Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 5 Review

It’s expected; romance is already advancing and even though it may looks nice on outside, there’s always something bad. Like Gwi. Sung-yeol may not be able to forget his first love, however, another girl comes along in his life and it looks like he may get over his first love, had not it been for the doppelganger.

SWWTN Ep5-00002
Prince Yoon explains how he become the mysterious Eumlan Seosaeng. When he was a child, his father had told him about the vampire Gwi and shared the full story of Gwi and Eumlan Seosaeng’s 120-years-old Vampire Tale novel. Ah, so that’s how he knew about Eumlan Seosaeng.
SWWTN Ep5-00003 SWWTN Ep5-00004
Yang-sun’s father explains to her about how dangerous Prince Jeonghyeon’s diary is and that she should stop looking for it which will put her family in danger. He also explains how he was forced to hide for years after finding out how the book and Prince Sadong were connected.
SWWTN Ep5-00006 SWWTN Ep5-00005
After the attempt to return the money to Sung-yeol failed, Yang-sun goes to look for loan sharks who are now wanted as Yoon had told them he would do that. Yang-sun then hears from them that her debt is already paid and under protection by the prince. So lucky girl. 😛
SWWTN Ep5-00009
Yoon runs to Yang-sun and his friend notes that Yoon has been smiling a lot these days, thanks to Yang-sun. Yang-sun wanted to return the money to him, however, the horses come galloping their way and the typical thing in dramaland happens, LOL. Yoon whirls Yang-sun out of harm’s way and into his arms.
SWWTN Ep5-00010 SWWTN Ep5-00011
It’s when Yoon realises that Yang-sun is actually a girl and he becomes more playful with her, asking her to call him ‘hyungnim’ so that it sounds friendlier. They go to look around the shops and Yoon looks for a pair of shoes for Yang-sun since she is wearing straw shoes.
SWWTN Ep5-00012 SWWTN Ep5-00013
Yoon notices that a man is following them and they take off running with the man chasing after them. Yoon’s guards catch him and the man confesses that he was following Yang-sun. Ooh, I didn’t expect that.
SWWTN Ep5-00014 SWWTN Ep5-00015
Turns out that the man was sent by Su-hyang and Yang-sun confronts her about it. Su-hyang just slaps the man and asks Yang-sun, “Happy now?” Gosh.
SWWTN Ep5-00016
Before Su-hyang could blurt out about Yang-sun’s crossdressing, Sung-yeol steps in, cutting her off and saying that it was his order. Ohyeah~! Gosh, I dislike Su-hyang.
SWWTN Ep5-00017 SWWTN Ep5-00018
It looks like Sung-yeol doesn’t trust Yang-sun about the bookseller’s (the one with one arm) whereabouts as he thought she knew, however, she doesn’t. Not being able to find the book he wanted, she says that she has to return the money, but finds that the money is not with her.
SWWTN Ep5-00019 SWWTN Ep5-00020
That’s when Yoon arrives, Yang-sun that he has the money and puts it in her hands. Sung-yeol is surprised to recognise him as Crown Prince.  He wonders how Yoon knew Yang-sun.
SWWTN Ep5-00021
At night, Yoon and Yang-sun drink together and Yang-sun complains how cold Sung-yeol is towards her and even perfectly imitates Sung-yeol’s stone-cold expression with narrowed eyes and sharp glances. Hahah, it looks similar!
SWWTN Ep5-00023 SWWTN Ep5-00024
Yang-sun notices how Yoon is staring at her again like that and asks if she really look like his friend. Yoon replies no and thinks to himself, “Jin is a man.” But Jin really looked like a girl in flashback! I guess Yoon didn’t notice then.
SWWTN Ep5-00022
While they are drinking and hanging out, Sung-yeol watch them from distance in shadow. You jealous?
SWWTN Ep5-00026 SWWTN Ep5-00027
After Yoon leaves, Yang-sun drinks by herself and knows that she is drunk. Sung-yeol sits across from her which makes her think she is dreaming and that is the big problem for her. She says she is upset but still worried about him. She wonders why her heart is like that and asks, “Do I like you?” before gradually fall asleep.
SWWTN Ep5-00028
Back at home, Sung-yeol suddenly clutches his heart which is in pain and he comments, “This is murder energy from the palace.”
SWWTN Ep5-00029 SWWTN Ep5-00030
Gwi is killing again, and he is drinking from one of the King’s women. Like how he always did 120 years back. Sung-yeol understands that Gwi wouln’t stop till he found Eumlang Seosaeng.
SWWTN Ep5-00033
Yang-sun wakes up at her front yard and is surprised to see new shoes on her feet. She being to remember Sung-yeol kneeling in front of her and putting the shoes on her feet. Drunk Yang-sun still thinks it’s a dream of hers, because it would be impossible for Sung-yeol to do that.
SWWTN Ep5-00032 SWWTN Ep5-00034
She comments how her dream is much better and likes it. She also comments how they even kissed in a dream, I guess she was referring to the underwater life-saving kiss Sung-yeol gave, hah.
SWWTN Ep5-00035
“Like this.” She plants a peck on his lips, to Sung-yeol’s surprise. She puts her hand on her hard and another on his heart to feel the thumping heartbeat, still thinking and sighing that it’s only a dream.
SWWTN Ep5-00036
When Yang-sun finally thinks it isn’t a dream, Sung-yeol tells her, “This is a dream. If you wake up, forget everything.” Then he grabs her face to kiss her. A real one! Woah!
SWWTN Ep5-00037 SWWTN Ep5-00038
At home, his heart is still thudding from the kiss and he clutches it. The next day, he forces himself to go into the sunlight to start sizzling without the black robe to remind himself to look at the reality properly and that he is a mere vampire that humans reject. That it is exactly who he is.
SWWTN Ep5-00039 SWWTN Ep5-00041
All of sudden, the guards are arresting booksellers and Yang-sun quickly hides with a child, dropping her necklace in the process. Not again! Ohgawd.
SWWTN Ep5-00043
Gwi is the one who ordered to arrest all the booksellers to find the owner of the bag which belongs to Yang-sun. Oh, thank goodness that she is not captured as Sung-yeol thought, watching from distance.
SWWTN Ep5-00045 SWWTN Ep5-00046
Gwi asks who is the owner of the bag and when finds out that the owner isn’t here, he grabs the nearest bookseller and bite down his neck which the sight horrifies everyone as they try to crawl backwards to get further from the vampire. Sung-yeol couldn’t do anything to stop him as he could watch from distance.

Mmhmm, the kiss looks nice and sweet! Haha, it’s amusing how Sung-yeol is always kissing Yang-sun whenever she is in half-conscious state and therefore always confusing her. Time to get over your first beau, Sung-yeol! But then, Sung-yeol has to ‘torture’ himself in sunlight to remind himself of his not-human nature and that the humans don’t accept vampires. The conflict he has inside his head must be what stopping him from loving lest he hurts the girl like how he drank from Myung-hee as his first drink. It was a lesson for him and he doesn’t want to make the same mistake again. What’s more, Yang-sun’s blood is sweet and irresistible. And I wonder he is able to handle all the time he is with her. But, yay, he is controlling himself, however, it’s what making him loathe himself; him being a vampire.
SWWTN Ep5-00047


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