Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 3 Review

I am enjoying this episode more than the last two episodes now that we are on the plot. I like how this vampire mythology is different from other vampire shows I watch. (Yup, I am talking about The Vampire Diaries, and I love ittt.) This drama’s mythology is quite refreshing as I find that the writers are creative with it.

SWWTN ep3-1
Yang-sun asks if Sung-yeol is not a human, but something like vampire, before she passes out. Sung-yeol pulls out his hunter dagger to stake through the vampire girl’s heart and the body literally turns into dust. Woah, that’s fast.
SWWTN ep3-3 SWWTN ep3-4
The way Gwi says about not letting Sung-yeol enjoy the tasty meal on his own after tasting Yang-sun’s blood which is left on the tree, it seems like Yang-sun’s blood is special and irresistible. Sung-yeol has to battle his bloodthirst when Yang-sun’s blood is right in front of him.
SWWTN ep3-5
To escape and prevent Gwi from following Yang-sun’s scent, Sung-yeol jumps into the water with Yang-sun in his arms. Of course, as a vampire, he doesn’t need to breathe, and when Yang-sun cannot breathe, Sung-yeol blows air into her mouth.
SWWTN ep3-6 SWWTN ep3-7
When out of water, Sung-yeol performs CPR on Yang-sun. Well, it looks more like a kiss! Life-saving kiss, to be exact! Because she lives! Well, that’s because Sung-yeol wants to find out how she got her hands on 120-years-old book.
SWWTN ep3-35 SWWTN ep3-34
Sung-yeol uses his hunter dagger to cut himself to pour blood onto Yang-sun’s wound and the way it sizzles and heals is amazing. Even pouring a dripping vampire blood onto human’s wound skin will make it heal. But, I guess the vampire has to use that dagger?
SWWTN ep3-9 SWWTN ep3-8
Uh-oh, Gwi has already taken Yang-sun’s bag which has her scent on it, when Sung-yeol looks for it.
SWWTN ep3-13 SWWTN ep3-14
Yang-sun dreams of the encounter with the vampire girl in the forest and Sung-yeol saving her, which is actual reality, and jolts awake. Sung-yeol calls her outside, who says that he saw her collapsed in the forest, not telling the truth about vampires.
SWWTN ep3-15 SWWTN ep3-16
Next day. The way Yang-sun smelling the books outside the door is so cute! Heheh. Both Sung-yeol and Yang-sun go out to the forest to where the potential lead to Eumlan Seosaeng is.
SWWTN ep3-17
Gawd, Su-hyang puts a man on their trail when they left. The look on her face… Jealousy? How can Sung-yeol trust her that much?!
SWWTN ep3-19 SWWTN ep3-20
While walking in the forest, Sung-yeol asks Yang-sun since when she started living as a man to which she replies that she is always lived this way. She never lived as a woman. She explains that she doesn’t have any memories before she was 10 years old, due to a big accident, which was the cause of her scar on her shoulder. She was saved but suffered a lot after that. A passing-by monk had said that she needed to be raised as boy to keep herself alive and to have longevity. Then, she was put in male clothes and woke up the next day.
SWWTN ep3-21
Out hunting with his friend, Yoon knows that someone is following them and hit right on the target when he shot the arrow at the man. Woah, that is unexpected.
SWWTN ep3-28 SWWTN ep3-29
The person behind the man who has been following Prince Yoon, turns out to be head of Sungkyunkwan which the man has the proof when the head keeps declining the accusations.
SWWTN ep3-24
After having no luck in finding a book at the library, Sung-yeol quickly saves Yang-sun from falling and being chased by Su-hyang’s man. Yang-sun is surprised at how fast he got here. Well, why you no suspect his supernatural being? Anyway, whee~!
SWWTN ep3-25 SWWTN ep3-26
Sung-yeol gives pendant which will ward off wild animals, which actually removes her scent from Gwi. It starts to rain and Yang-sung jumps around in joy, which reminds Sung-yeol of Myung-hee.
SWWTN ep3-27
When Yang-sun dips her face into the river water, she recalls Sung-yeol kissing her underwater, I mean blowing air into her mouth underwater, to which she thinks that it’s a dream. She chuckles at herself for having such obscene dreams now, hah.
SWWTN ep3-30 SWWTN ep3-31
Sung-yeol angrily yells at Su-hyang for hiring an assassin to kill Yang-sun without him knowing. Su-hyang asks if he has deeper feelings for Yang-sun which gets him even angrier, stating that Jeonghyeon’s diary is more important than anything else and that he is not so free to allow to be shaken by a woman. He firmly declares that he is keeping Yang-sun as well as Su-hyang and Ho-jin, just to get what he wants. “If you want anything more, leave my side immediately.” Yeah, just leave his side, if you want his love or anything more!
SWWTN ep3-32 SWWTN ep3-33
Yoon saves Yang-sun from being harassed by the loan sharks who keep pressing her for the money which Yoon pays back and tells him to never come looking for her again. Seeing her family’s plight, Yoon thinks that there is no way Yang-sun could be Jin. However, I beg to differ. I think Yang-sun could be Jin. She said that she lost her memory before she was 10. Younger Jin even looked like a girl in the flashbacks.
SWWTN ep3-36 SWWTN ep3-37
In Sung-yeol’s flashbacks, after Gwi bit Prince Sadong, he had managed to get to him to introduce himself, which Sadong had read his name in Jeonghyeon’s diary, and asked him what is the secret plan. Dying, Prince Sadong managed to gasp out, “The way… is people.” Oh, ugh. People? But it means that the diary actually still exists!
SWWTN ep3-40
With the news that the diary is located, Yang-sun and Sung-yeol hurry to out to meet the person. Hmm, it seems that the sunlight is affecting Sung-yeol a lot even though he has black robe on him. Maybe there is a limit or that too much sunlight could drain him of energy.
SWWTN ep3-39 SWWTN ep3-38
From across, Sung-yeol spots someone familiar… Her head is covered but her face is shown and she looks exactly like Myung-hee. Sung-yeol approaches her slowly, however, the woman just look up at him blankly, with different type of gaze. Calling her with tears in his eyes, “Myung-hee!”, he pulls her into embrace, while Yang-sun stares from across in shock.

This is getting better as the story plot is getting picked up. There’re few theories that Yang0sun might be Jin. Yang-sun might be one of the ‘people’ who can defeat Gwi. Maybe that’s why her blood is different from others and irresistible. And, it’s no surprise that the King is on Gwi’s side. It looks like things happened 120 years back is going to repeat again. But I am sure that Sung-yeol is going to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Prince Yoon has a quick sense, even he knows that someone is following him. Hmm, I wonder if he will be like Prince Jeonghyeon, since they are similar in some ways. I wonder who that mysterious woman is, the woman who is spitting image of Myung-hee. Are they the same person, or is she the reincarnation of Myung-hee? And, I got to give Kim So Eun the credit for acting out that woman so differently from Myung-hee.

Sung-yeol not telling Yang-sun the truth about vampires and kissing her underwater and on land to save her life, I guess it is in order to protect her and not to let her mind run wild, haha. And the way Yang-sun thinks it’s just an obscene dream is just so cute, when it’s actually reality. But I wish he’d let her know the truth about vampires, especially Gwi who is after her scent in order to get to Sung-yeol.
SWWTN ep3-42


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