woman who fainted and managed to save her.
Ttily ep4-14
It turns that the old woman is a rich woman. She is a chairman of a giant food corporation and it sells pig feet, LOL. She even get a pass to get free pig feet for life, however, it’s too bad she doesn’t like them and treat her co-workers. Well, I am not sure what are they telling us with that scene, though.
Ttily ep4-15 Ttily ep4-16
Thinking about that morning, Won doesn’t realise that he smeared the foam all over his mouth. HAHAH, one of his co-workers mentions the foam kiss from Secret Garden (which Ha Ji-won was in), and is like, “You’re not Gil Ra-im.” (Ji-won played Ra-im then) HAH, I like this mention.
Ttily ep4-17 Ttily ep4-18
So-eun speaks to Won about the night he rushed over to Hana and asks if he would come over to her if she were to call him in the middle of the night. Gah, annoying! Won explains that Hana is like family to him. Then So-eun is like, “and I’m your girlfriend, right?” What??? What the… so annoyingggg!
Ttily ep4-20 Ttily ep4-21
Despite being hurt, at least Hana recommends Sung-jae to work for a China outlet as full-time worker. (And asks for a vacation time since she injured her wrist) Sung-jae thanks her for the recommendation as he puts umbrella over her head. But, this time round, Hana has her own umbrella. Finally.
Ttily ep4-19
She walks away and doesn’t look back even when he said, “Because you fell for me, I really thought of being your protector.” “You’re a much better person than I thought you were,” he said in a soft voice.
Ttily ep4-22 Ttily ep4-23
Hana send her phone for repair. Uh-oh, Won isn’t able to contact her since her phone dropped into the toilet bowl. Aw, Hana brings her brother to shoe shop to buy a new pair of shoes for him as she states that a pair of good and nice shoes is important to have, if not clothes.
Ttily ep4-24 Ttily ep4-25
Hana and So-eun meet coincidentally and chats. So-eun said that Won told her that Hana is only like a family to him. That’s even ouch when she finally got her phone fixed and read all the messages from Won and now thinks differently.
Ttily ep4-33 Ttily ep4-34
Hana is also thinking about her relationship with Won as one of her high school classmates got her married called off and she is more upset that she might lose her friend of 17 years rather than a fiancé. This makes Hana think.
Ttily ep4-26
Hah, Hana’s family go on vacation to bring her and Won together. However, nothing much happened as Won only come over to her house to fix her bathroom’s light bulb. Both look awkward around each other and with their closeness.
Ttily ep4-27
Ttily ep4-28 Ttily ep4-29
But, at least, sometimes later, their friendship is back to normal as they eat together at Hana’s house after coming back from exhibition. (Won went to So-eun and Hana went alone who saw them together arm in arm. Well, So-eun was the one who put her arm in his arm, ugh) Hana is finally free of casting and Won calls Hana that they should have chicken feet and beer to celebrate her recovery.
Ttily ep4-30 Ttily ep4-31
We see another man whom Won recognise. He is a star pianist Cha Seo-hoo (played by Yoon Kyun Sang) Ah, that hyung from Pinocchio! Finally! Won seems to feel guilty seeing him look at Hana, though. He even tries to hide the stuffs he bought for Hana out of Seo-hoo’s sight. There seems to have something going on with Seo-hoo, Hana and Won. Love triangle back in high school, perhaps?

I like how the flashbacks are now mostly of Won’s perspectives. How he care for her secretly. There is something about him about being in love with Hana. That someone may told him to not like her or something. He even got beat up for liking Hana and didn’t want to let Hana see his bruised face or let her know why. Maybe Seo-hoo had something to do with this. Well, this is getting interesting. Most of the answers to the present (of why Won is being like this and who is Seo-hoo) are all in the past which we will, hopefully, get to see.
Ttily ep4-32


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