The Time I Loved You – Episodes 5 & 6 Review

An old love is back into Hana’s life and Choi Won is trying to prevent her from getting hurt all over again. We now have two persons trying to in the way of the long-time friendship between Hana and Won. This is mostly about Won’s perspective and his ‘secret’ which he isn’t ‘allowed’ to love Hana.

Episode 5
Ttily ep5-1
Seo-hoo, Hana’s ex-boyfriend whom she was crazy in love with, is now back. We are brought back to the flashback when Hana skipped her own promotion party dinner to meet him at the airport.
Ttily ep5-2
Won heard this from Hana and went to airport where he just in time witnessed them kiss from far distance.
Ttily ep5-3 Ttily ep5-28
In present, Won has been trying to prevent Hana from seeing Seo-hoo, so that Hana won’t be wavered by him again.
Ttily ep5-9 Ttily ep5-10
Seo-hoo visits Won at his work to confirm one thing: Won and Hana are still friends, right? Won and Seo-hoo are seem to never be on good terms at all as Seo-hoo says that Won is at fault for getting in the way of their relationship, and that he will never allow Won to do that again. Won backs up that he will never let Seo-hoo toy with Hana again nor let her be wavered again, but Hana being wavered is her choice.
Ttily ep5-19 Ttily ep5-18
It turns out that Won has known all along that Seo-hoo is not what Hana thought to be. In Won’s flashback, when Seo-hoo returned to Korea, he saw Seo-hoo arm-in-arm with other girl and joined even more other girls, while Hana explained to Won on the phone that he had important meeting.
Ttily ep5-21
And, Hana was abandoned by Seo-hoo years ago. When everyone else had left, Won stayed behind for Hana. No wonder Won is being like that.
Ttily ep5-8 Ttily ep5-7
So-eun is brave to be showing her feelings towards Won, but I hate it that she is always wanting to tag along with Hana and Won when they plan to go cycling on weekend. I can’t believe she actually bring herself with no one asking her, ohgawd.
Ttily ep5-13 Ttily ep5-14
Ttily ep5-11 Ttily ep5-12
When Won teaches Hana on how to stand properly to hit the ball with the baseball bat properly, So-eun sees it and tries to make Won to teach her as well, just to get close with him physically. However, Won just gives her money to firstly get the bat and an advice. HAHAHA, burn.
Ttily ep5-15
Hana receives a rabbit doll from an anonymous person who turns out to be Seo-hoo and it means that he wants to date again, as answered by one of Won’s colleagues. But Hana doesn’t know the meaning.
Ttily ep5-16 Ttily ep5-17
Seo-hoo comes to Hana’s workplace to see her and it’s their first meeting in a long time. But Hana won’t be wavered by his sudden appearance. She says that, as always, he only says what he wants to say and hears what he wants to hear.
Ttily ep5-22 Ttily ep5-23
Seo-hoo sends Hana flowers and texts her that he will be coming to fetch her and says that he have something to say. Hana is supposed to go see a movie with Won, however, Hana actually waits for Seo-hoo at her workplace.
Ttily ep5-24 Ttily ep5-25
Won goes to look for Hana and after guessing that she is waiting for Seo-hoo, scolds her for doing that when she already knew better after going through all the hurt. Hana says that she knows that Seo-hoo is a bad guy, but still want to at least hear an apology or an explanation. “I want to ask why he sent the rabbit doll.”
Ttily ep5-26
Frustrated, Won takes Hana by her wrist to home to rip up the doll, saying that there is something bad inside it. When they reach outside Hana’s home, Seo-hoo is there: “Am I really late? Sorry for making you wait.” Won pulls Hana behind her defensively and tells Seo-hoo to buzz off.

Is Seo-hoo really a player? I wonder if he is for real this time round. But, no, Hana cannot be wavered by him again, like Won said! I like how Won is protective over Hana when it comes to Seo-hoo as he doesn’t want his best friend to be hurt again.

Episode 6
Ttily ep6-1
Standing strong, Hana tells Se-hoo that she is not waiting for him, refusing to give him the satisfaction of knowing that she has been waiting for him. Both Hana and Won go into Hana’s house, leaving Seo-hoo behind. YAY, Hana!
Ttily ep6-2 Ttily ep6-3
Things don’t look good when Seo-hoo and So-eun meet for the first time. When they both found out that they both know Won and Hana, Seo-hoo asks her for a favour. No, this can’t be a good thing.
Ttily ep6-4 Ttily ep6-5
Well, as it turns out, So-eun ‘helps’ to ‘arrange’ a date with Hana for Seo-hoo when Hana doesn’t answer Seo-hoo’s messages. Asking what he wants, Seo-hoo answers that he realised something that he didn’t know before: that he is always thinking about her. No, don’t waver, Hana!
Ttily ep6-6 Ttily ep6-7
So-eun tells Won that Hana and Seo-hoo are meeting together, not saying that she is the one who sets up the date (ugh), which got Won to yell at her. He asks where they are and storms off to find them.
Ttily ep6-8 Ttily ep6-9
Not being able to contact Hana, Won finds Seo-hoo and grabs him by collar to demand his answer why he is always appearing in front of Hana. Seo-hoo states that has it not been for Won, he and Hana wouldn’t have turned out this way. Won growls that things wouldn’t have turned out this way if Seo-hoo didn’t hurt her. However, Seo-hoo disagrees, he says that Won has always been the one who keep preventing him from taking care of Hana and always blocking him.
Ttily ep6-10 Ttily ep6-11
So-eun is always running to Mi-hyang whenever she wants to know something about Won or wants to get closer with them both. Omg, ugh, this girl definitely knows how to play well. And she is always feigning innocence. Ugh, why don’t you just get lost?
Ttily ep6-12
Hana goes drinking with her high-school friends who one of them, Jung-mi, is upset over losing her fiancé and long-time friend. While drunk, they expected Won to come, but Jung-mi’s ex-fiancé, Chang-soo, comes instead. He immediately drops to his knees in front of Jung-mi to apologise and says that he wants to start all over again, because he realises that he cannot live without her. They hug each other and Hana smiles at their reconciliation.
Ttily ep6-13 Ttily ep6-14
Won asks So-eun why she keeps showing her feelings towards him to which she answers, “Because if I hide my feelings, then the other person wouldn’t know my heart. Because then there’s a chance that I might lose that person.” This gets him thinking. Well, it’s kind of true…
Ttily ep6-15
On the rooftop, Won thinks back to high school when Hana told him what she said about him during truth of dare game when she was asked about what Won means to her. She said that she answered: “Until I die, Choi Won is someone who will be more important to me than my boyfriend, husband or family. I hope we’ll stay that way. That’s my honest answer.”
Ttily ep6-16 Ttily ep6-17
That was when he got beaten up after. Won admitted to Hana that she was the reason for getting hurt. She told him not worry that she would not love him either. However, that’s not what Won wanted to hear.
Ttily ep6-18 Ttily ep6-19
Another flashback when Won secretly look at Hana read a book in library till the lights went out. They made way to each other in darkness, and when Hana turned around, her lips accidentally bumped into Won’s. Ooohhh, this scene looks more like Won leaning in to kiss Hana, hahaha. 😛
Ttily ep6-20

Well, I wonder if Won’s secret is him having special feelings towards Hana. Well, I don’t think so. There has to be other type of secret. It looks like Won is suffering alone in order not to let Hana be hurt. Hana is a girl who wants someone to love her and yet many guys hurt her, especially Seo-hoo. Seo-hoo is now in my blacklist, along with So-eun. Hahah. I am not even sure if Seo-hoo is sincere about getting back together with Hana, but I don’t think so. Actually, I like how So-eun is not afraid to show her feelings, but I hate the way she does to get in the way of the friendship between Won and Hana in order to get Won’s attention. No, that’s not the way. But, good thing Won isn’t falling for So-eun and her evil schemes.
Ttily ep6-21


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