High Society – Episodes 11 & 12 Review

Understanding your best friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend after they broke up and hanging out with him/her which gets your best friend jealous or doesn’t like it – that’s High Society. Or does it happen in real life too?

Episode 11
HSo Ep11-1
Yoon-ha confronts Joon-ki about his true intentions for approaching her and already knowing about her background.  He is brutally honest about everything whichever Yoon-ha asks. Wow, so honest.
HSo Ep11-2 HSo Ep11-3
Joon-ki has known all along since Chang-soo recognised her at the supermarket that day, so it means that he already knew about her when she tried to set him up with Ji-yi. Well, at least, Ji-yi and Joon-ki don’t have romantic feelings for each other.
HSo Ep11-4
At the same time, Chang-soo and Ji-yi go to a hotel room. It’s awkward but it would be even weirder if they leave the room as they just come in. They sit on the bed and Ji-yi asks for a story from Chang-soo.
HSo Ep11-5 HSo Ep11-6
Chang-soo talks about a frog and a scorpion. (Well well, that’s the story is a must in chaebol dramas uh? It was talked about in Mask drama, haha.) The agreed to help the scorpion to cross the river, even though they would both drown and die if the frog is stung. In the end, the scorpion stung the frog to which the frog asked why. The scorpion said: “I couldn’t help it. Stinging is in my nature.”
HSo Ep11-7
Chang-soo says that he could end up being like the scorpion and hurt Ji-yi unknowingly to which Ji-yi says that she rather they meet the same fate together if she get hurt and that it’s fine with her. He pulls her down into the bed, with him in the top of her. Rawr. Ji-yi is given a chance to say that she is scared, but she says that it’s her choice and that she is not scared. In return, she asks him to promise him not to say he is sorry. They seal it with a kiss.
HSo Ep11-8 HSo Ep11-9
Even a girl does a broody shower like other men, LOL. Yoon-ha looks into the mirror, like how Joon-ki did before, and vows to her reflection: “The dream you have… Is reality to me. Just wait. I’ll step on you.”
HSo Ep11-10
She goes for a new haircut and she looks better with it!
HSo Ep11-11 HSo Ep11-12
Ji-yi goes for the first day of work at Yoon-ha’s company. Chang-soo tells her mother not to bother Ji-yi anymore as they have already broken up. Whatt, no way, right?
HSo Ep11-13 HSo Ep11-14
Yup, they did not break up as they meet during lunch time. Gahh, they are just so cute together. They eat at nearby snack food stall which Chang-soo complains about unhygienic, but still tries the food anyway. He nods approvingly when he tastes the food, hah.
HSo Ep11-17
Same thing when Chang-soo tries Ji-yi’s instant coffee from the vending machine, which he doesn’t let Ji-yi see, hahah.
HSo Ep11-20
Yoon-ha makes Joon-ki wait for an hour and he knows that she is behind this and heads for her office. They talk about love blah blah. Joon ki asks if she loves him, but Yoon-ha replies no. She loved him when he was pretending to make a good impression on her. Joon-ki counters: “If you loved me then, then you have to love me now. That’s love. Even if I did wrong to you… Even if you can’t understand me with your head, you should accept me with your heart. That’s love”
HSo Ep11-18 HSo Ep11-19 - Copy
She asks why he didn’t lie. He replies, “Because I love you. So I couldn’t lie.” Oh okay. Too late for that.
HSo Ep11-21 HSo Ep11-22
Joon-ki meets with Chang-soo on the rooftop to tell about his new job which Ye-won has scouted him. They talk as if Chang-soo is having unrequited love, lol. Chang-soo asks why he didn’t accept him just as he was to which Joon-ki replies that he did, however, it’s just that he wouldn’t give Chang-soo his heart. They joke around, being friends again and Chang-soo even offers his opened hand whenever Joon-ki needs it. Aw, yeah!
HSo Ep11-23 HSo Ep11-24
Ji-yi and Yoon-ha drink by the river, with Yoon-ha still angry with Joon-ki from earlier. She tells Yoon-ha that she understands Joon-ki for choosing living over love and she wonders what she is doing now, loving Chang-soo.
HSo Ep11-26 HSo Ep11-25
Chang-soo arrives home with his mother waiting for him. She asks him to sit and shows him the photos of him and Ji-yi together secretly, despite having said that they have broken up. Well not so secretly since he has been caught. Wah sia, his mother… Chang-soo’s mother asks, “Do you like having Ji-yi suffer?”
HSo Ep11-27
At the same time, Ji-yi arrives home to landlord waiting for her. Ji-yi is taken aback when she is asked to move out immediately and told that someone else will pay her more. This has gotten to be Chang-soo’s mother’s doing. Ugh.

Episode 12
HSo Ep12-2
Yoon-ha comes up and asks what is it about, and even talks legal terms. Yay, go, Yoon-ha! For saving Ji-yi from being kicked out from her rooftop house. Ji-yi knows who is behind all these and it’s Chang-soo’s mother.
HSo Ep12-3 HSo Ep12-4
Over at Chang-soo’s house, Chang-soo has nothing to answer her mother’s question, warns his mother against meeting Ji-yi in the future, having admitted defeat and promises that he won’t meet Ji-yi again. Chang-soo: “You won, Mom. I lost. There I said it. So have some mercy and leave Ji-yi alone.”
HSo Ep12-6 HSo Ep12-7
Chang-soo and Ji-yi think about each other that night, with tears forming in Chang-soo’s eyes. Ji-yi send him a text message, “Let’s stop filming a movie now. I’m going back to reality.” Ji-yi receives a call from her mother and cries. Ohh, it’s a rare thing regarding her parents.
HSo Ep12-8 HSo Ep12-9
Ye-won still dislike her youngest sister, Yoon-ha. I don’t get why. Is it because she feels threatened that she might take over the company? From what we see, their father seems to be always testing their children and never really praise them. Like how he always ‘tested’ their brother, Kyung-joon. Kyung-joon must have a reason for leaving everything behind regarding the company for Yoon-ha as he seemed that he wants Yoon-ha to take over, instead of Ye-won.
HSo Ep12-10 HSo Ep12-11
Ji-yi has called Chang-soo’s mother to meet up at her workplace. She assures her that she won’t be meeting Chang-soo, sounding positive despite knowing what Chang-soo’s mother has done. Ji-yi tells her not to come looking for her anymore, because if she does, Ji-yi might come to like her and thinks that she would not be able to break up. Chang-soo’s mother is flabbergasted by how she reacts to all these. Go, Ji-yi! I love Ji-yi and her thinking!
HSo Ep12-13 HSo Ep12-12
Ji-yi joins Joon-ki at the same table during lunch time, and Yoon-ha witnesses how they are friendly with each other. She doesn’t join them and doesn’t seem to like what she see.
HSo Ep12-14
Because Ji-yi’s situation is similar to Joon-ki’s, she tells Yoon-ha to understand Joon-ki. She breaks the news that she has broken up with Chang-soo and admits that it was bit weird for Chang-soo to call Yoon-ha.
HSo Ep12-15 HSo Ep12-16
Chang-soo waits in Yoon-ha’s office where Ji-yi comes to deliver the documents and is surprised to see him there. He confronts her about her breakup text to which Ji-yi says that his mother told her that he would break up with her. Chang-soo is surprised to hear that Ji-yi was the one who initiated meeting with his mother first. And, I love her line: “Why does your mom take part in our relationship… when we’re both adults?” Exactly the question we all ask every time. When Chang-soo apologises, Ji-yi corrects him to say “You have worked hard,” not “sorry.”
HSo Ep12-29 HSo Ep12-28
Chairman Jang collapses at his mistress’ house. Uh-oh, this can’t be any good.
HSo Ep12-17
Later that night, Chang-soo and Yoon-ha go out for dinner and Yoon-ha, trying to being Chang-soo and her best friend together, calls her to come join them.
HSo Ep12-18
However, Ji-yi is eating and drinking with Joon-ki at the street vendor. She asks whether the chair is uncomfortable because Chang-soo complained about it last time.
HSo Ep12-21 HSo Ep12-22
Ji-yi staggers home with Joon-ki and attempts to talk about the frog and the scorpion story to Joon-ki which he already knew the story. At the same time, Yoon-ha and Chang-soo are also walking the same street in the opposite direction. When Chang-soo asks Ji-yi what she is doing, she answers that Joon-ki is taking her home to which Yoon-ha says, “Let’s go.” However, Ji-yi says the same thing, pulling Joon-ki by the arm.
HSo Ep12-23 HSo Ep12-31
Chang-soo grabs Ji-yi by the wrist but Ji-yi protests that she doesn’t want to go.
HSo Ep12-27 HSo Ep12-25
Surprisingly, Joon-ki grabs Chang-soo’s wrist to stop him as he says that Ji-yi doesn’t want to go. Yoon-ha sees it all, being the one odd there, as you can see in the header picture of this post. Okay, wow, what’s going on in here?

I feel that everything is going at ‘fast’ pace for this week’s episodes. When they ended, I wanted more and I admit that it’s getting interesting now, among the four. I want to see how it’s going to turn out now that we have 4 more episodes left. Well, I don’t really like how this is going in these episodes because it looks like there would be a couple swap which I hope it doesn’t happen!

That thought aside, it feels more like, one is trying to make other jealous – Ji-yi making Chang-soo jealous by using Joon-ki and Joon-ki maybe trying to make Yoon-ha jealous too by being with Ji-yi. But I believe that these two couples are totally different. Chang-soo and Ji-yi can’t be together due to Chang-soo’s mother, and I know that they would never break up but are forced to. So, Ji-yi is trying to distance herself from Chang-soo in order not to affect his future. As for Yoon-ha and Joon-ki, Yoon-ha feels betrayed in terms of love that she was being used by Joon-ki to get what he wants therefore she broke up with him, however, Joon-ki has come to love her. Similarly, they can’t be together due to class difference too. And, what’s more, the girls are best friends, and the guys have known each other for long time. I fear that the girls’ friendship might be strained due to the guys. Y’know. Gawd, these fours are so complicated in terms of both relationship and friendship.

Despite that, it’s getting interesting and I am putting my trust in the writers regarding the couple, that there WON’T be any couple swap.
HSo Ep12-30


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