I Remember You – Episode 10 Review

What do you get when the three smart men (The Profiler, The Psycho and The Mentor) come together? Triple smartness and the cool gang feeling.

The team is on mission to save Ji-an. Through the latest case, we find out how it is related the leads and the whole show. And, we get what we want to see! It was a surprising for us, though.

IRY Ep10-3
At Hyun’s house, he, Lawyer Sun-ho and Joon-ho eat dinner together, talking about murders and corpses as usual. They also talk about the number ‘9’ (my favourite number!) and how it is an ominous number. The three composrers (Beethoven, Dvorak and Williams) died after composing their 9th symphonies.
IRY Ep10-4 IRY Ep10-5
This reminds Hyun about the beads which there are nine in total. “Nine boxes carrying nine bodies.” He suspects that the deed is done by either Sun-ho or Joon-ho, or by a third person and that there won’t be 10th murder since the 10th symphony is either unfinished or never existed. Baseball ends with 9th lining too, however, Sun-ho said there is extension in it. Does it mean he will murder 10th person?!
IRY Ep10-6 IRY Ep10-7
Team Leader Kang manages to call Myung-woo about Ji-an being taken away before passing out again.
IRY Ep10-8
Myung-woo calls Hyun about Ji-an and blames him for Team Leader Kang’s and Ji-an’s states. Hyun rushes over with Sun-ho and Joon-ho. Sun-ho offers to drive since Hyun doesn’t look well.
IRY Ep10-2 IRY Ep10-9
The culprit is the home owner’s younger brother and I love how the three smart guys interrogate him. I love how they analyse him and speak out their thoughts about his personality, matching their sentences together very well. Totally love this team, if only two of them aren’t murderer.
IRY Ep10-12 IRY Ep10-13
Ji-an wakes up in a strange place and tied up onto the chair beside the jogging girl victim. Ji-an finds out that the one who has been wiping clean the women’s faces is the culprit’s girlfriend who says she just felt sorry.
IRY Ep10-14 IRY Ep10-15
Team Leader Kang wakes up in hospital and the first thing come to his mind is Ji-an. What’s amusing is that his father thought his son couldn’t recognise him and mistook him as Ji-an, hah. But Team Leader Kang is worried about Ji-an having been abducted and tries to recall what the kidnappers had said about the location.
IRY Ep10-16
Team Leader Kang manages to recall the location they mentioned and immediately calls Hyun who guesses the place correctly. Off they go to save Ji-an!
IRY Ep10-17 IRY Ep10-18
The culprit is strangling Ji-an when Hyun and Sun-ho arrive. Hyun quickly throws a punch to him to save Ji-an. When he goes to Ji-an’s side to make sure she is alright, Sun-ho quickly stops the man to save his hyung, aw.
IRY Ep10-19 IRY Ep10-20
Sorry for the blurry screen captures (too lazy to make gfis xD), but I totally love this scene when Hyun kicks the man in his face and then follow by Sun-ho, kicking him in the face too! They are really brothers! I totally love the details they incorporated into this show.
IRY Ep10-23
I died little inside, looking at this scene. Look at Sun-ho’s face when Hyun goes to Ji-an to take care of her. T_T He seems to be jealous that his hyung cares for Ji-an more. He yearns for his hyung’s affection, like how young Hyun used to take care of young Min.
IRY Ep10-21 IRY Ep10-22
Outside, Joon-ho is observing the woman, the culprit’s girlfriend, as if reading her mind by looking at her face. Hm, I am not sure why he does this, but he says he is good at judging people. It seems that he is familiar with her condition.
IRY Ep10-24 IRY Ep10-25
Ji-an wakes up in the hospital with everyone looking at her which makes her feel embarrassed but thankful. I just realised that she is surrounded by FULL of men when Chief Hyun, the only woman besides Ji-an, enters. Aw, lucky Ji-an.
IRY Ep10-26 IRY Ep10-27
It turns out that the woman has susceptibility mental illness, a condition often found in murderer couples – when a person’s psyche is weird and murderer, the other person nearby also become affected. Hyun thinks to himself, “What if, what if, Min did not disappear but was kidnapped by Lee Joon Yeong, if he was raised by a murderer, Min too, perhaps the susceptibility mental status had happened to him?” Oohhh, it’s possible.
IRY Ep10-30
No wonder Joon-ho, if he is really Joon-young, was observing that woman, as if her reaction look and mental state are similar to Min. Meanwhile at the hospital, Ji-an sympathises, saying to Joon-ho, that the woman could have lived normally if she didn’t meet that kind of guy.
IRY Ep10-28 IRY Ep10-29
However, Joon-ho counters that she might already had that gene, tendency to violence and murder. Well, this definitely sounds like Joon-young, wanting to ‘trigger the gene’, like how Min’s psychopath gene is triggered. What’s more, Joon-ho looks surprised when Sun-ho has been there listening to them.
IRY Ep10-33
Sun-ho has been wondering why no one ever look for him. “There’s no mark that my brother ever looked for me.” His face. T_T He looks really sad. But, he should revealed himself directly to Hyun.
IRY Ep10-31 IRY Ep10-32
It turns out that Chief Hyun didn’t even try to look for Min back then. She actually made ‘deal’ with Joon-young, her getting information on criminals and him escaping the prison. The reason why Chief Hyun didn’t look for Min is properly because of the poem sent by Joon-young which made her think that Min had been killed by Joon-young.
IRY Ep10-34
Hyun realises that Chief Hyun raised him out of guilt and flares up at the fact that, when he was young, he trusted her and waited because he couldn’t look for his little brother himself, however, she never looked for Min at all. The fact that she had been lying to him all along. All Chief Hyun could do is to apologise, but Hyun says it’s his fault, saying “In the end, it’s true that I, personally, did not look for him.” Aw, man. T_T If only Sun-ho/Min heard this…
IRY Ep10-35
Hyun starts his search for his little brother by going through the magazines which were sent to Chief Hyun after Joon-young disappeared and puts out an advertisement in the magazine to ‘call’ him.
IRY Ep10-37 IRY Ep10-38
Hyun meets his art gallery director who tells him that there’s nothing wrong with Sun-ho’s family records. Well, Hyun, use your brain! There is always someone higher up who could have modified his records without leaving a trace. The friend shows him Eun-bok’s photo and his name is actually Gu-ha and from some orphanage, which surprises Hyun. And us too. What’s Eun-bok’s real identity?! There is no way Hyun is going to think that he is Min, right? LOL. Hah, the friend informs Hyun that he met Myung-woo few days back and Hyun is like, “Okay, meet him well.” HAHAH.
IRY Ep10-39 IRY Ep10-40
Instead of her aunt, Hyun comes to pick Ji-an up from the hospital. Aw yeah~! Ji-an quickly apologise to her aunt and tells that she can go off. Hehe.
IRY Ep10-42 IRY Ep10-41
At Hyun’s house, Ji-an thinks about how she thought she was going to die. “But you made it,” Hyun says. “Yes, thanks to you,” Ji-an smiles. She continues, “I thought about Dad. That fact that I know that I might die soon. How did it feel.. What kind of feeling it is. How much scary must have it been. Maybe my dad too… Nothing. In conclusion, in that short moment, I had many thoughts. A scarier thing is not being able to see you again.”
IRY Ep10-43
Hyun takes a step closer, asking, “You saw that, right?” I think he is referring to his feelings for her. She nods.
IRY Ep10-44
Ji-an tiptoes to kiss Hyun (!!) which takes Hyun by surprise. He just stands there, his genius mind trying to process. As said by many viewers, it looks like Hyun is giving Ji-an a dead fish lips treatment. xD Ahhh, I hope he kisses her back in next episode!! Ahh, Ji-an is the on who initiates the kiss, and that’s what make it more!!!

Let’s talk psychos. I mean about them. Yes, I mean Joon-ho and Sun-ho. Hehehe. 😛 I like how this case is also related to the three guys, as if telling us more about Min being affected by Joon-young, through the woman who was affected by her boyfriend’s psycho mind. It definitely seems like Sun-ho/Min was raised by Joon-young as if Joon-young wanted to experiment whether Min will become psychopath through triggering the gene. But how would Joon-young know about Min? He had mentioned that young Hyun spoke a lot about Min to him, and I guess young Hyun told him about Min’s psychopathy. Or not. What’s more, young Hyun witnessed the death of his father, however, Joon-young didn’t take him away or kill him. I guess he liked children. I guess he wanted to take someone under his wings, as he had mentioned that he was curious what would grown-up Hyun be like. But why take young Min? Oh well, I hope that the show will give us all the answers.
IRY Ep10-45

Regarding the two brothers, I really do hope that Min would not hate his hyung for not looking for him. I hope that when Hyun confirm Sun-ho is Min, he would explain his amnesia and how Chief Hyun didn’t look for him since she thought Min was already dead. For the touching brothers’ reunion, I pray! Also, now that Sun-ho and Joon-ho know that Ji-an is Hyun’s weakness, they wouldn’t use and hurt her to get Hyun, right? I hope that no one die in this drama! No, please no! Otherwise, I’d crey and go all rage.
IRY Ep10-47


3 thoughts on “I Remember You – Episode 10 Review

  1. This drama kills me. Because of the wait, I had to make my own scenario in my head about how the story continues. Anyway, I like that kiss haha. I think for someone as cold, indifferent and rude as Hyun, he never got a kiss before so this is his first kiss and he’s kinda surprised because he never expecting that, and just like you said, he process it. So Ji Ad had to do it first. Obviously after that, he will kiss her passionately (hopefully xD)

    You didn’t mention the hands that saw Hyun advertisement on the magazine and goes to his house and put his father’s memorandum. I wonder who is he… I tried to match those hands and Lee Joon Ho hands in case he is really Lee Joon Young, but they don’t look the same? Aaaah, I need answers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know right, that the suspense is killing us! Ah, yes, I forgot to mention that part! I think it’s Joon-ho? Well, we can’t be sure till next week (hopefully!).


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