The Producers – Overall Review

Year: 2015
Korean Channel: KBS
Episodes: 12
Korean title: 프로듀사

Very short summary
It revolves around the life of producers who work in the network’s variety department, keep hectic schedules of filming, editing and all-night meetings in KBS building. This drama features various anecdotes about producers and non-producers happening in Entertainment Department. It’s not an easy life, they mostly have to deal with low ratings, even after working so hard.

The Characters
This drama showcases the actors’ and actresses’ amazing acting skills, especially Kim Soo Hyun.
Prod ep8-1
I never really thought Kim Soo Hyun is such a great actor, even after watching him in You Who Came From the Stars and the movies Secretly, Greatly (2013) and The Thieves (2012). Yes, he was great in those drama and movies, however his acting in The Producers proves that he can really act anything with almost no limit to his acting.
Prod ep11-1 Prod ep12-1
His role in this drams is totally different from the previous roles he played. This is why, even though there are many great actors and actresses (like now-teen Kim So Hyun) out there, Soo Hyun is one of those I am impressed by. The way he portrayed Baek Seung-chan is very convincing. His expressions. Usually, people would have almost same expressions for that specific expression. However, for Kim Soo Hyun, as Baek Seun-chan, the way his face expressed is really different from his other roles’ for a specific expression.
Prod ep12-2
Seung-chan’s drunk habit is really hilarious and even intimate someone’s drunk habit being an aegyo monster, hah! And, yup, it’s Tak Ye-jin’s drunk habit (played by Gong Hyo Jin).

Prod ep9-1
I have only seen Cha Tae Hyun in variety shows and know him as one of Kim Jong Kook’s best friends. I like how he is a cast of 1 Night 2 Days and he was a producer of new season of 1N2D in this drama, hah. This makes it feel more like we’re looking into the future of 1N2D.
Prod ep7-2 Prod ep8-2
His role, Ra Joon-mo, always seems frustrated all the time, haha. I like how Tae Hyun portray Joon-mo as if he is tired of living, but all he wanted is for his program to be successful, however, it keeps failing. I feel that this drama is more like telling us how the producers and writers in real life struggle to get more ratings and how they work very hard just for the viewers. But I don’t think there is such producer like Joon-mo?
Prod ep9-4
What I like about him is that he worries for a star, especially Cindy (played by IU) and still keep her in his program even though she was cursed out by whole media, thanks to her agency CEO.

Prod ep8-7
Ah, I like this actress, Gong Hyo Jin! I have seen her in It’s Okay, That’s Love and Master’s Sun. I liked her in Master’s Sun and like Kim Soo Hyun, she portrays the different roles very differently as if they were different people. Especially how her role in this drama, Tak Ye-jin, is really different from her role in Master’s Sun.
Prod ep8-8 Prod ep10-5
I am sure that Tak Ye-jin’s fashion sense is really bad, haha. xD Well, that’s one thing I noticed about her. I like how Ye-jin’s attitude become better each episode, from being bitchy to being nice, especially towards Cindy.
Prod ep8-3
Ye-jin does take care of Cindy well. She even helps to clear her name when everyone else thought Cindy has been lying.

Prod ep9-3
Speaking of Cindy who was portrayed by IU, when I first see her in this drama, I thought IU’s acting was alright. However, I was wrong. As I watch each episode, her acting surprises me. From being rude star to being nice and soft star. I like how Cindy’s heart softens ever since Baek Seung-chan came into her life. I like how she starts to open up to Tak Ye-jin.
Prod ep1-2 Prod ep12-3
For some reasons, I don’t know why but I like and I’d like to have Cindy’s OCD. 😛 I like how she organises and know everything related to recycling and first-aid which surprised the producers.

Not to forget the supporting characters who also play big-small parts in this drama.

Prod ep9-2
Kim Jong Kook – It is his acting debut, and I am surprised at how good he can act. There’re a lot of rooms for improvement, though. I like how his character, Kim Hong Soon, lights up the show everytime he comes on. Hong-soon’s personality is different from his real personality, especially I watch him on Running Man. Hah.
Prod ep10-1 Prod ep10-2
Especially his relationship with that woman, Ko Yang-Mi, who is stingy with papers, hahah. Their relationship is freaking hilarious.

Prod ep10-4
Lee Joo Seung – His role is one mysterious character. He played Kim Joon-bae, who is revealed in last episode, to be either a ghost or an illusion in Seung-chan’s mind. I bet he is a ghost, since he knows everything going on and even give Seung-chan tips. This character is really interesting part of this drama.

Prod ep12-5
Kim Sun Ah – She is only 20 years old this year! Wow, her figure in this drama is no joke. Even though her character Kim Da-jung is such a brat, I like how she gives Ye-jin an advice on relationship.

There are many more, but these are ones that catch my attention.

Love Square?
Prod ep7-5 Prod ep7-6
Let me make this short. Cindy likes Seung-chan, Seung-chan likes Ye-jin, Ye-jin likes Joon-mo and Joon-mo? Well, obviously he likes Ye-jin back! It’s due to their 20-years friendship, that Joon-mo wasn’t able to confess for he was afraid of losing his friendship with Ye-jin. But, hey, at least, I like how this drama ends with Joon-mo and Ye-jin ending up together. As for Seung-chan and Cindy, I like how they are friends, if not couple. They are better off friends, really. 😛

Cameos after cameos
Prod ep1-1 Prod ep8-6
This drama should probably get an award for the most number of cameo appearances. Girls’ Generation TTS, Go Ah Ra, Lee Seung Gi, ‘Hello Counselor’ casts, JYP, Lee Chun Hee, Jang Hyuk, Sandara Park, Park Bo Gum and many more.

I was really looking forward to The Producers since the casting was announced. And also because of its writer who was also the writer of You Who Came from the Stars. The casts are AMAZING, yes. However, the story plot is kind of alright, as it is more like mockumentary of variety show’s workplace. What I don’t like about it is that each episode is too long. D: I even took a long time to finish this drama. At least it didn’t disappoint me, I like how it ends. Such a nice and funny ending, with the interviews and all.

Yup, this show gives more of comedy and the feel of amazing actors and actresses. No wonder it got double ratings for its first episode. I can say that it’s really different from other dramas. I can see that the production team has put a lot of work into the casts, but not really much of story plot. The thing I like about this drama the most, is the producers (Seung-chan, Ye-jin and Joon-mo) becoming closer with the popular star, Cindy. Cindy even got friends, thanks to them who are there for her. Especially Joon-mo. He couldn’t help the star before Cindy in the past, and now he does what he couldn’t to help Cindy such as keeping her as one of his star casts on 1N2D.

Overall,… Well, I like when these four are together! And two of them only end up being a couple.
Prod ep8-5


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