I Remember You – Episode 7 Review

I love the picture! Love love!

We are now getting more hints about the characters’ identities which we are curious about, especially lawyer Sun-ho. Ji-an is getting more attracted to Hyun and Hyun is bent on finding what he wants to find out, like us.

IRY Ep7-3
Ji-an doesn’t answer Hyun when he asked how does he look from her perspective, and Hyun concludes that she can’t say, “No, I am not (seeing you as a monster).”
IRY Ep7-4 IRY Ep7-5
Team Leader Kang, Myung-woo and Ji-an are out to catch the murderer, Lee Jin-woo, whom Jung-ha wants to protect. And, Myung-woo is too funny, LOL. Always yelling in surprise, when Ji-an opens the door van. Well, like how I yell whenever I am surprised by a person’s sudden appearance, haha. 😛
IRY Ep7-6 IRY Ep7-7
Jin-woo is spotted and the team chase him and we get to Ji-an in action too! Damn, she is such a badass, despite getting punched in the process.
IRY Ep7-8 IRY Ep7-9
Together, Ji-an and Hyun go to Jin-woo’s house as she is needed. Hyun almost wanted to ask Myung-woo along as they need him more, but decides that Ji-an will do. HAHA, because of his grudge?
IRY Ep7-10
Turns out that Hyun wants Ji-an to unlock Jin-woo’s computer which she complains that it isn’t something easy to do and suggests to send digital forensic. Hyun replies, “Don’t think so complicatedly. Don’t use your head at all. Just think like, “I am 18 years old who is violent.” Just think at that level: Just like you always do.” Hmm, seems like Hyun is trusting Ji-an and her capability. Well, Ji-an manages to unlock it.
IRY Ep7-12
It’s just amazing how Hyun is able to process and conclude about a person from just seeing the surroundings of the room so quickly. I should start thinking like him, hehe. Oh well, I don’t have a smart brain like his.
IRY Ep7-15 IRY Ep7-16
It turns out that Jin-woo has been misunderstanding all along, that he has been thinking that Jung-ha’s father, Lee Han-cheol, is his biological father. However, the truth is that Hyun-cheol was the one who murdered Jin-woo’s biological father. And Jung-ha knew all about this and it’s no wonder he wants to protect his friend. In fact, Jung-ha knew about Jin-woo’s identity and approached him intentionally.
IRY Ep7-13 IRY Ep7-14
Hyun, using his ‘father’, prompts Jin-woo to confess without knowing.
IRY Ep7-19 IRY Ep7-20
As Jin-woo enrages, trying to deal with the truth, we hear Lawyer Sun-ho telling the story of “The Wolf Story”.

“An older Indian Chief asked his grandson. We have two wolves within our hearts. One wolf is evil with rage, envy, jealousy, arrogance, and inferiority. The other one is a good wolf. He brings with him fullness, peace, love, hope and beliefs. The two wolves are always in battle within us. The grandson asked his grandfather, “Grandpa, which wolf wins then?” The Indian Chief answered, “The one you are feeding the food to.””

Hmm, I like the answer. It totally fits this drama. It’s one’s own self will to define oneself. Good or evil, we have both sides, however, it’s our own decision to decide which side should we ‘feed’ to as the one gets ‘fatter’ wins out of the other and that will define us.
IRY Ep7-21 IRY Ep7-22
Hyun sits by Jung-ha’s bed and Jung-ha tells him, “I tried. Every day, I tried and I tried. And I tried again.” “Right,” Hyun replies. They smile. Jung-ha smiles for the last time and closes his eyes slowly. Hyun gasps and reaches out to hold his hand. The look of stricken on his face and the tears forming in his eyes… T_T
IRY Ep7-27 IRY Ep7-28
Ji-an asks Hyun to meet up at the park and tells him her answer which she couldn’t answer before. She admits that he is rude, weird, annoying, and stuffed with brattiness but she doesn’t think that he is a monster. Whee~
IRY Ep7-29
Having cleared up the doubts, Ji-an ‘forces’ to make him shake hand with her, initiating that they are finally partners now. And that’s uncomfortable and awkward, she says.
IRY Ep7-31 IRY Ep7-30
She even suggests to go to movie because of awkwardness, LOL. She thinks to herself that she must be insane, saying those things. And I laughed. And Hyun laughs. His wanting to laugh is making me laugh more, LOL, his face. It’s like as if he is about to burst out laughing. HAHAHA. It feels like Ji-an is asking Hyun yo be her boyfriend, rather than just being partners. xD
IRY Ep7-32
Well, at least they go to movie theatres, however, Ji-an says to just go as she knows that there aren’t any movies there he likes. Ah, stalker. She even know his food preferences. Ohgawd, that’s really high level of being stalker, hah.
IRY Ep7-34 IRY Ep7-35
IRY Ep7-36 IRY Ep7-33
Deciding to go with Ji-an preference despite Hyun’s protest, Ji-an drags him to an amusement park, however they have stopped operating (which Hyun is thankful for, heh). Nevertheless, Ji-an still drags him to sit with her on the rides and he just reluctantly follows her. Hah, so cute, these two. 😀
IRY Ep7-38 IRY Ep7-37
Time for selfies! Hyun helps her to take photo of her and she suggests to take photo together to which Hyun doesn’t want, but yet still reluctantly takes. HAH. Even though it’s not a date, I love this! Hehe.
IRY Ep7-41 IRY Ep7-39
All the while they were hanging out, Hyun senses that someone has been following him.
IRY Ep7-42
That man is sent by Sun-ho who receives the photos of them and notices that they seem closer. He thinks back to the conversation he had with his client Seung-hoon who said to let them enjoy for now. Uh-ohhh, nooooo.
IRY Ep7-43 IRY Ep7-44
Sun-ho calls Director Ahn (who?? Did I miss who is he?) to ‘take care’ of Cha Ji-an and as for Lee Hyun, he is directly going to do it. What?? No, damn. And, it’s revealed that this lawyer is really Min when the camera pans to the art he draws which Min drew back during childhood! Really??
IRY Ep7-52 IRY Ep7-53
Hyun mentions that a puzzle that he has forgotten briefly and “the guy next door,” who is probably Joon-ho. Hmm, it seems like part of his memories has returned to him.
IRY Ep7-45 IRY Ep7-46
LOL, poor art director friend of Hyun is being asked to do something for him to “repay your debt” as Hyun says; doing background checks on the people in the photos. Pointing to Myung-woo’s photos, Hyun says that this person really doesn’t need a background check but… He changes his mind to just do it, HAH.
IRY Ep7-47 IRY Ep7-48
Sun-ho gives Ji-an a ride home from supermarket as Ji-an’s car couldn’t get started (someone must have tampered with it, or maybe someone sent by Sun-ho) And he really does live in the same neighbourhood with Ji-an? Nah, I don’t think so.
IRY Ep7-49 IRY Ep7-50
At home, Hyun receives a strange and mysterious letter with word and picture of a red car and a letter ‘V’ at the bottom. The pink ink is smeared all over it. Hmm, is this a riddle about Ji-an’s car? But why red? Blood? And the smeared ink? Probably killing? Uh-oh.
IRY Ep7-51
Ji-an gets home and senses that there is someone behind her. She turns around and her eyes widen in shock. Ahh, cliffhanger! Not again. Ahhhh!

Actually, I do not really understand why would Seung-hoon want to take revenge on Hyun and Ji-an. He was the one who did wrong. However, then, of course, he is a vengeful guy as he is enraged for having his ‘nice and wealth’ life taken away from him. If lawyer Sun-ho is really Min, he would be hurt for not being recognised by his own brother, Hyun. And he is probably a psychopath which he probably acquired from young. This is probably why he wants to ‘directly do it’. Maybe to torture him? Kill him? Oh, noo. Or to reveal his identity? Another theory of mine is that Sun-ho might be jealous of Ji-an since Hyun is closer with her than him.

I like how the latest case, which Hyun is involved in, tells a bit about Hyun, from Jung-ha’s life. How they are similar. That they are not what they think to be; monsters. Like how Ji-an has said to Hyun, not to think that way about himself. “If you do think that way, then you’re wrong.”
IRY Ep7-23

Appreciation picture: This moment is really beautiful. Look at the butterfly and the lights. And, of course, Seo In Guk and Jang Na Ra!
IRY Ep7-40


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