High Society – Episodes 13 & 14 Review

All the heartbreaks and the mental breakdowns during this week. So heart-wrenching, especially the second leads. However, we see the adults becoming soft-hearted towards to their children, especially the chaebols.

Episode 13
HSo Ep13-1
I find this opening quite amusing, hah. Anyway, after Joon-ki lets go of Chang-soo’s wrist, Chang-soo lets go of Ji-yi’s but still wants to talk to her. However, Ji-yi refuses but when Yoon-ha asks to talk to her, she says she can.
HSo Ep13-2 HSo Ep13-3
That’s when Yoon-ha says to bring Chang-soo along, just because when she says “let’s go”, Ji-yi got mad. Then Ji-yi gets back at her by telling Joon-ki, “Then you also need to come along” just because Yoon-ha got mad when she said “let’s go” to Joon-ki. LOL, poor guys for being dragged into girls’ argument by inviting each other’s ex. They are like, “Why me?”
HSo Ep13-5 HSo Ep13-4
At the convenience store, when Chang-soo tells Joon-ki to pick whatever, Joon-ki tells him to do it instead. HAH, I like when Joon-ki is being like this to Chang-soo, finally being able to show his true self which is good, since Chang-soo needs to be taught these kinds of things. xD
HSo Ep13-6 HSo Ep13-7
The guys are talking about life and blah when the girls come over ask if they were to fight again. Hmm, the tension between all of them seems to be better, in fact, it’s amusing with the way they talk with one another, like how the girls talking badly about each of their exes and yet I still find it amusing.
HSo Ep13-8 HSo Ep13-9
And, then, it turns into hilariously petty argument between Chang-soo and Ji-yi. They argue about how one is close with each other’s friends, showing that they are jealous. Hah, these two are just so cute. 😛
HSo Ep13-10
Ji-yi storms off with Chang-soo chasing after her. This left Joon-ki and Yoon-ha being alone. But Yoon-ha gets a call about his father being admitted to the hospital. Joon-ki follows her to the hospital despite her protests. Now, Yoon-ha is giving him the taste of how she felt when Joon-ki faked his love for her. Joon-ki has definitely fallen for her and tries to make up for his mistakes, but she is still cautious about whether Joon-ki’s moves are calculated or not.
HSo Ep13-11 HSo Ep13-12
Both Chang-soo and Ji-yi thinks at night in their own respective rooms, about not being able to have each other. Tears roll down their cheeks… Oh cries. T_T Ji-yi wishes she could be reborn into a family of same class as Chang-soo’s.
HSo Ep13-13 HSo Ep13-14
I like how Yoon-ha says that she is not afraid of his own father, to her mother’s surprise, since all of the other children were scared of their father. And that she says that her father was never bad towards her, unlike her mother. She did feel bad for her sometimes because her father isn’t good to her. Hmm, I am liking Yoon-ha’s character when it comes to family!
HSo Ep13-15 HSo Ep13-16
LOL moment, when the girl,Si-on, Chang-soo used to go on blind date with, comes to visit Chang-soo at work and barely manages to get her out of his office since she makes him go crazy a million times in 10 minutes, hah. He leaves the problem to his mother to deal with her.
HSo Ep13-18 HSo Ep13-17
Later, Chang-soo’s mother comes by his son’s office from meeting Si-on and Yoon-ha’s mother, she tells him that she understand him as she got her insides turn 12 times in ten minutes too, hah. Mother also informs him that Yoon-ha’s mother wants him and Yoon-ha to marry and his reaction mirrors ours. Does it even make sense?? He even says that he rather meet Si-on, LOL. He also explains that he only likes Yoon-ha as little sister. Whew!
HSo Ep13-20 HSo Ep13-19
I may have said this before, but I totally like how these girls still get along despite what had happened with their exes. Yoon-ha even explains to Ji-yi that she was talking to Chang-soo because of department store stuff. Ji-yi, being honest, says it’s not okay even though it’s for work only. Yoon-ha understands.
HSo Ep13-23
Hmm, I like Yoon-ha’s mother bit now that she is changing and becoming better towards her youngest daughter. She talks to Yoon-ha about setting her up with Chang-soo to which she refuses since he is her best friend’s ex. Her mother respects her decision. Wondering why she is so obedient lately, she answers that she is embarrassed at her life and her love life too.
HSo Ep13-21 HSo Ep13-22
She gives good advice on love which Yoon-ha can take as a life lesson: “Love can be started from calculations. Love, which was started innocently could end up with calculations. When something is innocent, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any impurities. It’s when you purify all that and work hard in order for it to turn pure. A person who doesn’t have any impurities isn’t innocent but naïve. If you are naïve, it’s easier for you to be used and abandoned.
HSo Ep13-24 HSo Ep13-25
Chang-soo and Yoon-ha meets up, because of Chang-soo’s mother’s request. They discuss how ridiculous it is for them to be together. Chang-soo is thinking if things could work out by marrying someone he doesn’t love and Yoon-ha is not bad. Chang-soo starts to lean in slowly to Yoon-ha as if to kiss her…
HSo Ep13-28
That’s when Ji-yi and Joon-ki come walking into the same bar since they are supposed to meet Yoon-ha to deliver good news. Joon-ki quickly whips Ji-yi around before she can see anything while the closeness between Chang-soo’s and Yoon-ha’s faces become closer and closer.

Uh-oh, I thought Joon-ki is going to have a wrong idea, but then he did the right for quickly stopping Ji-yi from seeing Yoon-ha and Chang-soo being very close with Chang-soo leaning in. There’s Yoon-ha who seems to be dumb to me, she lost her USB to her sister who called men to literally break open her safe, after Yoon-ha showed her the USB. Ohgawd, why no backup?

Episode 14
HSo ep14-1
Joon-ki makes an excuse wanting to talk to Ji-yi before leaving the bar, before Ji-yi see Chang-soo closing in on Yoon-ha. Their lips never meet as Yoon-ha says without an emotion, “Move.”
HSo ep14-2 HSo ep14-3
Chang-soo leaves when Yoon-ha tells him that Ji-yi is coming by. However, Chang-soo see Ji-yi leaving with Joon-ki and heads back into the bar to drink again.
HSo ep14-4 HSo ep14-5
Ji-yi and Joon-ki go to eat ramen together instead. Yoon-ha and Ji-yi decide to meet the next day instead, since Ji-yi is with Joon-ki while Yoon-ha is with Chang-soo. Yoon-ha also makes sure that Ji-yi wasn’t the one who saw Yoon-ha and Chang-soo together, but Joon-ki.
HSo ep14-6 HSo ep14-7
Ye-won and her mother are each informed by their secretaries that there is a possibility that Kyung-joon is alive and that he disappears from current life to live as a new person, in a new place, for a new life. Well, it’s expected. What is makjang chaebol drama without such a twist?
HSo ep14-8 HSo ep14-9
Yoon-ha and Joon-ki go to their workplace to continue their works. Joon-ki’s mother comes to give the food to her son and is relieved that her son is doing something out of the goodness of his heart, since she heard about him using Yoon-ha. When Joon-ki heads back to his office, his mother calls Yoon-ha down.
HSo ep14-11 HSo ep14-10
Yoon-ha heads to downstairs and runs into Joon-ki at the elevator. She asks him if he saw her and Chang-soo together. She wanted to explain, however, Joon-ki knows that it’s nothing. He knows that both Yoon-ha and Chang-soo will move if they like someone. When Yoon-ha asks how he is sure that Chang-soo doesn’t like her, he answers, “It’s not that he doesn’t like you, but he gave so much of his heart to Ji-yi, he has no space for other girls.” Aw, yeah, Joon-ki knows and doesn’t want Ji-yi to misunderstand her best friend and Chang-soo!
HSo ep14-12
Ji-yi walks home at night, not knowing that Chang-soo is around the corner listening to her rants, calling him bad guy. She says out loudly to herself that it’s difficult moving houses and it’s good to be able to live in one place. This brings both of the tears.
HSo ep14-13 HSo ep14-14
Chang-soo returns home drunk and threw everything when he goes into his room and his mother comes running in. He sobs that he can’t do this that he won’t be able to marry, even without feeling. His mother asks if he really like her that much. Chang-soo looks at her and replies, “No, I love her.” So heartbreaking. T_T However, the mother’s face is like as if she is still unacceptable of his love for Ji-yi.
HSo ep14-15
Yoon-ha meet Ji-yi at work and admits that she lied to her the night before that Chang-soo was there when she was coming. She replies coolly that she did well, because she would have been very upset. Ji-yi commens on how close and comfortable Yoon-ha and Chang-soo are. Yoon-ha finds it funny that Chang-soo and she also talked the same thing about Ji-yi and Joon-ki.
HSo ep14-17 HSo ep14-18
Speaking of the guys, Chang-soo calls Joon-ki out for lunch and they eat at Taejin cafeteria instead of outside. He keeps looking elsewhere as if waiting for someone. Well, who else but Ji-yi.
HSo ep14-16
He just missed Ji-yi by a second when she sees him and quickly hides, peeking at Chang-soo. After eating, when Chang-soo is about to leaves, Joon-ki calls out to him to put the tray back as if teaching him like he is a child needed to be taught. xD
HSo ep14-19
As they leave together, Joon-ki finally apologises to Chang-soo and that he thinks he only thought about himself. He also thinks that he likes him better than before, to which Chang-soo calls him perverted bastard, hah.
HSo ep14-21 HSo ep14-20
Chang-soo comes home drunk again and reminds his mother that he chose her, to which she says to stop saying that already. He asks if he have to live like a begger. The mother reassures him that he doesn’t have to live like a begger and let him have anything he wants. Chang-soo: “Lee Ji-yi too? Let me have Ji-yi. Let me have Ji-yi too. He passes out.
HSo ep14-22 HSo ep14-23
Yoon-ha comes home and, all of sudden, she looks down and even agrees with her mother who used to say that she shouldn’t be in this world and that she is cursed. She sobs. She blames herself for her oppa’s death, to which her mother tells her to stop blaming herself, saying that he is alive. But she still blames herself. Well, this is weird, Yoon-ha becoming like that, being emotional breakdown like Chang-soo.
HSo ep14-24 HSo ep14-25
Both mothers look at their daughter/son while sleeping at night. The next day, Chang-soo’s mother calls Ji-yi. Uhm, can I hope for something out of this?
HSo ep14-27 HSo ep14-26
Yoon-ha squints at the bright sunlight till a hand hover to block the sunlight. It’s Joon-ki’s. Now he is walking backwards and even stumbles like how Yoon-ha did.
HSo ep14-28
Yoon-ha gets a call from Bulter Hong that her father has collapsed again. After the call, from the look on her face, Joon-ki just grabs her hand and run together to his car.

Hm, it feels like the progress of the relationship between Yoon-ha and her mother has fasten up. The mother has become more caring towards her daughter, maybe it’s because she finally has come to senses after Kyung-joon’s death, well, staged-death. It isn’t surprising that Kyung-joon is still alive, though. I knew that he’d be alive. Yoon-ha’s emotional breakdown, but not as much as Chang-soo, is really out of nowhere. Is she giving Joon-ki a chance now? That she may want her family to accept him?
HSo ep14-30

Chang-soo’s emotional breakdowns are really heartbreaking. T_T It really shows how much he loves Ji-yi. His mother forbidding him from being together with Ji-yi is what causing him to almost lose his sanity. He couldn’t hold it in anymore. Well, I am glad that there isn’t couple swap! What will happen in the end is predictable now that we are at second last week of High Society.
HSo ep14-29


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