Oh My Ghostess – Episode 4 Review

Ahh, this is getting better and there’re more fun rides in this episode! And more cuteness! We get to see more of Sun-woo and Soon-ae (of course, in Bong-sun’s body) together, hehe. And more of Soon-ae’s aggressiveness.

OMGhost ep4-12
Sun-woo hear the sound of crash and says to himself, “There’s no such things as ghosts.” And yet, he still takes his flashlight to check it out nervously. Soon-ae is caught from hiding and, aw man, Sun-woo doesn’t let her stay in the restaurant no matter how much ageyo Soon-ae use.
OMGhost ep4-7 OMGhost ep4-5
Having nowhere to go, Soon-ae goes to sauna and is excited about men around her, rolls over to one of them and then pretends to be asleep when his girlfriend comes. Hah, nice pretence, Soon-ae!
OMGhost ep4-8 OMGhost ep4-6
One of the ghosts whom Soon-ae knows, that girl from funeral, is at sauna too, possessing someone to eat eggs. Soon-ae knows that it’s her and beckons her to come out and talk. Hmm, it’s more like she knows it’s her because I don’t think one, even Bong-sun, can see a spirit possessing a body since that shaman ahjumma also cannot see.
OMGhost ep4-9
Talking to that ghost girl makes Soon-ae look like a crazy girl to the people who are watching outside, lol.
OMGhost ep4-10 OMGhost ep4-11
Sung-jae seems more and more suspicious and creepy. Her expressions are like mostly poker face and his smile is just creepy, okay. Maybe it’s just me. When Soon-ae says that he must love Eun-hee, he is hesitant. He answers, “Maybe… Well, it seems like I do.” What kind of answer is that?? That’s even make him more dubious.
OMGhost ep4-13
Another thing to make Sung-jae more dubious than ever is when he goes to deal with the dog with another policeman and they are lucky that they didn’t get bitten by it. Sung-jae even looks back at the dog for a while. Later that day, we hear the dog get beaten. Ohgawd, is it what we are thinking? Gawd, I don’t want to imagine.
OMGhost ep4-14 OMGhost ep4-15
Even the shaman ahjumma says something about him, calling him a lonely island and can’t even bring herself to deliver the bad news to Eun-hee and her mother who brought them to ask about Eun-hee’s prospects for having kids.
OMGhost ep4-17 OMGhost ep4-16
Hah, sometimes jealous Sun-woo can be childish as well. Soon-ae notices that Sun-woo cares for So-hyung and gets jealous when So-hyung’s married sunbae hits on her, and concludes that he must like her. She is like, “You like like her.” She even ‘threatens’ Sun-woo using his stealing So-hyung’s sunbae’s car key.
OMGhost ep4-19
And, of course, her tactic works – Sun-woo letting Soon-ae stay at his restaurant, only till she finds a place.
OMGhost ep4-20 OMGhost ep4-22
I like how Sun-woo still keeps the dog at the rooftop who followed him the other day, despite him saying that he will only let it stay for a day. xD Aw man, he feed Soon-ae’s food to the dog just because he don’t eat rice.
OMGhost ep4-23
We see that Soon-ae deep in the water, waking up and struggling to get to surface, but to no avail. Turns out that it’s a dream Soon-ae dreams. Uh-oh, is her memory of death coming to her? And did she die by drowning?
OMGhost ep4-24 OMGhost ep4-25
Soon-ae is sent to market to buy leeks where she meets her father. She is still holding grudge which is noticed by him. “You hold quiet the grudge just like someone else I know. My daughter,” her father says. Aw, man, I wish he knew that it’s Soon-ae in front of him.
OMGhost ep4-26 OMGhost ep4-27
Kyung-mo sees Soon-ae come out of his store and goes on saying that his father is not rich or whatever and Soon-ae gets annoyed, asking him to ‘Shush!’ Hah, I like. Then, her brother thinks that she might like him and says that he doesn’t want to break another heart. Pffftttt.
OMGhost ep4-28 OMGhost ep4-29
Sun-woo falls sick and Soon-ae makes porridge for him, worrying that he shouldn’t eat medicine on empty stomach. Aw, I like how Soon-ae cares for people around her, including Sun-woo.
OMGhost ep4-30 OMGhost ep4-31
Soon-ae wakes Sun-woo up to eat porridge and Sun-woo opens his eyes to see that So-hyung is there. When Soon-ae starts to get wet towel, Sun-woo grabs her wrist, cups her face with his hand and pulls her face down…
OMGhost ep4-32
To kiss her! Omg. Woohoo. Hah, Soon-ae’s hands are like, “What?” But, wait, sick Sun-woo kissing not-sick Soon-ae? Ahh, I was thinking that she will get the cold too!
OMGhost ep4-47
After realising what’s going on, Soon-ae kisses him back happily and she seems really into it. From being surprised to enjoying, LOL. (And, surprising, they seem like good kissers for each other. xD) And, then the dog barks which makes Sun-woo open his eyes to realise that he is kissing Bong-sun and pulls apart.
OMGhost ep4-34 OMGhost ep4-35
When Sun-woo kicks her out of the room, Soon-ae realises excitedly that Sun-woo doesn’t fall sick or show any signs of rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath unlike other guys whom Soon-ae have kissed while possessing the other women. Rather, he seems instantly better.
OMGhost ep4-36 OMGhost ep4-37
Soon-ae goes to find her ghost friend at sauna who agrees that she has found a man of vitality, so that she can finally shed herself of a dreadful virgin ghost status. And it makes her look like a crazy person again there, hah.
OMGhost ep4-2
Soon-ae is one that will be really persistent once she set her goal. While Sun-woo changes in his room, Soon-ae follows him and stops him from getting dressed till they fall onto his bed with her on top.
OMGhost ep4-38 OMGhost ep4-39
Soon-ae, sounding like a desperate person to which Sun-woo asks if she is really crazy, asks him to do her a favour, “Just once… can you do it with me?” And, I laughed at that it’s suddenly raining outside. HAHAHA. Sun-woo finally asks, “What did you say?” His confused face is just, thinking that she is joking or saying about other thing. But, Soon-ae confirms, “Yes, it’s what you’re thinking right now.” In broad daylight? xD
OMGhost ep4-40 OMGhost ep4-41
Aggressive Soon-ae chases him day and night, bugging him to do just once. Sun-woo is totally astounded by Soon-ae’s aggressive behaviour and asks if she has no pride. When Soon-ae tries to enter from rooftop, the dog barks at her, LOL. Sun-woo gives it a big thumb-up. She even sneaks in his room at night to the point that Sun-woo actually goes to her mother’s home to sleep.
OMGhost ep4-44 OMGhost ep4-43
The next day, the workers see that Bong-sun’s face is flushed and feverish, to which Soon-ae realises that she must have gotten cold from kissing Sun-woo that night. She complains that he gave her a cold, not what she wanted, making her co-workers puzzled.
OMGhost ep4-46 OMGhost ep4-48
That night, Soon-ae is really sick and goes to lie down after being caught for trying to sneak into Sun-woo’s room again. The weird thing is that Sun-woo can’t pull out his charger from his phone, and as he tries, we see that Soon-ae’s spirit is flickering in and out of Bong-sun’s body. Finally, she falls as Sun-woo manages to pull out.
OMGhost ep4-49 OMGhost ep4-50
Soon-ae is ejected from Bong-sun’s body. Hmm, so it is because of the charger or Bong-sun’s sickness?
OMGhost ep4-51
Sun-woo decides to come down to check on Bong-sun. When he sees her on the floor, he runs over to her calling out her name, panicked and worried. I hope he knows that he is the one who cause Bong-sun to be sick. 😛

We get to see Bong-sun back in next episode! After seeing the preview, as much as I am excited for Soon-ae taking over Bong-sun’s body, I am excited to see Bong-sun get back her own body! I am already loving this show. And there are so many theories about Sung-jae, like maybe he is possessed by a spirit, seeing how the big dog barks at him, like how Sun-woo’s dog barks at Soon-ae.

I really do like Park Bo Young, Jo Jung Seok and their chemistry onscreen. Their kiss is really well-portrayed, the best of all I have seen in Korean dramas, I gotta to say. Bo Young pulls off possession well and even, as Soon-ae, sounds like Kim Seul Gi.
OMGhost ep4-33

This drama Oh My Ghostess is another of my favourite currently airing shows, other than I Remember You. I bet that Oh My Ghostess will get higher ratings if it aired on one of the major networks. Already so excited for next week’s episodes as, I have mentioned earlier, we get to see how Bong-sun deal with the world, especially with Sun-woo, as she has been ‘away’ from it for a while, not knowing what she has been doing for past days/weeks. And, I more excited about Sun-woo’s reactions to Bong-sun’s totally different behaviour and what he is going to do about her.
OMGhost ep4-42


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