Oh My Ghostess – Episode 5 Review

Bong-sun’s back! It’s nice to see Bong-sun back to her old ways. However, it’s not a good thing for her as she has been ‘out’ for weeks and she has to make sense of what is going on in a day and not letting her colleagues know the real reason about her sudden change and all.

OMGhost ep5-2
Now that Bong-sun is back in her body, she wakes up with strange surrounding where Sun-woo has brought her to hospital. Looking at the current date, she realises that it has been two weeks and the last time she remembers was when she was feeling sleepy at the bus stop.
OMGhost ep5-4 OMGhost ep5-3
She finds out that her room at the dormitory is gone and her own appearance is not like her. Frightened, she calls her grandmother to tell her that she can’t remember anything, and her grandmother says that her instinct is right. That Bong-sun has been possessed by a ghost. I knew it! I knew that her grandmother would know!
OMGhost ep5-5 OMGhost ep5-6
Soon-ae’s man of vitality is right in front of her and yet still can’t touch him. Must be frustrating for her, since she wants to get laid. Deciding someone who has higher chance, she goes to look for So-hyang.
OMGhost ep5-7 OMGhost ep5-8
Soon-ae tries to run into So-hyang’s body to possess her, however, she is repelled by her strong ki (energy). I like how this works, that a ghost can’t just possess anyone she/he wants, due to ki.
OMGhost ep5-9 OMGhost ep5-10
Bong-sun is found by Sung-jae and brought to police station to give her a warm cup of coffee before bringing her back to Sun-woo at the restaurant. He gives me creeps…
OMGhost ep5-11 OMGhost ep5-12
He even purposely hit an old grandmother’s cart with his police car as he drives by.
OMGhost ep5-26
When the shaman ahjumma goes over to Sun-woo’s mother’s house, she comes across a photo of Sung-jae, she finds it strange that it’s like he is the same person but something’s different. Gawd, is he really possessed? If he is, I wonder if the ghost has already taken over Sung-jae’s body.
OMGhost ep5-27 OMGhost ep5-28
When Soon-ae’s father passes out and Sung-jae comes over, he sees him lying on the floor however, he just stares at him, not panicking or calling him at all. He just leave him there and leave the store. Gawd, he is really a heartless person, or the ghost is. Either he or the ghost is definitely a psychopath.
OMGhost ep5-16 OMGhost ep5-15
At the restaurant, Bong-sun is back to saying ‘I’m sorry’ again and her sudden change back to her old self surprise everyone. The assistants: “Why there no happy medium with her? I was just starting to like the new her.”
OMGhost ep5-17 OMGhost ep5-18
While working, Soon-ae tries to talk to Bong-sun, however, Bong-sun pretends not to see not hear her, like how her grandmother told her to do. But, it’s even making her look crazy when she goes off running around saying to invisible things (to others), “I can’t hear you!” Uh-oh, it feels like something is going to happen especially there are VIP customers.
OMGhost ep5-21
When Bong-sun is sent by Sun-woo to get more torches from the basement, Soon-ae follows her, trying to talk to her into lending her body. When it looks like Soon-ae isn’t going to give up, Bong-sun takes her grandmother’s second advice to look her in the eyes to say “I’m not a pushover.”
OMGhost ep5-19 OMGhost ep5-20
However, Bong-sun stammers on the words and fires the torch to keep Soon-ae at distance. Soon-ae takes a step forward which makes Bong-sun whirl around and accidentally aim the fire at the shelves which erupt in fire.
OMGhost ep5-25
After the fire incident, Sun-woo takes Bong-sun somewhere, explaining that he knows she is not well and asks her to consider this a medical examination. Bong-sun doesn’t protest or say anything like an excuse. She just goes along with him. I guess she knows that saying anything will not be useful.
OMGhost ep5-29 OMGhost ep5-30
After the check-up where the doctor told Sun-woo that Bong-sun might have bipolar disorder, Sun-woo lends the rooftop storage room to Bong-sun for her to stay, aw yeah.
OMGhost ep5-32 OMGhost ep5-31
Sun-woo cooks cabbage porridge for Bong-sun, which is actually Bong-sun’s online recipe but he doesn’t know that. Double aw.
OMGhost ep5-34
It’s filming day and Bong-sun finds out that her possessed self has been doing filming and panics, telling Sun-woo that she can’t do it. Sun-woo tells her to just trust him. And I half-expected her to look for Soon-ae to possess her to help her in filming.
OMGhost ep5-35 OMGhost ep5-36
Back to when Soon-ae’s father has fainted after being left by cold-hearted Sung-jae, Soon-ae finds his father collapsed after she has successfully flipped the notebook to reveal the money. Panicking, she goes out to look for a person to possess, however their ki are too strong. She decides to find Bong-sun and takes off running. Don’t ghost get tired when it comes to running? And can’t they fly? 😛
OMGhost ep5-37
At the station, when it’s Bong-sun’s turn to continue what Sun-woo has been doing, she accidentally spills the flour and Soon-ae dashes up to her side, begging for her help.
OMGhost ep5-38 OMGhost ep5-39
Bong-sun runs off with Soon-ae following her and desperately begging her to just make a call as her father has collapsed. Her begging makes Bong-sun thinks, as if wanting to help her, and turns around when someone else calls her name, giving Soon-ae an opportunity to possess her.
OMGhost ep5-40
She gets ready and makes a dash for her body. Ah, we get another round of possessed Bong-sun in next episode!

One thing I have to say: Park Bo Young! She is so darn good at acting out that she makes Soon-ae (in her body) and Bong-sun totally like a different person, as if she is possessed for real. Though we don’t get to see cuteness and lightness in this episode, we get to see more of Bong-sun and her personality. Like how she never open up to anyone, including Sun-woo, about her sudden change in behaviour. She never really stand up for herself, unlike Soon-ae.
OMGhost ep5-24

I can see that Sun-woo is starting to care about Bong-sun, however, it’s because he thought she is really sick, having a disorder. Bong-sun knows that, but still let him think that way instead of telling him the truth as he might thought she might be crazy since he doesn’t believe in ghosts. That aside, see how adorable these two when they woke up and open the doors at the same time, bumping into each other, HAH.
OMGhost ep5-33


2 thoughts on “Oh My Ghostess – Episode 5 Review

  1. er mer gersh i love possessed bong sun and i wish that sunwoo ends up with the possessed bong sun it just seems so natural but then she’s a ghost and the feels on the feels i cant i urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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