I Remember You – Episode 11 Review

I keep getting excited and frustrated at the same time while watching throughout this episode. I really do love how everything is connected, like how the cases are related to the characters, as we see another case.  We finally get another revelation which is really so interesting and unexpected.

IRmbU Ep11-1
No, why didn’t Hyun react to Ji-an’s kiss! Okay, he is taken aback by her kiss on his lips, and Ji-an is surprised at her own actions. Mind in chaos, she blurts out that she does that when she comes out alive from near-death experience, LOL. Even she asks herself what she just said.
IRmbU Ep11-3 IRmbU Ep11-2
She goes on saying about the instinct to protect one’s species and that if animals get in trouble, they first protect their family to extend their next generation. HAHAHA, you wanna, uhm, make a baby with Hyun, Ji-an? xD I laugh, Hyun trying to stifle his laughs, HAHA.
IRmbU Ep11-4 IRmbU Ep11-5
Ji-an is in disbelief and embarrassed for blurting out such words and quickly runs to her room, Hyun following after her to say that he is glad she came back alive. Finally, he sees the notebook which was left by a mysterious person in previous episode, on the table in kitchen.
IRmbU Ep11-8
It’s the missing notebook which Detective Yang was supposed to pass to Hyun before he died. Hm, so, it sums up; It’s probably Joon-ho who left the notebook – Joon-ho was the first who arrived at late Detective Yang’s crime scene and probably took it.
IRmbU Ep11-11
In the notebook, Ji-an read that Detective Yang had searched all the plastic surgery clinics. Oooh, so, Lee Joon-young had plastic surgery? It would explain a lot! No wonder. I always thought how young adult Joon-young could change so much when he was also adult during Hyun’s younger times.
IRmbU Ep11-9 IRmbU Ep11-10
Together with the hint of single family missing case in Detective Yang’s notebook, Ji-an and Hyun go to an abandoned house. Inside, they see a drawing of Purgatory on the wall and smart Hyun discover a secret door behind the wall. Meanwhile, Min receives a message from his ‘Uncle’, “That child came up to the door.” Hmm, could his Uncle be…? And ‘that child’ must be referring to Hyun.
IRmbU Ep11-13
Behind the secret door, they discover a coffin which consists of skeleton remains. Hyun concludes that it’s female and bore a child. It’s worth noticing that there is rosemary necklace on its neck.
IRmbU Ep11-14 IRmbU Ep11-15
They go to meet someone who has been watching them at the house, and it’s the woman who knows what had happened in that house. It turns out that the skeleton woman had given birth to a son unwillingly as it was out of sexual assault and even confined him.
IRmbU Ep11-16 IRmbU Ep11-17
And the son was Lee Joon-young, whom the woman thought to be unusual. Hyun realises that Joon-young had been telling his father the truth about his family, which his father thought were lies since Joon-young wasn’t registered into the family.
IRmbU Ep11-18
The woman goes on explaining about the day everyone disappeared, and when the mother committed suicide, that child was forever incarcerated till the speaking woman released him.
IRmbU Ep11-19
Hyun goes to revisit that house and he thinks about the woman’s words on how she was knocked out and woke up to see the absolutely dead people which Hyun envisioned in his mind, looking at the scene. Gosh, that’s a lot!
IRmbU Ep11-20 IRmbU Ep11-21
He looks behind to see Joon-young looking at him, in his mind. Oh, I like this scene! This is probably the first and only scene of Kyung Soo and In Guk together!
IRmbU Ep11-22
This! This! Finally! As we all have thought, Joon-ho is Joon-young! He actually touches the skeleton remains with his bare hand and says, “It’s been a long time. Mother.” *Creeps*
IRmbU Ep11-23 IRmbU Ep11-24
Hyun meets Lawyer Sun-ho by coincidence and brings him in to meet Joon-ho to talk about the skeleton remains. Actually, I wonder why he’d often bring them together as if suspecting them of their identities. Why no realise that Joon-young and Min have been beside him all along!
IRmbU Ep11-25 IRmbU Ep11-26
Hyun and Ji-an go grocery shopping and when they go to buy a pillow for Ji-an, the saleperson is damn funny, LOL. Ji-an is talking about how he was thrown by a guy and needs a good pillow, but the saleperson took it wrong and even put up thumb-ups to Hyun, LOL. He also says how that pillow is the second best in the world, and when Ji-an asks what is the first, Hyun says not to ask, but the saleperson still answers, “That is serving as each other’s arm pillow for a loved one.” Aw, hahah!
IRmbU Ep11-47
It seems that Hyun is doubting himself and his memories. He even wonders why he came to Korea and those were when the murders happened.
IRmbU Ep11-48
That’s when Ji-an’s years of stalking comes in and being useful for Hyun’s memories. Hah, perfect! She actually remembers and tells him the reasons why he came to Korea few times and what he did then. Hyun remembers that he received the gifts often but never opened them.
IRmbU Ep11-29 IRmbU Ep11-30
Hyun pats Ji-an’s head and says that she is useful occasionally. Ji-an does the same but says that she will wait… and thinks to herself, “Until you tell me about your brother first.” They patting each other, though!
IRmbU Ep11-32 IRmbU Ep11-31
New murder case of young student found dead by the river. The team arrives and Myung-soo suspects something when Hyun and Ji-an arrive together. And he tries to remember the conversation between them when he was sleeping in the office. Ooh, I wonder how they are gonna react to Ji-an living in Hyun’s house!
IRmbU Ep11-35 IRmbU Ep11-36
Hyun received the package from overseas which contains his gifts from last time he received while in Korea. There are similar purple boxes and they all contain letters and Hyun comes to realise that these are sent by Min, asking his hyung to find and stop him. I totally love how Hyun is able to decode the hidden messages.
IRmbU Ep11-37 IRmbU Ep11-38
It’s really Min (Sun-ho) who has been following him whenever he came to Korea and got someone else to pass him the ‘gifts’. Well, I wonder why Ji-an didn’t notice that someone else was following Hyun too? Neither Min about Ji-an?
IRmbU Ep11-33 IRmbU Ep11-34
The case is (kind of) solved as Hyun concludes to the parents of the dead student, that they didn’t want him and the mother even left him to die at the hands of his bullies. The parents had wanted to drop the adoption of him but failed to do. Ohgosh, what a terrible parents!
IRmbU Ep11-39 IRmbU Ep11-40
Lawyer Sun-ho goes to see the victim’s body at the morgue and tells him how he understands him, being abandoned by the loved ones: “You, you only have people that leave you and there’s no one that remembers you, right? Your parents, your siblings or your friends, you don’t have anyone. I will remember you.” Min is still hurt by the fact that he thinks he was abandoned by his hyung, which is not true. T_T I like how this episode’s case is more related to Min as he can relates to how the student has felt being thrown away by their family.
IRmbU Ep11-41 IRmbU Ep11-42
Meanwhile, the mother of the dead student receives the familiar and mysterious card. Uh-oh, does this mean Sun-ho/Min is going to kill her?
IRmbU Ep11-44
Hyun receives what he had asked his art gallery director friend to look for, an envelope that may contains a picture or something about his little brother. He is very hesitant to open it till the very end, though. Gosh, that intense feeling from watching this! I was like, “Just open it already!” But then I see the preview… T_T

It may be long to reveal who Joon-ho is, but I like how they reveal him to be Joon-young using his psychopath personality and the creepiness atmosphere when he said ‘Mother’ to the skeleton remains. And the fact that Min calls him ‘Uncle’ indicates that he must have been brought up by Joon-ho/Joon-young. These two, gosh, daebak.
IRmbU Ep11-43

This episode is all about knowing more about Joon-young and his family, and it’s really interesting as to find out how Joon-young become that way. I am really surprised by how they develop the story, especially Joon-young’s, the plastic surgery, and that there is still a witness from his past who has been holding the answers to our questions about Joon-young’s family and their disappearances.

I really do like how Ji-an stalking can be useful for Hyun especially the fact that Hyun often erased his memories. Like who knows how something of less valuable could be useful in the future. Now that Hyun is getting closer to who is his little brother Min is, I wonder, judging from the preview for next episode, if it’s gonna be heartbreaking? T_T But, finally the brothers’ reunion?!
IRmbU Ep11-46


4 thoughts on “I Remember You – Episode 11 Review

  1. I love how I get to see the best parts of the episode in your review. : D
    I actually stopped watching ‘I Remember You’ at episode 5 or 6 and now I really want to start it up again. Looks like a ton of intense things are happening!

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