I Remember You – Currently Watching

Episodes aired: 8 of 16 episodes (as of 14th July)
Also known as: Hello Monster

I don’t know what makes me watch it and I never regret it, in fact I love this drama! I guess it’s because of its genres, plot, teasers and the CASTS. Lee Jin Wook was supposed to take the male lead, however, I am glad he didn’t. (He went to take The Time I Loved You instead.)

IRY Ep5-30
After two actors (Lee Jin Wook and Lee Seng Yoon) turned the offer down, Seo In Guk took the male lead role. I am so glad that he took this role! The role, Lee Hyun, a genius profiler, definitely fits Seo In Guk! I can’t imagine Lee Jin Wook playing it, hah. 😛 I have seen him in Love Rain (I did not know it was him! He looked so different back then) and Master’s Sun. He definitely has charms. I think I should watch his other dramas too.
IRY Ep5-51 IRY Ep6-42
Lee Hyun’s smart thinking is what makes him look sexy (excuse me). He has such a sexy mind. Excuse me again. 😛 I totally love this character.

IRY Ep7-56
Jang Na Ra totally rocks her character in this drama as Cha Ji-an! I have seen her in School 2013 and Fated to Love You but her role in I Remember You is totally my favourite out of all her roles! She may look dumb or whatever, but she is such as badass.
IRY Ep7-57 IRY Ep8-47
She can even fight and kick ass well! I got to say that her action scenes are jjang! Anyway, Cha Ji-an is an elite policewoman. She has been ‘stalking’ Lee Hyun since young because of their relation to someone named Lee Joon-young (played by EXO’s Do Kyung Soo). She practically knows every of Hyun’s preferences and the corners of his house, hah.

IRY Ep7-55
I thought Park Bo Gum is cute, but his character, Jung Sun-ho, being suspicious and cute at the same time is what makes him look kind of creepy. Jang Sun-ho is a mysterious lawyer. As we have suspected from the first time he made appearance, he is really related to Lee Hyun. He looks nice on outside, but he is different on inside. (I am trying to make this post spoiler-free, but oh well) I am so looking forward to how Hyun is going to find out about Sun-ho’s real identity.

IRY Ep6-45
Lee Joon-ho (played by Choi Won Young) is a forensic doctor (or you can call him pathologist) and he is another mysterious one which his real identity is not revealed yet (as of episode 8). We suspect that he might related to Hyun too.

IRY Ep7-58 IRY Ep8-26
Team Leader Kang is as funny as the actor himself, Lee Chun Hee. He is great, however, his clumsiness is what always ruining his big moments, HAH. I like how this character brings lightness to the show, along with his team members, as well as the budding romance between Lee Hyun and Cha Ji-an, of course.

IRY Ep8-15
Speaking of romance sparks, Lee Hyun and Cha Ji-an do look good together! All thanks to the amazing chemistry between Seo In Guk and Jang Na Ra. It’s so nice to see Lee Hyun actually care for Cha Ji-an even though he finds it and her annoying. Hope to see more of their blossoming romance! I never thought I’d like romance in such a crime thriller drama.

IRY Ep7-54
Why you should watch I Remember You
– Beautiful cinematography
– The story plot!
– Mysteries everywhere
– Always keeping us on our toes
– Lee Hyun’s sexy mind
– Lee Hyun and Cha Ji-an!
– Team Leader Kang and his team members’ comedic moments, HAH
– Amazing premiere
– Especially the flashbacks
– Amazing actors
– Just everything, it’s so good!
– And the amazing actors plus Jang Na Ra
– Not to forget that the relation between Lawyer Jung Sun-ho and Lee Hyun
– To find out who really is Lee Joon-ho, the forensic doctor

This drama is just too good. Too good. Very interesting. Rom-com? Psychological thriller? Mystery? All these are in this drama. It will be the one I will be very MUCH looking forward to every week for new episodes since Kill Me, Heal Me. And one that will keep my attention throughout the show since both Healer and Kill Me, Heal Me.

To add on, I like how just ONE character from the past has a big impact on present of this drama, and that is Lee Joon-young. I gotta give Kyung Soo (aka D.O) for acting out this character really very well because he left such a great impression on the viewers.

As I am writing this, I really cannot wait for new episodes 9 and 10 this week (but finally)! Is Hyun suspecting Lawyer Sun-ho? [Spoiler alert! If you have not watched this drama yet, try not to read next.] I think Hyun might think that Sun-ho is really Min. Sun-ho must be really jealous that he is closer with Ji-an. And Sun-ho might have thought that his brother abandoned him to Lee Joon-young when they were young, however what Sun-ho doesn’t know that is Hyun has lost part of his memories. I hope for a nice reunion, not the creepy or bad one. xD And I, and the viewers, are so curious about Lee Joon-ho’s real identity that he might be grown-up Lee Joon-young.
IRY Ep8-48


4 thoughts on “I Remember You – Currently Watching

  1. Though a little bit predictable…still love this drama….u just wanna know the Why and the How as compared to anything else…why are these characters this way? Who are they? Everyone is still a mystery..xpt the leads and i am curious to know the impacts and connections they have with the leads and their pasts. I might be slow on recapping, but i do not miss the airdates…that means i watch it twice in a week and on my second watch, there is something new i discover..and i am like “huh, i know i saw this before, ut now i have a second intake on whatbthat means.” To me that is a good sign that the writers are good on creating a storyline that is captivating. Lots of flaws are present, but it not overshadowing the complexity of the characters and overall plot. This is where kudos is given to each actors and i am def and super glad we have these actors to portray the characters. Would have been bland and kinda off putting if diff actors played the roles of each.

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  2. Oh. My!!!! I agree. agree. agreee. on every single word you said here. I Remember You is such a rare gem, so so precious, that I nearly cried to the world asking why the ratings didn’t do its justice. I knew that rating isn’t everything, but Koreans still see it as a standard of success, and I wanted so badly to tell the whole crew that this is.. [especially to us international viewers] DEFINITELY a success, way more than those that got [undeserved] high ratings. but anyway… I just wanted to thank KBS and the production team for creating this gold.

    I TOTALLY LOVE Lee Hyun. His sexy [hahha.. no need excuses] and handsome face and smexy body totally drive me crazy. and CHA JIAN!!!!!! I looooooooove her badass acts. She kicks butts like no other. I do think that this is my most favorite role of Jang Nara.

    All in all, I thanked the day Lee Jin Wook and Lee Sang Yoon rejected the lead role. Thank you. And now.. I’m so into Seo In Guk..heheh..


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