I Remember You – Episode 9 Review

I like this! More skinship and the feeeeeels! We get another case which is worse than the past cases. Hyun finds himself in dilemma about his little brother and all the while unknowingly, starting to have bit, very bit, different and better attitude towards Ji-an.

IRY Ep9-2
As Hyun sees the number of beads, he thinks to himself, “If it is Min… If this is really Min’s doing… What do I do?” He looks really affected by this as it’s his younger brother who did this and I think he is kind of feeling regret for not being able to stop Min’s psychopathic moves or that he won’t be able to accept Min and his serial killing.
IRY Ep9-3 IRY Ep9-4
Chief Hyun is sure that he is dead and Lee Joon-young too. Despite growing up believing that Min is still alive, her insistence makes him give up looking for Min. Later, Police Commissioner finds out that Hyun is ‘that kid’ and answers him that they have been searching all over the country, but to no avail. They have no other way but to conclude that they are dead. But Hyun doesn’t believe it.
IRY Ep9-5
Now that he believes that his brother is still alive and probably a serial killer, he wonders who he could be and that Min and Lee Joon-young are probably in his immediate vicinity.
IRY Ep9-7 IRY Ep9-6
Lost in thoughts while walking, he runs into Lawyer Sun-ho (aka Min). Hyun suggests to have a meal together to thank him properly. Min, I mean Sun-ho, smiles when they part, aw.
IRY Ep9-8 IRY Ep9-9
Ji-an has been staying at Hyun’s house for few days and when Ji-an says she will be going home the next day, Hyun actually asks her to stay in his house till the terrorist is caught. Aw yeah. Ji-an is quick to catch on that Hyun is thinking that his brother might be involved in murders.
IRY Ep9-10 IRY Ep9-11
We see a girl jogging and stopping, feeling that someone is following her. She looks behind only to see that forensic doctor Joon-ho jogging followed by Hyun. Joon-ho and Hyun jog together, talking about corpses that is norm for them. Then, the camera pans to a dead body by the river, and I thought it would be that jogging girl, but it doesn’t look like her.
IRY Ep9-12
As suspected, Sun-ho was the one who hit Hyun on his head when he visited Prosecutor Shin. Sun-ho looks eerily similar to Joon-young in that outfit and even wearing the similar cap. This must mean that Sun-ho has been with Joon-young and learning from him?
IRY Ep9-13
Hyun analyses that the dates of money transferred to Ilk-gu were the dates he came to Korea briefly. Hmm, Sun-ho must had known his arrival in Korea and murdered someone to get his attention. Besides, Sun-ho always left his double-eyes signature on the body which Hyun would recognise. Sun-ho wanted his hyung to find him as I don’t think he believed that Hyun abandoned him.
IRY Ep9-14 IRY Ep9-15
Myung-woo goes on blind date with a girl who is the jogging girl from before. Hyun’s art director friend happens to be there and recognises Myung-woo from the photos Hyun gave to him and he looks at him as if Myung-woo is a murderer, hah. And, then Myung-woo looks at him, thinking that the art director is a stalker as the jogging girl told him that she thinks she is being stalked.
IRY Ep9-16
I just don’t know why but I find these two together amusing. Both kind of dislike Hyun for different reasons. One is just no reason (now I think about it, why Myung-woo dislike Hyun? Hah), and another is because Hyun is constantly coming to him to ‘collect’ his debt. xD
IRY Ep9-18 IRY Ep9-17
IRY Ep9-19
At the scene of dead woman by the river which we seen earlier, Hyun hears that there is a similar case to this, to which Hyun says, “Serial murders… I like it. Ji-an: “Like it? Because it is serial murders, you like it? Please don’t say psychopathic things.” Team Leader Kang and Eun-bok notice their closeness and look at them suspiciously, HAH.
IRY Ep9-20 IRY Ep9-21
The jogging girl turns out to be next victim of the serial murders which the girls were abducted for a week before they were found dead at different locations. The investigation team narrows the suspects down to the landlord’s son who is suffering from de Clerambault’s syndrome – a person who believes that the other person is deeply in love with her/him and it is a form of a delusion.
IRY Ep9-22
However, the landlord’s son doesn’t seem to be the murderer as there might be another stalker. In the place where the jogging girl is held captive, she is confronted by a woman… Hmm, it’s new. Usually it’s a man. But then maybe there is another person.
IRY Ep9-23 IRY Ep9-24
In order to make the son start talking, Ji-an volunteers to make him fall in love with her to which Hyun asks if she will be alright. He puts trust in her, instead of stopping her. When the son said she is not his type, Team Leader Kang and Eun-bok chuckle, LOL. And Hyun’s expression is like…
IRY Ep9-26 IRY Ep9-27
But when he said she seems to be like his type, Team Leader Kang: “That bastard…” Whereas Hyun… touches his lip as if feeling uneasy seeing Ji-an being touched by the crazy stalker. Hmm, seems to be mad that someone has entered his forbidden territory and touched his things (Ji-an)? xD But he looks hella sexy doing that. 😛
IRY Ep9-28 IRY Ep9-29
IRY Ep9-30
After managing to get information out of the landlord’s son, Ji-an washes her hands thoroughly with soap again and again, however, the chills feeling won’t go away. Hyun takes her hand and covers her hand with his as he says, “The feeling will be lessened.” Ji-an agrees that feeling is lot less. Well, of course! Kyaaa, this scene!! This gesture means so much!
IRY Ep9-31
Look at the special investigation team and their different sleeping habits. I love how much details they put into, even their personalities and habits.
IRY Ep9-33 IRY Ep9-32
Hyun invites Sun-ho over to his house, it kills me to see how Sun-ho/Min is happy to be interacting with Hyun. Sun-ho looks around the house with tears in his eyes while not knowing that Hyun has turned around to look him behind, and Hyun seems to already know that he is Min. This scene is just… T_T
IRY Ep9-35 IRY Ep9-34
They look at each other, with their younger selfs smiling at each other. Ugh, this scene also… T_T It feels like a reunion of the two brothers.
IRY Ep9-36
Joon-ho is also invited over. Woah, I can’t wait to see how this dinner is going to turn out and will Joon-ho’s real identity be finally revealed? That he is really Lee Joon-young?
IRY Ep9-37
Team Leader Kang and Ji-an go to the first victim’s husband’s house, which is very large, to investigate but got turned away. They come across a black van with fake license plate. (By the way, it seem that Team Leader Kang likes Ji-an.)
IRY Ep9-38 IRY Ep9-39
They look around and Ji-an snaps pictures of the van. A large-sized man enters the garage and when Ji-an tries to point her gun at him, she gets knocked out by another, the woman whom we see earlier with the victim. Team Leader Kang gets stabbed in his abdomen by the man, and uh-oh, looks like Ji-an is going to be in danger as the man carries her away.
IRY Ep9-40
Darn, another cliffhanger!

The thing about this new case is that it’s kind of similar to the first case, Yang Seung-hoon. I like how they still bring the past case into another case and connect them like they are similar in term of being serial murders.

The scene where Sun-ho/Min looks around emotionally is just ugh, the feeeeeels! Hyun must have figured out that the lawyer is his little brother, however, I think he doesn’t want to accept the fact that his little brother is a serial killer. He even works with the team to ‘run away’ from what he is thinking, so that he wouldn’t think about it. The fact that Hyun is excited about new murder case and even liking the serial murders does make him look like a psychopath. Maybe he was born one, but he is ‘rebelling’ against his father’s words which said, “I think my son is a monster.” However, as we all have known by now, his father was mistaken about both of his sons. Remember when young Hyun discovered a dead dog and his father thought it was killed by Hyun? I think it was actually done by Min instead, but Hyun covered it up.
IRY Ep9-41

The leads’ romance is what adds to making the episode feel so much! Even though Hyun may look annoyed by Ji-an sometimes, it’s nice to see that he is showing more concern for her and it seems that he is starting to fall for her. He even went to see Ji-an after the interrogation to make sure that she is alright. However when she said she feels uneasy from touching that crazy stalker’s hands, Hyun eased the feelings by putting her hands into his. And that music background totally fits the scene! Their budding romance can be clearly seen. I really do like how the writer doesn’t rush the romance part, unlike most of other dramas, and makes it progress slowly while they both work together on case after case.
IRY Ep9-46


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