High Society – Episodes 9 & 10 Review

More people are getting the way of both couples’ relationships. We see each of the couples having to deal with their parents, due to the difference in social class. And it’s not easy dating someone of different social class. Oh wait, I mean why do such class exist?! Oh, drama.

HSo Ep9-1
The news of Yoon-ha, a chaebol’s daughter, dating Joon-ki, circulates around and becomes a headline in the company where the workers are whispering about him. Do they have to be that obvious? LOL.
HSo Ep9-2 HSo Ep9-3
Chang-soo’s hyung seems to be supportive of Joon-ki’s relationship with a rich girl, Yoon-ha. But, of course, all he wants to bring Chang-soo down using ordinary boy-rich girl relationship. Since Chang-soo’s relationship with Ji-yi is like opposite of Joon-ki’s, it’s like ordinary GIRL-rich BOY romance, like any other typical chaebol romance dramas.
HSo Ep9-4 HSo Ep9-5
Thanks to So-hyun, Yoon-ha found out about the headline news of her dating. Why doesn’t she read news online or check newspaper? She seems to be always the last to know what’s going in media. So-hyun feels unfair that Yoon-ha already got the internet spotlight in such short time.
HSo Ep9-6 HSo Ep9-7
I like how cute the relationship between Ji-yi and her boss when he tells her that she wants to resign. She will be working with Yoon-ha. The boss is like all for her to come back anytime if it’s uncomfortable at Yoon-ha’s company. Why does Ji-yi have a cute relationship with everyone around her!
HSo Ep9-8 HSo Ep9-9
The two brothers picking on each other as always, the way they laugh sarcastically is too funny, LOL.
HSo Ep9-10 HSo Ep9-11
Chang-soo and Ji-yi go out for lunch and Ji-yi can tell that he is not in a good mood. Worse is when Chang-soo learns that Ji-yi will be working ‘under’ Yoon-ha which Ji-yi corrects, ‘with’.
HSo Ep9-12 HSo Ep9-13
Chang-soo is against his girlfriend working for her best friend and even says that she can just use his money. No, that’s not right, Chang-soo. Ji-yi asks if it’s because of him working with Joon-ki, that he treats him as someone ‘lower’ than him at work despite being good friends. She goes on saying that it would hurt the person for being treated differently at work and outside work, and have been trying not to take it to heart about the differences between her and Chang-soo and respect it. Yeah, right, you said it right, Ji-yi! I like how you put in words!
HSo Ep9-14 HSo Ep9-15
I really do like how Yoon-ha is different from other chaebol’s daughter. She is tough when it comes to dealing with her father who asks her to break up with Joon-ki quietly. She is not afraid of everything been taken away from her and counters that they need each other. She wins.
HSo Ep9-16
Finally, finally! Finally, she sees the key her brother left her, among the accessories. Gawd, what takes you so long? She thinks back to when her brother showed her the safe behind the shelves and goes back to check it. She remembers that her brother had once told her that his password is always 0700. And it works. (Wow, how would we be able to remember such conversation in real life?)
HSo Ep9-17
What inside another case is the papers of company stocks and a USB. She keeps them in her own safe, and I was afraid that Ye-won might come in anytime, ohgawd.
HSo Ep9-18 HSo Ep9-19
The girls get together and Yoon-ha explains how Ji-yi has the heart of that professor, even though her education is not good. Yoon-ha comes across a watch, which she buys for Joon-ki and Ji-yi can’t afford it. Then, Ji-yi gets a call from Chang-soo’s mother.
HSo Ep9-22 HSo Ep9-23
Chang-soo’s mother asks to meet up and they meet up. Chang-soo’s mother can’t accept that Chang-soo’s behaviour has been changing ever since he started dating Ji-yi. Okay… She says how her educational background is ‘low’ and she expects an educated one. She almost fell for Ji-yi when Ji-yi explains that her friend told her one’s heart is a skill too and has nothing to hide just because she is a high school graduate. Chang-soo’s mother strongly says that people like her will never accet a daughter-in-law like Ji-yi. Gawd, why can’t a mother accept an ordinary girl for once in dramaland?! But, again, I like Ji-yi’s way of thinking.
HSo Ep9-24
Yoon-ha meets Joon-ki and gives the watch as a present to him, and he looks… I don’t know? Moved? For real? Meanwhile, Joon-ki’s mother comes across the research on Yoon-ha in Joon-ki’s locked drawer. Uh-oh, but yay finallyyy! But she is only more surprised that Yoon-ha is a daughter from a rich household.
HSo Ep9-28 HSo Ep9-29
Ji-yi walks up home on the hill where Chang-soo has been waiting. She asks, “Who are you?” Being sweetest, Chang-soo answers, “The man who moved all of Korea to hang a streetlamp for you.” Aw, this shows how Chang-soo genuinely loves her. Ji-yi runs to embrace Chang-soo with tears in her eyes.
HSo Ep9-26 HSo Ep9-27
Yoon-ha brings Joon-ki to Taejin company to check out her new office which is empty as of now. Joon-ki looks surprised when he hears that Yoon-ha isn’t aiming for higher position, and Yoon-ha points out his mysterious gaze. But I think it’s because he is surprised at how she is not greedy about anything like money or power.
HSo Ep9-32
To which she thinks she can ‘fix’ it. By kissing him first. She first! Joon-ki thinks, “I know what love is. Being able to smile during a pathetic situation. The dark reality… looking at it in a bright light. Then you come to like the situation you’re facing. As I’ve come to like you, you’re making the dark reality fade away. That’s why… the one thing I’m blocking out…”
HSo Ep9-33
Saying out loud, “You… I think you’re really different,” Joon-ki swoops in to kiss her. Ohh, so he is finally falling for her!

Episode 10
HSo Ep10-3
Chang-soo brings Ji-yi to where they see the whole view of Seoul which Ji-yi likes. Aw. Despite the tears from before, she looks really happy which Chang-soo is happy to see. Pretending that her legs are hurting, she gets on Chang-soo’s back and claims that she is not going to break up with him. Aw, these too cute.
HSo Ep10-5 HSo Ep10-4
We get to see the soft side of Yoon-ha’s father. He sobs when he thinks about his own son while eating dinner. Perhaps he has a heart, even though he looks heartless on outside.
HSo Ep10-6 HSo Ep10-7
Yoon-ha’s mother also asks Yoon-ha to break up with her boyfriend. Oh, gawd, not another one. But at least, it’d be better for her to break up with Joon-ki. 😛 And, at least, her mother isn’t so evil like Chang-soo’s mother.
HSo Ep10-8 HSo Ep10-9
Speaking of Chang-soo’s mother, she tells Chang-soo about meeting Ji-yi and that she won’t give him the stocks just because he is dating Ji-yi. Ohgawd. But I wish Chang-soo would be like Yoon-ha, being independent and all.
HSo Ep10-10
Because showering with showing abs is too mainstream in dramas, Chang-soo showers with his clothes on. Okay, not. I guess he is too frustrated and needs to cool down and broods.
HSo Ep10-11 HSo Ep10-12
Chang-soo and Joon-ki have bicycle race and Joon-ki wins which makes Chang-soo bit upset and thinks that it’s not fun but that was how Joon-ki felt then. Joon-ki says that he does like Chang-soo and admits that he chose him because he needed him and used any opportunities to get on his good side in order to benefit from him.
HSo Ep10-13
Joon-ki points out that because of his elitism, he can’t marry Ji-yi since he can’t overcome himself. However, Chang-soo counters that he can change once he set his mind and will prove himself worthy. Joon-ki loves his family that he doesn’t want them to live poorly even though they are happy. And he confessed that he loves Yoon-ha, and that’s the first we hear from himself.
HSo Ep10-21 HSo Ep10-22
Gawd, evil Chang-soo’s mother strikes again, calling Ji-yi out for a second meeting. She tells her that Chang-soo’s life will be difficult because of her so that she can feel guilty.
HSo Ep10-14 HSo Ep10-15
With Chang-soo’s mother’s threat, she calls Chang-soo out to meet. Uh-oh, oh noooo. She says, “Let’s break up,” and that his mother is scary but what she minds the most is that she is affecting his future. Chang-soo: “Okay, let’s break up.” Oh cries. Each refuses to leave, telling each other to leave first, with tears in their eyes.
HSo Ep10-21
And, suddenly it’s raining. LOL, because it’s raining, they said that they shouldn’t break up on a bad weather. Niceee! Heheh, that’s probably the first I see that they patch up after saying to break up. They CAN’T bear to break up, so they use the rain as an excuse, hah. They run back to Chang-soo’s car hand-in-hand.
HSo Ep10-16
They look at each other… before Chang-soo swoops in for a kiss. DAMN, why this cute couple all of sudden looks hot! Dammit, awesome chemistry they have! Pulling away, Chang-soo asks, “Do you want to be with me today?” Oooh, does he mean what I think?
HSo Ep10-17 HSo Ep10-18
Yoon-ha goes to Joon-ki’s home where she meets his mother. And, his mother mentions that she look like she did when she was young. Oh yeah! So, the mother unlocks the drawer and shows her the photo which Joon-ki keeps. She sees Joon-ki’s research and her clip in the drawer. Realisation dawns on her and she looks scared all of sudden which the mother doesn’t understand.
HSo Ep10-19
Yoon-ha immediately leaves the apartment to where she goes to wait for Joon-ki to confront him. She looks up at him, now with a different gaze. Finally, the truth is out for Yoon-ha, however, it’s when Joon-ki starts to fall for her.

These episodes is all about how the parents of both chaebols are very strongly against their partners. And it’s unexpected, anyway. I wonder how Yoon-ha is going to deal with Joon-ki now that she has found out his true intentions. Or is he going to explain bla bla?

I really love Chang-soo x Ji-yi and their love for each other. It’s as if the actor Hyung Sik and actress Ji Yeon are real couple in real life. They can’t even bear to break up at all. The fact they used the rainy day as an ‘excuse’ to not break up on a bad weather is refreshing. I like. And, gawd, the preview for next episode! Hot times??? Rawr.
(By the way, my review for episode 10 is short because I feel that it’s pointless to go through everything, hahah :P)
HSo Ep10-20


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