The Time I Loved You – Episodes 7 & 8 Review

Hana is now more matured than before, not letting her old love get to her. However, there isn’t no reason why her first love return, and to her. Won is there, always being there for his best friend.

Episode 7
ttily ep7-1
Hana is nowhere to be found, by Won and her family. Turns out that Hana checks herself into a hotel where she pampers herself and tells herself to not think of Seo-hoo.
ttily ep7-2 ttily ep7-3
As told by Hana, her mother lied to everyone else that Hana is staying over at her friend’s house and she actually visit her daughter at the hotel to lend emotional support. Aw, love this mother.
Ttily ep7-4
Hana tells her mom to give up on Won as she told her about what Won had said to her in early days – that Won would take responsible for her as friend, not as a man. Mom understands her and accepts her request to stop trying to put Hana together with Won.
Ttily ep7-5 Ttily ep7-6
Won goes to Hana’s workplace to look for her but she isn’t there. While leaving, he runs into Seo-hoo who is also looking for Hana. The guys must really dislike each other a lot. Seo-hoo is always blaming Won for getting in the way of his relationship with Hana.
Ttily ep7-7 Ttily ep7-8
It turns out that Seo-hoo did come to the engagement party but he was too late as Won had taken Hana home and comforted her. Seo-hoo could only just stood there watching them and didn’t inform them of his presence. Oohh.
Ttily ep7-9 Ttily ep7-10
Hana finally comes home, however, Won chastises her for disappearing without telling him. She tries aegyo moves on him, but he is still angry till the next day. It reminds them of their old days when Won was angry at Hana for a long time, for introducing a girl to him and let her know of their secret place on the rooftop.
Ttily ep7-11
Hana meets Seo-hoo for work, as instructed by her boss. Even though Seo-hoo tries to be close with Hana, it only makes her uncomfortable and she still maintains her professionalism. Yeah, Hana!
Ttily ep7-12 Ttily ep7-13
Won talks to So-eun, as if rejecting her indirectly, “In future, I hope there wouldn’t be any occasion that I may hurt you.” So-eun goes outside to cry and Mi-hyang happens to be there to give her shoulder. Ugh, I don’t like it when So-eun gets too close with Mi-hyang.
Ttily ep7-14 Ttily ep7-15
Won is on long-distance flight and has already scheduled text messages to be sent to Hana which he always does. Aw, where can I get such good friend?! Hana: “Having spent a lot of time together, it’s not about how much we know each other, but knowing how big the empty spot is whenever we are by ourselves.”
Ttily ep7-16 Ttily ep7-17
Hana is displeased to see Seo-hoo pick her up the next morning, and at the concert hall, he wants her to watch him performance to which she doesn’t want to, but stays to do her job. Seo-hoo plays the piece which Hana had chosen back then for him to perform at his next performance, to which Seo-hoo refused but to play it especially for her.
Ttily ep7-18
Displeased with her job with Seo-hoo, she goes to her boss to ask to be removed from Seo-hoo’s project, since she is always being dragged around by him. I guess Seo-hoo wants her back or that he really wants to be with her so that she can’t be with Won.
Ttily ep7-19 Ttily ep7-20
Won comes back from his business trip and they go out to play arcade games like how they used to. However, their time together got cut short when she gets a call from her work, which turns out to be a drinking session with Seo-hoo who invited whole marketing team.
Ttily ep7-21 Ttily ep7-22
Drunk Hana leaves the bar, not without Seo-hoo following her. He insists on taking her home, however, Hana refuses it. She shouts at him, “No! I hate you! I’m going to say this. I… Hate you! And you, you. You’re one year younger than me. Call me noona.” Her hand is as if going to hit him, hah. Just hit him!
Ttily ep7-23 Ttily ep7-24
That’s when Won arrives and Hana is delighted to see him. He piggybacks her and totally ignores Seo-hoo who keeps trying to get Hana’s attention by calling her name. He looks pitiful here, though.
Ttily ep7-25
Flashback to when Won was still angry with Hana for bringing someone else to their rooftop, Hana presented him with a watermelon with ‘sorry’ (in Korean) carved in it. Wow, how to do that?! The whole night, they were eating watermelon together and had spitting contest. Looks fun!

Episode 8
Ttily ep8-2
Won piggybacks drunk Hana home and remembers doing the same for her back in their younger days. He confessed back then, “Hana, I like you.” However, Hana was too drunk to hear that. Oooh, why then?
Ttily ep8-3 Ttily ep8-4
The next day at office, Min-ji, who is with Hana’s ex-boyfriend, asks for her help in Chinese market. LOL. Hana still helps her but it’s only because she wants to the project she started turn out well. Yeah, make Min-ji kneel before Hana! I wish.
Ttily ep8-5
Won has been selected for an overseas training which will last for two years and Mi-hyang is jealous of him. However, he doesn’t look happy to hear about this and says that he needs time to think. Two years are freaking long! Not when the girl he likes is there with him!
Ttily ep8-6 Ttily ep8-7
Hana braces herself before meeting Seo-hoo who gives an order that she is to be with him for almost whole day and be in contact with him 24/7. Expecting her to put up a fight, Seo-hoo is surprised when Hana just agrees to everything.
Ttily ep8-8
As promised, Hana stays throughout with Seo-hoo, even watching him practice for five hours straight, since he is a perfectionist. I would have been so bored?!
Ttily ep8-9
Lol, these three forever gossiping like ahjummas. They talk about how So-eun went from crying to smiling and laughing quickly.
Ttily ep8-12 Ttily ep8-13
Gosh, So-eun is so evil. When Mi-hyang thought So-eun is over Won, So-eun actually wants Won to take the training offer as she wants him to be far from Hana. Gosh. Mi-hyang better realise that So-eun is not as nice as she’d thought!
Ttily ep8-10 Ttily ep8-11
Are we gonna see a romantic spark between these two? Between Hana’s worker and Hana’s little brother? It’d be hilarious! HAHA. 😛
Ttily ep8-14
After a long day with Seo-hoo, Hana meets Won for dinner where they both start to fight over little things, after Hana ordered different dish from what Won wanted, as they are in sour mood.
Ttily ep8-15 Ttily ep8-16
Their argument got better the next day when they go shop for Hana’s parents’ wedding anniversary and Won comes over to her house to pass them the gift. Dae-bok gives a trip to Jeju Island which the parents know they’re from Won. HAHA, poor Dae-bok.
Ttily ep8-17
Hana and Won go out for a drink where Won finally tells her about his overseas training to which Hana is overjoyed about and even encourages him to go for it, since he has her full support. However, he asks her how she will live without him for two years and Hana admits that she will miss him for sure.
Ttily ep8-19 Ttily ep8-18
Seo-hoo’s concert performance is called off and that’s when Hana finds out about him having gone to the engagement late three years ago as he was held back by his scheduled performance. Hana confronts him about it and tells him, in disbelief, that he should have explained why he was late that day. That he should have told her that he didn’t leave her, that she wasn’t abandoned. All Seo-hoo could say is, “I’m sorry, Hana.”
Ttily ep8-21 Ttily ep8-20
Won spots Hana walking home with banana milk. I want that banana milk! Okay, back to this.
Ttily ep8-22
Hana tells Won about Seo-hoo and him coming to engagement three years back. She wonders if she would not have met Seo-hoo if she didn’t go to Paris for training, had Won stopped her. Won thinks seriously about this.
Ttily ep8-24 Ttily ep8-23
Well, of course, Won tells Mi-hyang about his decision that he won’t be doing the overseas training. He asks her to respect her decision.
Ttily ep8-25 Ttily ep8-26
Later that night, Won goes to rooftop to set up the photo slideshow and necklace for Hana. Meanwhile, Seo-hoo passes her the music sheets to make her remember why he came back.
Ttily ep8-27 Ttily ep8-28
Hana drops the music sheets at the bus stop and sees the note she left Seo-hoo with. It’s her drawing of a rabbit and she remembers everything, about her days with Seo-hoo. Having told her to return to him if she recall, she runs back to the concert hall. While Won is still waiting at the rooftop for her… Ughh, nooo! Don’t make him wait, Hana!

This show, now that the writer has been changed, isn’t really tugging at our hearts, at least my heart. It’s like watching it with no feeling at all. The story is out of place. But then I think I’d still watch this drama because of Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook. Hopefully it will get better. Oh yeah, I notice how So-eun gets very little screen time during these two episodes, and yet still make us hate her, lol. It’s be really a waste if they don’t make it better, with better writing and story plot. Actually, I still don’t get what is it all about. Is it about Won’s secret love for Hana for many years? Or Hana having to choose between the two guys, her ex-lover and her best friend of 17 years?
Ttily ep8-29


2 thoughts on “The Time I Loved You – Episodes 7 & 8 Review

  1. Or is it about to friends in love with each other, but one knowing exactly how he feels while the other can’t even realize who her heart really beats for? There is a reason she’s been so dependent upon him and run to him all the time, and contacts him everyday. Best friends don’t even call each other everyday, unless there is really more to it. It’s unfortunate that you don’t enjoy the show anymore. 😦


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