I Remember You – Episode 8 Review

Would you be sad if someone related to you doesn’t remember you when you meet again in adulthood? Of course, we would be. I went through that once, no, make that few times, and it was kind of upsetting.

The past is revealed, the part which Hyun has forgotten. And the assumptions we have from the past 7 episodes are confirmed in this episode. Even though we already know who is who, this is just getting more and more excited and really interesting as this is what I Remember You about. The title for this episode is ‘Remember Me’.

IRY Ep8-2
Ji-an is attacked by a man, but manages to get herself up to defend herself and counterattack. Woohoo! Strong woman!
IRY Ep8-4 IRY Ep8-3
Looking the pictures he received which he notices the pattern of them, he figures out that someone is in danger – Ji-an. At the same time, Sun-ho is just standing outside, knowing what is going on and looks back at the Ji-an’s fallen oranges in his car. Oh, so he purposely take her oranges? To play hero? Pffftt. Sun-ho is deciding whether to ‘save’ her or not.
IRY Ep8-6 IRY Ep8-5
Sun-ho decides to go to Ji-an’s house and pretends to be taken aback by the mysterious man and helps Ji-an to ‘fight’ against him, whispering to him to run away. Hyun arrives to see that Sun-ho is already there and questions him suspiciously, since everything happened to Ji-an seem to be coincidence.
IRY Ep8-10 IRY Ep8-11
After being discharged from hospital the same night, Ji-an decides to stay at the police station since the killer won’t go there. However, Hyun keeps contemplating whether to bring her to his home or not, hah. To repay her debt (since he stayed over at her house before) or to not because of her messy personality? Heh.
IRY Ep8-12
Well, in the end, Hyun brings Ji-an to his home. “I will let you be in my debt,” Hyun says to which Ji-an corrects, “You are not letting me be in your debt, but you are paying your debt to me.” When Ji-an says she is going to use his bathroom, Hyun got cut off (wanted to say where is it) by Ji-an who assures him that she know the place very well. HAHA, I am not surprise by this anymore.
IRY Ep8-14 IRY Ep8-13
At night, Hyun keeps saying ‘No’ multiple times in his sleep, and in his dream, he called out for Min who was taken away in a car. Hmm, another part of memories? Since we did not see that part before. Ji-an hears it and goes to check on him. Andddd he held her hands, still in sleeping mode, when she pats on his shoulder.
IRY Ep8-16 IRY Ep8-17
Ji-an calls Sun-ho to meet up to ask about Yang Seung-hoon and whether he is seeking revenge on her. Besides that, she asks whether he has other interest in her, hah. Sun-ho doesn’t hesitant to say yes and that it’s second time. Ji-an thinks that the first interest must be his first love/girl. However, we see young Min in the flashback. Omg, yes, Sun-ho is really Min! Well, I, we all, know about this fact, but still. This finally confirms our theory from the start.
IRY Ep8-18
Sun-ho’s first interest is none other than his hyung, Lee Hyun. Young Min: “I want to become like Hyung.” Sun-ho’s voice: “But, Dad took Hyung away from me.” Aw, Min/Sun-ho must really love his older brother a lot.
IRY Ep8-19 IRY Ep8-20
That night when Lee Joon-young came over, young Min then went to hide in the car. After a while, Joon-young got in and started the car and recognised Min as young Hyun had talked about him.
IRY Ep8-21 IRY Ep8-22
Min wanted to get out of the car, however, Joon-young locked the car and drove off, with Hyun calling after him and then fell (that’s when a hole is created in his memory). And it’s the same as what Hyun dream. Ah, so, Hyun probably forgot this part about Min being taken away and just got it back while dreaming.
IRY Ep8-23
With the information of the art’s owner/artist which we seen in first/second episode from Hyun’s art director friend, he goes to that company to get ‘hired’, lol what. His qualifications are too good already. But, he ‘forces’ them to hire him. So, now that he can access the room and the dock where boxes are, he checks around.
IRY Ep8-25 IRY Ep8-24
He sees one with blood mark and just literally push it to reveal a body, a woman who used be the company’s bookkeeper. Ohgawd, smart. But, ohgawd, so that’s how a murder without corpse happens?! An insider to transport and another on the ship to throw it into the sea. Woah, smart move, killer.
IRY Ep8-28 IRY Ep8-27
The team arrives, as called by Hyun, and is surprised to see Hyun there. Myung-woo is forever complaining about how Hyun is always at murder crime scene and always suspecting him, LOL. And nobody seems to care about his complaints, hah.
IRY Ep8-30 IRY Ep8-29
Ji-an and Hyun talk about the trust between the partners. And, omg, Hyun reach her face to tuck her hair behind her ear. Ahh, thissss!
IRY Ep8-31 IRY Ep8-32
Myung-woo caught a suspect (I think his name is Jang Ilk-gu) who confesses that he killed the woman and put her in the box. Just when they thought it’s over with his confession, Hyun barges into the room like a boss.
IRY Ep8-33 IRY Ep8-34
He has other purposes – to find out who is the killer, what his work and pattern are like. Ilk-gu did not know that it was a body in the every box he was tasked to deliver by an unknown man which he only knows his voice.
IRY Ep8-35
Recently, Ilk-gu saw what was in the box and the body was that old man, Prosecutor Shin, who disappeared. And the signature, which young Min drew then, was drawn on the heel of the foot.
IRY Ep8-37 IRY Ep8-36
Hyun asks how many from then to now did he deliver onto the boat. Pulling out the bracelet of beads, Ilk-gu replies that one per person, he puts a bead on, as a souvenir. And there’re MANY. I think Hyun feels conflicted about this amount as he thinks that his younger brother has been killing many people. Oh damn.
IRY Ep8-38 IRY Ep8-39
The painting of that signature double confirms that Sun-ho is really a serial killer. Gawd, I knew this, but he doesn’t look like one.
IRY Ep8-40 IRY Ep8-41
He thinks about his conversation with Ji-an. He admits to Ji-an that he sees that person from time to time, but that person doesn’t recognise him. Ji-an: “Then, you go acknowledge it first and talk to that person. Don’t just wait to be remembered. This is who I am and why don’t you remember me? All you have to do is honestly ask.” But Sun-ho replies back that it’s like a game to him. He thinks to himself, “Remember me.” We flashback to the times they first met and the other times they meet again now that they are grown up.
IRY Ep8-46 IRY Ep8-45
Ilk-gu and Sun-ho walk past each other, Sun-ho knowing who he is. When he speaks to Ji-an, Ilk-hu immediately recognises his voice.

From young, Sun-ho has always liked his brother and even want to be like him. So, he must be really hurt and upset that his own brother doesn’t recognise him at all when they meet again. I am curious about his reason for becoming a psychopath. Does he want his hyung’s attention that he went on killing spree and even hung up his arts, along with his killer’s signature, which his brother would only recognise? Perhaps Sun-ho/Min was born psychopath, but his father thought that Hyun was the one, therefore mistaking? Also, I think young Min knew about this and planted ‘Hyun is a monster’ in his father’s mind by lying about the art drawings and also told him not to trust Hyun. Or it could be that Joon-young had been ‘teaching’ him psychopathy and on how to murder without leaving the corpse behind? Eyyyy, that’s really…
IRY Ep8-42

This is just getting more and more interesting. It is reaching its climax and we have to wait till next week! I wonder how Sun-ho is going to reveal his identity to Hyun. I am really liking the word ‘remember’ now, thanks to this drama, hahah. I like how this show revolves around Hyun’s memories and Sun-ho/Min’s keeping his real identity from Hyun. This drama is really different from other crime thriller dramas I watched. It is really very refreshing and makes me want more of it. And, are we going to see romance soon? Yes, I may not really like romance in such drama, but Na Ra’s and In Guk’s chemistry is awesome!
IRY Ep8-43


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