Oh My Ghostess – Episode 3 Review

Park Bo Young’s adorable acting is showing more in this episode, and it is so cute! How she is able to show the Kim Seul Gi’s personality through her acting. I am in for more of Soon-ae in Bong-sun’s body, but I hope the real Bong-sun would come out soon.

OMGhost ep3-1
Memory of herself doing all the cooking and singing for the ahjussis comes to her as she begins to remember everything about her and family.
OMGhost ep3-2 OMGhost ep3-3
Now that her memory is back and at the father’s restaurant, she takes in the surrounding of her family’s restaurant, reminiscing about she nagged her father when she was alive and sees how her father has been struggling and living poorly without her. She eats her father’s food with tears in her eyes.
OMGhost ep3-8 OMGhost ep3-7
Soon-ae goes to neighbourhood police and recalls how she often bring the food over there and that she used to have crush on Sung-jae. Oohh. Could foresee how she is going to react when she finds out the truth. 😦
OMGhost ep3-9
Everyone, including Soon-ae’s father who notices that ‘Bong-sun’ can make ‘Burnt Rice Pollack Soup’, is watching the cooking show broadcast and praises Sun-woo for coming with such dish and Soon-ae for being natural on TV.
OMGhost ep3-33 OMGhost ep3-34
And there is boss Sun-woo who is watching the broadcast on his phone by himself and keep saying that they didn’t film him properly and such, LOL. The even funnier is when a passer-by stops to ask him a question and he thought she wanted a autograph from him, however, all she wants is the directions. HAHA, his ego too much. And too funny.
OMGhost ep3-10 OMGhost ep3-11
Soon-ae visits her father and I like how she talks with her brother, Kyung-mo, hah. It’s really so similar to real Soon-ae!
OMGhost ep3-12 OMGhost ep3-13
Since the visit, Soon-ae has been ‘taking’ stuffs to give to her father who is bewildered but grateful. Except that her brother isn’t. He is suspicious of her and even thought that she is seducing his father, lol.
OMGhost ep3-14 OMGhost ep3-15
And, so, Kyung-mo returns everything to Sun Restaurant and Sun-woo discrovers that ‘Bong-sun’ has been the one taking items, except for caviar which Sous Chef Min-soo took and got ‘kicked out’ for taking.
OMGhost ep3-16 OMGhost ep3-17
Sun-woo talks to Soon-ae and still get surprised at the way ‘Bong-sun’ talks, haha. His reaction is like, “Are you sick? You couldn’t even look at me in the eyes.”
OMGhost ep3-18
Now that Min-soo is back, they go out for dinner together and Soon-ae being drunk is adorable!
OMGhost ep3-19
While drunk, Soon-ae leans into his chest, saying how nice this is and gets super flirty with him. Sun-woo’s reaction is just, like, scared as if she is going to jump him, heh.
OMGhost ep3-20 OMGhost ep3-21
Too bad, someone calls him and it’s So-hyung who calls him, who is shaken after avoiding a cat from driving to hit it. He brings her home, when we get to see the flashback of the relationship between them.
OMGhost ep3-23
Back in university, Sun-woo used to like So-hyung, however, is crushed that the girl his friend liked is So-hyung. His friend and So-hyung became a couple then. Ouch.
OMGhost ep3-22
Hah, I like this scene! Soon-ae being the only girl staggering and drunk with the guys with theirs around each other’s shoulders. She is all like, “I want to go to Oppa’s house.” Even in drunk state, the guys are all like they cannot take her home.
OMGhost ep3-25 OMGhost ep3-26
On the way home, Soon-ae goes to meet with her father for a drink, however, he can’t since he has to meet with Kyung-mo. Passing by the police station, Soon-ae realises that Sung-jae is married with Eun-hee and is upset to know this fact.
OMGhost ep3-27
After being kicked out from her own room, she sits outside wondering where to go. Just then, Bong-sun’s grandmother calls and I was thinking the grandmother might be suspicious or testing her. I mean, how does Bong-sun send the money to her every month and that she can’t even pay for her own rent?
OMGhost ep3-28 OMGhost ep3-29
Having nowhere to go, Soon-ae goes to Sun Restaurant to stay there. Over there, she sees topless Sun-woo through the window to which she enjoys the view. Hah, of course. 😛
OMGhost ep3-30
Gosh, a ghost startles Soon-ae and us. She tells the ghost that she wants to have peace and use the blade to protect herself. However, the ghost summons a burst of energy to knock the blade to the other way which sends something at kitchen counter with a crash
OMGhost ep3-31 OMGhost ep3-32
Sun-woo hears the crash and thinks back to what the shaman has said earlier that his restaurant is full of ghosts. Uh-ohhh.

This is quite more fun episode! Park Bo Young being affectionate with the guys cracks me up, haha. I just like the way she portrays Soon-ae, and it’s very different from Bong-sun. But, I hope to see Bong-sun comes back, though. It’s gonna be very messy once Soon-ae leaves Bong-sun’s body, and also for the romance.

The way she ogles over the guys’ hands, muscular arms and half-naked guys, is hilarious and adorable. But what’s amusing is that the guys’ reaction to ‘Bong-sun’ being very open which isn’t very like her. What I like is that Soon-ae understands Bong-sun’s life and is getting to understand her.
OMGhost ep3-24


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