Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 2 Review

We’re at ‘present’ timeline and Sung-yeol is looking for something from 120 years ago. We get to know more about the people around Sung-yeol and about Yang-sun. And we get to see the sparks and sparks of romance, but not there yet.

SWWTN ep2-2
Going into the wrong room, Yang-sun sees a really skilled drawing and is impressed when she confirms that it’s the man’s drawing. He introduced himself as Lee Yoon (played by Shim Chang Min), asking her for her name but she didn’t get the chance to answer as she gets called to outside to another room.
SWWTN ep2-4 SWWTN ep2-3
The gisaeng must know that Sung-yeol is a vampire as she calls to end the meeting when Yang-sun got bitten by the rodent.
SWWTN ep2-6 SWWTN ep2-5
I wonder how these two, Su-hyang (played by Jang Hee Jin) and Ho-jin (played by Choi Tae Hwan), meet Sung-yeol and even know that he is a vampire. It seems that the history of Prince Jeonghyeon was all cleared out, as if he didn’t exist. Sung-yeol deduces someone must know Jeonghyeon or have his books as that person is also using the same pen name as him.
SWWTN ep2-7
It turns out that Yoon has been looking for someone and thought that Yang-sun is similar to his friend, Seo Jin, from his childhood. He thinks that Jin might be still alive and in hiding.
SWWTN ep2-12 SWWTN ep2-11
Hah, I like how Yang-sun tells the tale of a night scholar and we see how the hero is animated like he is a god, with those wording. Nice effects there.
SWWTN ep2-35
The tale is true as Sung-yeol only go after traffickers and deals with them, like how Heo-soo deals with those who break the rules. Yay, good vampire!
SWWTN ep2-13
Like Hae-soo, Sung-yeol is able to hide himself from Gwi who has been wondering what he has been for part 120 years. Wow, that’s freaking long. 120 years?! Those 120 years were like quiet period.
SWWTN ep2-14 SWWTN ep2-15
Vampires fly! In this show too! So cool, hehe. Sung-yeol and Gwi chase each other, flying across the roofs. They even talk to each other using superhearing to hear each other from far apart.
SWWTN ep2-16 SWWTN ep2-17
Over at gibang where Yoon is meeting Yang-sun for the books and checking whether she would recognise the brush case, however, she doesn’t. As she leaves, his friend comes up frantically to tell him to flee, as the guards are inspecting the place, or more like looking for the Crown Prince Yoon.
SWWTN ep2-18 SWWTN ep2-19
Yang-sun runs nervously from door to door to hide so that she wouldn’t be caught for selling books illegally. She goes into an empty room where she doesn’t know that Sung-yeol is changing behind the screen. To avoid being recognised, she quickly changes into woman’s hanbok. And Sung-yeol is there watching her curiously, wah.
SWWTN ep2-20
Sung-yeol makes his presence known and Yang-sun gets shocked for being discovered that she is a girl, not a man. Pleading, she asks him to help her as she is the head of her family and she doesn’t want to get caught.
SWWTN ep2-21
Guards burst through his room’s doors, and the sight of half-dressed Sung-yeol lying on the top of Yang-sun is just, wow. How can Sung-yeol look…., how do I explain? Rawr.
SWWTN ep2-22 SWWTN ep2-23
Yoon goes to the king, who is his grandfather and kneels before him, asking him to de-crown him. It turns out that the king was the one who caused Yoon’s father’s (Prince Sadong) death as we see in the flashbacks that he was left to die a slow death in deep well since he thought his son was a traitor.
SWWTN ep2-24 SWWTN ep2-25
However, Sung-yeol knows that Gwi was the one who killed Prince Sadong as he saw him feed on Prince Sadong. Gwi even keeps his body inside the wall in his cave, omg. Creepy.
SWWTN ep2-27 SWWTN ep2-28
It’s a wonder how Yang-sun even managed to get her hand on the original copy of Eumlan Seosaeng’s vampire novel which Prince Jeonghyeon wrote. It was originally belived to have been burned in the fire along with other copies, but it’s shocking that Yang-sun got the original.
SWWTN ep2-31 SWWTN ep2-32
On the way in the search of Sung-yeol’s house, a little girl whom Gwi just turned into a vampire, comes towards her, eyes glowing red. She makes run for it, however, she is no match for a vampire as the girl picks her up with just one hand and throws her against the tree, before leaning down to bite her. However, just before she bites down on her neck, Sung-yeol comes flying and flings the girl off.
SWWTN ep2-30
However, to Gwi, this means that Sung-yeol has taken his bait. Damnnn.
SWWTN ep2-36 SWWTN ep2-37
Having Sung-yeol save her, Yang-sun is shocked to see that it’s Sung-yeol and asks, “Who are you? Are you not human?” He turns to her, looking at her.

That escalated quickly. I feel that it’s bit too quick for Yang-sun to find out that Sung-yeol is actually a vampire. And, also for Sung-yeol to find out that Yang-sun is a girl. I was hoping that they drag their hidden identities (Hidden Identity, anyone? :P) a bit longer. However, it’s just as good they both find out about each other in just one episode, not few episodes apart. I wonder if they both are going to keep each other’s secrets and how they keep each other’s secret make them closer. Ah, not to forget that Yang-sun’s blood is irresistible to Sung-yeol, which is making it more interesting on how their romance will develop. But, I wonder why her, or rather how is her blood that special?
SWWTN ep2-33

It’s interesting that Prince Yoon is somehow similar to Prince Jeonghyeon. They either don’t follow or disobey the kings’ orders. Prince Jeonghyeon used to go travelling in disguise, whereas Prince Yoon disguises as a regular man to visit gibang. However, I don’t think Yoon knows the existence of vampires yet. I am curious about how Yoon is going to make the differences and what he is going to do what Jeonghyeon wasn’t able to.
SWWTN ep2-34


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