Oh My Ghostess – Episode 6 Review

Oooh, flirty and lusty possessed Bong-sun is here again and we get to see the cute and joy moments between possessed Bong-sun and Sun-woo in this episode again. And I am not complaining. In fact, who wouldn’t want to see such fun rides of Park Bo Young playing Soon-ae?!

OMGhost ep6-4
Soon-ae possesses Bong-sun and immediately makes a call to save her father. Woah, I like how the actress changed her character so quickly.
OMGhost ep6-5 OMGhost ep6-6
Actually, it’s a good thing that Soon-ae takes over Bong-sun’s body as she manages to come up with an idea to make up for the lost flour which Bong-sun spilled. She uses the bean powder as substitution that surprises everyone. I knew that I can trust Soon-ae when it comes to cooking, however, she can’t keep possessing Bong-sun.
OMGhost ep6-7 OMGhost ep6-8
Soon-ae rushes over to hospital and is relieved when her father is still alright, however, he has a liver problem due to excessive drinking. Kyung-mo arrives, wailing and hugging his father and saying that he thought his father had orphaned him. Soon-ae drags him by ear to outside to talk to him such as taking care of his father. Hah, Kyung-mo misunderstands that she is trying to act like a daughter-in-law. Pffftt. And then she hits her head to which he says that she is the first girl to hit on his head, other than his sister. LOL.
OMGhost ep6-10 OMGhost ep6-9
Back at restaurant home, Sun-woo calls ‘Bong-sun’ to ask where she is, and Soon-ae is like acting she is very far away and surprises him moment later. Aw, so cute. Her changed behaviour makes Sun-woo asks if she is having a manic episode again.
OMGhost ep6-12 OMGhost ep6-11
Asking her to go outside to talk despite Soon-ae’s whines that she wants to stay inside with him, Sun-woo sits her down to ask what she wants to do in future. Of course, she replies, “You know what.” At least Sun-woo knows that Bong-sun wants to be a chef. So he decides to train her. The way Soon-ae keeps poking him cutely and Sun-woo breaking into smile is so cuteeee.
OMGhost ep6-13
After whole night of cutting vegetables (I wish Bong-sun is being taught the skills as Soon-ae seems to be good at it), Soon-ae is tired and keeps attacking him by hugging him to call it a night. Aw, he actually laughs while trying to pry her off. It feels like the actor Jo Jung Seok is actually laughing for real while acting out this scene with Park Bo Young. xD
OMGhost ep6-14 OMGhost ep6-15
Back in Bong-sun’s room, Soon-ae fantasies about Sun-woo stirring a pot of sauce with her and then he lifts her up on the counter. They look at each other and start to kiss, wrapping their arms around each other. Woah, that was hot hot. Rawr. Too bad it’s just a fantasy. But, gawd, it looked really HAWT.
OMGhost ep6-16 OMGhost ep6-17
Sung-jae is actually disappointed to see that Soon-ae’s father is doing well and hears from Kyung-mo that his daughter was the one who called, but Kyung-mo says that it’s not like his sister came back from dead. This seems to make Sung-jae curious.
OMGhost ep6-20 OMGhost ep6-21
Sung-jae seems to be definitely involved in Soon-ae’s death as Eun-hee discovered an old phone which is hidden between the drawers. The screen is cracked and it must be belonging to Soon-ae. Also, Kyung-mo has said that Soon-ae’s phone went missing and yet his father still pays for her phone bills.
OMGhost ep6-18 OMGhost ep6-19
Sun-woo brings Soon-ae to the fish market as another lesson for her to learn that those who cook need to have discerning eyes for the ingredients from touching and feeling. So, Soon-ae touches and ‘feel’ Sun-woo’s body. HAH. Sun-woo seems to be friendly and even flirts with one of the ahjummas. Woah, his ego.
OMGhost ep6-22 OMGhost ep6-23
Someone from Sun-woo’s high school recognises Sun-woo who looks not happy to see him. Turns out that he was one of those who bullied him back in high school. However, he still invites the bully group over to his restaurant.
OMGhost ep6-24
At restaurant, Sun-woo makes his workers act like he is ordering them around like a king, showing that he has really changed in front of his friends who used to bully him back then. The one who used to bully him the most, Chul-min, even looks ‘small’ now that Sun-woo keeps bringing up the past about how he is ordered around by Chul-min.
OMGhost ep6-25
After the reunion and everyone has left, Sun-woo is lost in his thoughts while Soon-ae makes a pancake to lighten his mood. “Drink up. And eat something yummy. And already you become happy. Right?” Sun-woo replies that she is right and eats the pancake. Oh, looks yummyyy.
OMGhost ep6-27 OMGhost ep6-26
To remember the night, Soon-ae wants to take a confirmation picture to which Sun-woo complains and yet still smile for the selfie with her, hah.
OMGhost ep6-2
Being Soon-ae, she lies down on Sun-woo’s legs as pillow to look at the moonlight and Sun-woo doesn’t actually pushes her off or protest. Hehe. Of course, Soon-ae’s naughty hand tries to reach up his leg before Sun-woo pulls her hand away. Talking about pancake, Sun-woo offers to take her to the best pancake place as a “training” which makes Soon-ae excited and makes him swear with his pinky finger.
OMGhost ep6-34
The next day, Soon-ae goes out for a walk with her father who regrets for not taking a walk with his daughter back when she was alive.
OMGhost ep6-28 OMGhost ep6-29
The shaman ahjumma has been wondering where Soon-ae has been hiding, and when the doorbell rings, all of sudden, she realises something. She realises that Soon-ae has been hiding right under her nose and hears the bell when she approaches Soon-ae in Bong-sun’s body. Off they run again, with ahjumma chasing after Soon-ae and trying to catch her with her stick.
OMGhost ep6-30 OMGhost ep6-33
Halfway through running, Soon-ae ejects herself from Bong-sun (how? o.o) and gets on the bus. I guess it must because of the ahjumma nearby (or, accordingly to the DB and comments online, it’s must because of ahjumma’s magic stick).
OMGhost ep6-31 OMGhost ep6-32
Bong-sun is back to real herself and looks dazed walking around in the middle of the street like wondering how she get there. She finds Sun-woo in front of her, still looking confused. Oh hey, Bong-sun gets to go on a date with her crush! Hehe, we are going to see an innocent ‘date’, right?

Sun-woo’s past when he used to be bullied must have great impact on him in present. His boosted ego must be due to this, as he doesn’t want to be looked down anymore. As he is grown up, he wants to show that he is not what he used to be as he puts on an exaggerated show when his friends showed at his restaurant. He now puts up on strong front.
OMGhost ep6-36

I like how Sun-woo is starting to get used to Soon-ae’s flirty behaviour, however, he doesn’t know that it’s not Bong-sun. I wish that Bong-sun has bit of Soon-ae’s personality such as being open-minded. It’s interesting how this drama shows more of intimacy scenes and a girl’s sexual curiosity as dramas don’t do such scenes especially on the three Korean major networks. It’s quite refreshing, especially it’s girl who keeps begging a guy to… y’know. xD
OMGhost ep6-35


4 thoughts on “Oh My Ghostess – Episode 6 Review

  1. Ah nice one….i was kind of curious about that. The big networks shy away from adults being sexually active in any case. Like really, you want us to believe that 20-smth and 30-smth don’t have experience in anything? Okay? It is def. Refreshing to see them act it out, even though Soon-ae is more aggressive in pursuring. Hehe. Hopefully, she is able to realize that losing her virginity is not what she needs tl move on.

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  2. Thanks for the recap. Just curious. Am I missing out on the news about this kdrama? Been looking for streaming of episode 7 but cannot find it. Please… please… I wanna know what’s gonna happen on their date.


    • Episode 7 just aired today at 8:30PM KST and I think you probably missed the streaming. No worries, episode 7 will be up on some websites for us to watch (and with English subtitles)


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