Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 4 Review

Surprising twists everywhere in this episode. I did not expect those. Wow, I hope this is just the start of getting good. As of now, Scholar Who Walks the Night is mostly all about finding the secret plan to kill the villain of this show.

SWWTN ep4-2
Crying, Sung-yeol hugs the Myung-hee lookalike and believes that that she is still alive. However, with cold look in her eyes, the woman pushes him away and tries to turn away before Sung-yeol grabs her wrist and getting beaten up.
SWWTN ep4-3 SWWTN ep4-4
Realising that the gisaeng’s rumours about him not being able to forget his love is true, Yang-sun quickly goes up to apologise that Sung-yeol has mistaken the woman, whose name is Hye-ryung, for someone else. Sung-yeol passes out, while Hye-ryung walks away.
SWWTN ep4-5 SWWTN ep4-6
Yang-sun has managed to bring Sung-yeol back to the bed where she sits at the side. While Sung-yeol cries in his sleep, Yang-sun too cries and thinks how much he has suffered a lot.
SWWTN ep4-8
Yang-sun hovers her face over Sung-yeol and her tears fall onto his check which stirs him awake. All of sudden, he flips her over to lie on the top of her. It looks like he is thirsty for her blood as her scent and exposed neck is directly in front of him. He is about to lean in to bite her neck when Yang-sun blurts out that she is Yang-sun, not ‘her’. Whew.
SWWTN ep4-10 SWWTN ep4-9
He reties the pedant around her neck and he goes off to hunt animals to drink blood from. Oh, at least, he doesn’t attack human, unlike Gwi.
SWWTN ep4-11 SWWTN ep4-12
The people around Yang-sun seem to know about Prince Jeonghyeon’s diary and don’t want Yang-sun to have her hands on it, as her father says that it’s a dangerous book and that she should never speak of it again. Hmm.
SWWTN ep4-13 SWWTN ep4-14
The merchant who was with Yang-sun’s father, gets attacked and brought to the mysterious man who claims to be Eumlan Seosaeng and asks after Prince Jeonghyeon’s diary. However, the merchant keeps quiet.
SWWTN ep4-15 SWWTN ep4-16
Upon hearing that Princce Yoon is planning to hold an anniversary celebration of Prince Sadong’s death (Whattt??), Sung-yeol comes with a plan to lure Eumlan Seosaeng out by getting Ho-jin to spread to the local booksellers to get the copies of new novel by Eumlan Seosaeng.
SWWTN ep4-17
The boar which Sung-yeol attacked and drank blood from, is brought into the town by the hunter man who witnessed Sung-yeol with bloody mouth. Yang-sun is there to take down what happened with Night Scholar, and argues that he is not the one who attacked the young scholar who was murdered by Gwi the night before when looking for someone with the scent on Yang-sun’s bag. Uh-oh, I have a feeling that Sung-yeol might be scapegoat for murdering the people.
SWWTN ep4-18 SWWTN ep4-20
Yang-sun joins the mourners at Prince Sadong’s memorials to find Eumlan Seosaeng while Sung-yeol hides in the woods.
SWWTN ep4-21 SWWTN ep4-22
After the copies have been distributed, Yang-sun is smart to know that the book is a fake. However, then, the guards come and catch them all. Even Sung-yeol leaves Yang-sun behind. Why? Whyy?? He notices that she dropped her pedant necklace. Again. Why is it so easily dropped off her neck, lol.
SWWTN ep4-23 SWWTN ep4-24
Turns out that the guards who caught the mourners are the ones sent by Sung-yeol in order not to be caught by the real royal guards as the real ones came too late. Smart plan! Yang-sun goes looking for Sung-yeol and worrying about him.
SWWTN ep4-25 SWWTN ep4-26
She trips over and injured her foot. Un-oh, is her scent gonna be detected by Gwi there? Sung-yeol approaches her after a while. Wait, what takes him so long?! Yang-sun is relieved that he is alright to which Sung-yeol responds, “What is it to you if I’m well? What are you?” She replies that she is worry, but he snaps at her for worrying about someone else when she can’t even take care of herself.
SWWTN ep4-27
After putting bandage on her bleeding foot (wow, he has such a strong will to resist her blood), he carries her bridal style to which Yang-sun protests to put her down. Sung-yeol says that he would have helped anyone who was found bleeding in the woods late at night. She was really worried about him, asks if she needs the right to have those feelings.
SWWTN ep4-29 SWWTN ep4-28
He says that he can’t leave her and if she won’t accept his help, they might as well spend a night here together, hahah. With cherry blossoms falling around, Sung-yeol continues walking and carrying Yang-sun as she tighten her grip around his neck.
SWWTN ep4-31 SWWTN ep4-30
Over at where the merchant is being held captive, Prince Yoon is revealed to be Eumlan Seosaeng. He was behind everything, the books, the flyers and the threats to himself. Ooohh, he hid his identity as Eumlan Seosaeng so well! And he actually knows about Gwi!
SWWTN ep4-32
The flyers are being distributed around. The flyer says that there is a King living on top of the King in the palace and he is a vampire who lives off of human blood. It adds that Sadong was killed when he tried to get rid of the vampire 10 years ago. Ah, so, Prince Yoon is picking up right where Prince Jeonghyeon has left 120 years ago. He even knew that Prince Jeonghyeon existed and had met the same fate as his father.
SWWTN ep4-33 SWWTN ep4-34
It seems that whoever know about Prince Jeonghyeon’s diary are protecting whoever has it as the merchant even tries to commit suicide by biting his own tongue. And there is one of those people who distributed flyers silted his own throat when Sung-yeol wants him to convey message to Eumlan Seosaeng that he has the diary and wants to meet him. Though, he committed suicide for different reason.
SWWTN ep4-35 SWWTN ep4-36
At Gwi’s cave, Hye-ryung, the lookalike of Myung-hee, is there as well, bringing him a bowl of blood. Wait, what? Is she a vampire? No, she is probably a human, since she can go out in sunlight. “You looks similar… No, you’re identical. It’s enough to believe that the girl came back alive.”
SWWTN ep4-38
She asks if it’s someone named Myung-hee to which Gwi asks if she met a man who called her that. She lies that she didn’t. Well, it’s strange and interesting at the same time. He leans into her neck but resists and pulls away. He reminds that he is only keeping her alive in order to lure Sung-yeol to him.
SWWTN ep4-37
Yang-sun wakes up to find that she is not in pain anymore. She checks her wound to find out that she is fully healed.
SWWTN ep4-39 SWWTN ep4-40
Seeing that there are now two big scars across Sung-yeol’s palm, he has healed Yang-sun. Aw. He dusts a bit of powder onto his wound which makes it sizzle which makes him wince in pain. Ouch. Sizzling on skin? OUCH.

But, aw, he sacrificed himself, giving himself permanent scars on his palm, to heal Yang-sun so that she won’t suffer. I hope he does really get over Myung-hee soon. It has been 120 years! Time for new love and, yup, with Yang-sun! Sung-yeol actually looks better with Yang-sun than with Myung-hee. 😛

It’s really surprising that Prince Yoon is more than we thought he is, revealing himself to be Eumlan Seosaeng. I like how Yoon is trying to continue what his father had been doing to defeat Gwi. What Prince Jeonghyeon and Prince Sadong had failed to do so and got killed, Yoon is there to bring their justices to the world. Maybe Sung-yeol will find out about Yoona and they being to work together to find the secret plan which is hidden in Jeaonghyeon’s diary, to kill Gwi. I guess this is what this drama is all about. However, where EXACTLY is the diary?

About Myung-hee lookalike, it reminds me of Doctor Stranger, but I don’t think it will go that route in that drama, though. Because it has been 120 years in Scholar Who Walks the Night, unless she is really a vampire. Well, I like how Yang-sun and her budding romance with Sung-yeol is the one always lighting up the show which is almost full of darkness. There is great balance of light and dark, and I hope it goes on like this for the rest of the drama.
SWWTN ep4-7


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